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John Malkovich arrives in Israel
Published: 30.04.13, 14:59
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1. This wonderful actor is a great friend
Reuven   (04.30.13)
of Israel's.
2. Boring
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.30.13)
He looks like Max Brenner the chocolate man... Why is this even news?
3. Oh my, now THIS is fashion! Funny-funny guy:-))
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.30.13)
4. @ Sarah B
Skunk ,   Phila, PA   (04.30.13)
Sarah- why are you commenting all day long on every article?
5. #2
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (04.30.13)
You really are sourpuss. Occasionally get off your political high horse and be a normal human being. It is all very well to rant and rave against the Arabs when justified but there is more than this in every day life. Bye the way he is a tremendous actor who has given great pleasure to cinema goers every where. As to his fashion sense put it down to artistic license, no harm in it.
6. #2 is not Sarah
Vlad   (04.30.13)
I do commend her stalker for finally getting the name and location, with all assorted periods and commas, right this time.
7. @ 2..
You just hate all real Americans...but you wont give up your American Passport...It's no good to you anyway! SO GIVE IT UP! TATA
8. "To punctuate the monotony"
Devorah   (05.01.13)
Those words he uttered in, "In the Line of Fire," and the empty expression on his face as he said them and then fired, made my jaw drop to the floor. John Malkovich is the best.
9. Welcome John Malkovitch!
R ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
Love you!!! Especially in Of Mice and Men. Actually in everything!
10. Somebody of serious standing in showbiz who's not boycotting
How refreshing, as he is an absolute favorite of liberal thee-ay-tor goers! So the question is -- is he pro-Israel or just goes wherever the arts or the $$$ call upon him? (He will get flack for the trip from the politico-morons, so kudos regardless!)
11. Mr. Malkovich, Thank You for visiting, I've adored your
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.01.13)
acting accomplishments.
12. Sarah B
Uh Huh ,   Planet World   (05.02.13)
Sarah B - you are the skunk!!!!!
13. Reply to number 2
JGad   (05.02.13)
bad guys are always news...
14. Reply to number 2
JGad   (05.02.13)
bad guys are always news...
15. Being John Malkovich is a great film
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.02.13)
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