Israel gets 5th German submarine
Elior Levy
Published: 29.04.13, 20:42
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1. There is NOTHING like being able....
Gideon Reader   (04.29.13) quietly reach out and touch someone in dire need of being touched. Kol haKovod Submariners.
2. I hope we don't neglect the submarine fleet in future
zionist forever   (04.29.13)
Wish the By the time the Rahav many years of service but warn politicians never to neglect security because of cost or to get overconfident that in peacetime the peace will last forever. The arab spring should have proven that we can have stability today but overnight unexpectedly things can turn nasty. The fourth sub is currently conducting seat trials with the navy its not in active service and by the time the Rahav does enter full active service at least one of the original Dolphins will be approaching retirement slowly because submarines have an operating lifespan of 25-30 years so we must always look to the future and constantly prepare for the next war even if it looks like there won't be one. Submarines are expensive, they take a king time to build but they are an investment.
3.  Taxes will grow without rain
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.29.13)
4. Start right away in the West
Get Real ,   UK   (04.29.13)
with the media. Explain Israel's position in regard to the Palestinians. If Pallywood can do it, so can the IDF. Good Luck with the BBC.
5. #2 I also hope Israel does not neglect its
Get Real ,   UK   (04.29.13)
ICBMs now and in the future.
6. ...and a danke schön to Deutchland:)
HaifaGuy   (04.29.13)
7. What a good news :-)
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.29.13)
I am smiling, and so is the girl in the "bad idea t-shirt." Congratulations.:-)
8. excellent news
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.30.13)
the jewish state of israel will defend herself against all enemies present and future. thank you angela markel and all well meaning people in germany.
9. Can't imagine where tiny Israel keeping the subs!
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.30.13)
10. #9
mark ,   ca   (04.30.13)
Near Beer Sheva...
11. No: 9
Mike ,   NZ   (04.30.13)
Hopefully just off the coast of Iran . . .
12. Many Germans feel Guilt
Zivron   (04.30.13)
It seems that many though not necessarily the Majority feel Guilt about the Genocide of the Jews and Roma people and Mass murder of millions of others and are helping Israel probably with a Nudge not small from the USA.We can only hope they will never be Used except to knock out a Huge boulder Threatning the Earth .
13. german sub
Andres Bachrach ,   Kfarsaba il.   (04.30.13)
6/ What danke schon? you think we didn't payed it for ???? !!!! Andi mihakfar
14. #13 Andres Bachrach
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.30.13)
No, you didn't. At least not the full price. Sub #1 and #2: Israel payed nothing. Sub #3: Israel payed 50%. Sub #4 etc.: Israel pays 67%.
15. 6,7,8 Submarines won't be enough to fight 2,000,000,000
muslims who want us dead
16. #9 Barbara
kwame oha ,   uk   (04.30.13)
Yesterday I had a comfortable sleep secured in the knowledge that the Jewish State of Israel continues to take measures to secure her children. Of course, with the support of civilise nations like Germany. Addressing your concern where tiny Israel will find the space for her fleet of submarines. Look no further than the deep waters of the Persian Gulf. They are so ready to send their missiles to have a cup of sweet Iranian tea with the servants of the 12th Madh in Tehran when the order comes from HQ in Jerusalem. "People sleep peacefully in their bed at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf".....George Orwell
17. Submarines
Dov ben David ,   Eilat Israel   (04.30.13)
Thanks Germany!!!!
18. Very good news!!
Yoch ,   Y'layim   (04.30.13)
19. Sad to see...
Eshter   (04.30.13)
How quickly we've forgotten the 6 million who lost their lives at the hand of these people
20. #17
German Zionist ,   Berlin   (04.30.13)
You are welcome.
21. # 19 Not forgotten
Get Real ,   UK   (04.30.13)
but hopefully the subs will help towards preventing the annihilation of another 6mn.
22. #19
mark ,   ca   (04.30.13)
Sometimes there is a need to compromise.Nothing is forgotten but in this case Israel have no choice but to get subs from Germany.There is a few countries that manufacture subs and Germany have a specific product that is sutable for Israel.
23. @ 17
Sheik Tattle & Roll ,   USA   (04.30.13)
The US gives Israel almost that much on a monthly basis and I never heard one Israeli say THANKS. What an ungrateful ally we have. Maybe the Germans can give you 300-400 million a month instead of a sub every decade so you can take them for granted.
24. German subs
Steve B. ,   Federaksburg USA   (05.01.13)
The Germans are building Israel subs which are probably never going to be paid for. Is Germany even allowed to even allowed to have such military machinery?
25. #24
Get Real ,   UK   (05.01.13)
Germany has one of the largest navies in NATO and works in conjunction with other NATO navies. The threats Germany (if any) and Israel (many) face are different and give rise to different requirements.
26. What will be achieved
Ynet   (05.02.13)
After afghanistan and especially Iraq in which Although The Ba'ath Torturer his really violent and nasty elder son And a cabal of super torturers were eliminated the basis Sunni Shia madness could not be controlled like Europe in Ww2 but worse actually much worse.The Hatreds and maamurder unleashed in 20th century Europe where Horrific Tens of Millions Killed and now with nuclear and chemical and biological wars and pure 'conventional ' Hundreds of Millions even billions by 2050.Only the USA and Russia have the Powers with China India Pakistan and Europe tonStabilize the Threats.War the Last option.the brakes ought commence with War Rationing .
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