Arabs soften stance on Israel's final borders
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 30.04.13, 08:04
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1. "Minor" as in 100% of Judea&Samaria and Golan, yes?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.30.13)
2. Border irrelevant so long as Pals demand right of return
Sam ,   Canada   (04.30.13)
It doesn't make a difference what borders Palestinians are ready to take so long as they want to flood Israel with Palestinians. It makes Palestinians look generous when in fact they are offering NOTHING. Western diplomats are suckers afraid to challenge the Arabs on their intentions.
3. there is just one little problem with this friendly jaw jaw
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.30.13)
the israelis were nowhere to be seen or heard in this little meeting. the arrogant obama and his equally arrogant secretary of state kerry, have this permanent delusion that they and the corrupt arab league can unilaterally define, determine, the borders of the sovereign jewish state of israel. they fail to understand the very evident fact that without the jewish state of israel, there will be no so-called palestinian state. we must also remind the arabs that historically they are colonisers of the land of israel, and of course, of much of the planet. the arabs conquered and colonized all of north africa, parts of europe, east africa, the entire middle east, large parts of asia. now they want the little bit of land that historically belongs to the jews.
4. Border irrelevant so long as Pals demand right of return
Sam ,   Canada   (04.30.13)
It doesn't make a difference what borders Palestinians are ready to take so long as they want to flood Israel with Palestinians. It makes Palestinians look generous when in fact they are offering NOTHING. Western diplomats are suckers afraid to challenge the Arabs on their intentions.
5. A very minor step
Ron ,   OC   (04.30.13)
When the Arabs recognize Israel as a Jewish state and no longer demand the "wrong of return" I might take them seriously. Until then this is a small step in the right direction. And, I have a feeling that this was lip service for Mr. Kerry.
6. Another dog and pony show
Benji ,   US   (04.30.13)
Meanwhile, the death toll grows in Syria, Palestinians continue terror attacks and Iran remains a global threat. Members of the Arab League, many who attacked Israel in 1948 and refuse relations with Israel, are obviously in no position to work out an agreement that's fair to Israel. They have plenty of land. Let them absorb and care for the Palestinians.
7. Why don' t we hear this in arabic in an arab country
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (04.30.13)
right because it is all propaganda to force jews giving up land for more tterror attacks.
8. And complete denial and reversal of statement in 3, 2, 1 ...
Avi   (04.30.13)
9. Kerry and Obama are Israels WORST enemies !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.30.13)
They are far more despicable then even Abu Mazen !
10. Arab Peace Initiative
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (04.30.13)
Do not forget the API is a non-nogotiable diktat in which a fair solution for the Palestinians is return to Israel. The API mentions only a fair solution for displaced Palestinians, but Arabs have made public that the only fair solution is return to Israel.
11. #5 Get it into your thick skull
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.30.13)
We will NEVER give up our right to return to our homes and lands. We will NEVER accept colonialism. We will NEVER give-up on any of our rights including right to self-determination in Palestine - from river to sea. You can take the Balfour Declaration, and Hertzl's heaps of trash, and shove them where the sun doesn't shine. See ya.
12. Hebron is birthplace of Judaism.
BUTSeriousy ,   Sydney   (04.30.13)
13. Qatar
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (04.30.13)
When Qatar Ruler Al Thani is the one who will decide what is a fair agreement for Israel, I don't think peace is behind the corner.
14. I have a better idea for a "land swap"
A ,   Belgium   (04.30.13)
Israel annexes Judah and Samaria, "palestinians" go to Jordan/"palestine". Two states, two, peoples with a natural border, living side by side in "peace" (whatever that means to arabs). Qatar has no right to get involved in anything: they support the terrorists hamas and fatah, promising them money but not delivering, of course. The Arab League can stuff their "peace plan" until they unconditionally recognize Israel with Jerusalem as the capital.
15. Peace of what plan?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.30.13)
Why does obama insist on trying to resuscitate the 'saudi peace plan' that eliminates Israel and that would cede any Israeli land to any entity by any name that threatens the only ally, Israel that we American's have in the ME? What does Israel have to say? Why would this maggot filled totally corrupted toilet paper 'saudi peace plan' now in any way become acceptable after 13 years of total rejection? Why has no Israeli politician been invited, much less privy to such a monumental business of parting the land of Israel? obama loving all things Muslim, is consistent, he never stops trying to divide the land G-d gave to Israel. I pray that this too fails as it is his biggest blunder ever.. and that's saying a mouthful obama will be known for trying to remove Jews from Israel and to place their pal terrorists enemy as a co-owner of the Holy Land.... If someone had told me this before obama, I would have thought them a liar.. THIS is what the saudis' bought for their money, obama the loyal subject of the king of arabia..
16. # 8 Avi ( Jewish name ? ) king of denial
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.30.13)
nice to know this keeps you in a constant state of denial, paranoia, and chaos. NEVER WAS OR WILL BE A palestine. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
17. This is good news
Sarah B ,   U.S.A / Israel   (04.30.13)
I am actually delighted with this news. Its a leats a sign of hope and maybe a way of moving forward. Well done
18. arabs may have bought obama but, they didn't buy Israel.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.30.13)
And these suckers wont allow their women to drive a car...... their women might run them over, and over.....
19. A bass
James, Lionel ,   Trenton, N.J.   (04.30.13)
A fish swimming in the wrong direction. This man is pittifull and should retire like Fayyad,,,, take the money and run, you got your nest egg, a bass with eggs, yes, the b-tch that is.
20. Watch out!
albert snow ,   sweden   (04.30.13)
And why don´t the Arab league and Kerry say anything about one of the main obstacles of peace, the palestinians demands of the "right of return"?
21. Read #11
albert snow ,   sweden   (04.30.13)
THAT is truly what the palestinians are sucking for: Conqering Israel and Jerusalem. Make jews subordinate muslims, make them dhimmis or kill them. Just like their role model Muhammed did. Whatch out! There´ll never be peace with the arab muslims. Not until they made their countries secular democracies. And that may take many many years to achieve.
22. To Nour #11
Shimon ,   Netanya   (04.30.13)
dream on baby!
23. A Positive Start
Zechariah   (04.30.13)
This is positive but a lot buts Security re Jordan Valley Irans Nuclear Programme Syrias Instability The Right of Return .
24. Seems more like pre-conditions (end)
Get Real ,   UK   (04.30.13)
25. So what land are they offering?
Ariksan   (04.30.13)
South Lebanon, parts of Syria? The Sinai?
26. No Two State Final Solution . Period.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.30.13)
The Two State Final Solution is intended to turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. This is obvious to any literate child, capable of reading a map. No sane Israeli will let it happen.
27. The Arabs, like Kerry, have NO say in regard
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.30.13)
to Israels borders...!
28. #11 nour
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (04.30.13)
And there goes the WHOLE STORY,you are destined to live like BEGGARS and in filth for the rest of your miserable lives.You contribute NOTHING to the world society and you will get NOTHING back,now go back and play in the filth amongst your pali bretheren.
29. No land swaps with 2 States, 1 Country, share all the land
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.30.13)
30. 22
do you really think that brilliant, modern and cultured israelis will want to live with islamic rubble, poverty, uneducated masses and primitives? dream on.
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