Qatari prince woos Israeli companies
Assaf Gilad, Calcalist
Published: 30.04.13, 14:56
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1. Qatar
Charles ,   US   (04.30.13)
The Qatar Royal family... are setting the standard for others to follow. Arab countries should start cooperation with Israel. It will be a win win situation. Oh.. and arab countries can start by recognizing 972 as a country code... Seems you cannot call israel from the Gulf states ehem.
2. Don't worry,it will be cancelled for some stupid arab reason
Alberto   (04.30.13)
3. Great news. The start of a ME Economic Union.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.30.13)
It's time to make peace in the region a priority and move forward fast.
4. Qatar - seriously?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.30.13)
Is this the SAME Qatar that is negotiating (i.e., demanding) with jackass John Kerry that Israel return to its '67 borders? Is this the Qatar we're talking about?
5. I am telling you
M ,   the gulf states   (04.30.13)
many arabs consider israel a safe investment and the palestinian authority a bottomless pit. thieves of our oil money.
6. And surely some greedy Israelis will swallow it hook&sinker.
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.30.13)
7. Qatar business
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (04.30.13)
If this story is true (and let's hope it is not, and it is repudiated by Qatar), then Qatar does the Palestine Liberation Cause a perfidious blow by essentially legitimizing Israel. This would be a historical, moral, and political outrage. Shame on Qatar!
8. 5
they are also thieves in our jewish land, israel. a people that were once just arabs aare all of a sudden "palestinian" since 1967. amazing, no?
9. Export jobs and development projects to ... Qatar?!
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.30.13)
Outside the expatriate community, Qatar lacks the industrial infrastructure and skilled workforce to do much work for Israeli companies. And why would Israel actively promote Qatar's interests when Qatar actively undercuts Israel's own - actively supporting Hamas, having armed Islamic rebels in Libya and now doing likewise in Syria?
10. #7 Graczek
kwame oha ,   UK   (05.01.13)
The last time I responded to your post I expressed doubt about your knowledge of the politics of the Middle East (ME). The Gulf States have been doing big business with the Jewish State of Israel from time immemorial. Their sons and daughters have had access to Jerusalem's high tech medical facilities. Graczek, who told you the Arab states have time for Palestinians? Palestinians working in the Gulf states are designated second class citizens, held in contempt for their inferior cultural values. P(F?)alestians have been used and will continue to be manipulated to serve external interests, until such time that they begin to think for themselves
11. No 7 Legitimacy
Claude ,   London   (05.01.13)
Yes Israel is a legitimate and sovereign state, you may not like it, you may object to its very existence- TOUGH Israel exists and will continue to do so as the Jewish Homeland GET OVER IT If the Palestinians and their leaders had been more open to the legitimate claims of jews returning to their homeland in the 20 century, if the Palestinian leadership had not been so openly hostile to the very idea of Jews coming to the then Ottoman Province and later British Mandate ,If they had not chosen to allie themselves so openly with Hitler, then today we might have had a different modus vivendi between the two people's. Too bad they chose the wrong path, Made the wrong choice in rejecting partition and with friends like you - well maybe they have not actually chosen you as a friend, Perhaps it's more of a curse imposed on them.
12. #5 - "(Pals) thieves of our oil money"
William ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
How is that accurate? Arabs in the most part have not donated aid to the "Palestinians" except some in the form of weapons and training to continue this conflict for a long time. The majority of aid to the "Palestinians" comes from Europe and the US.
13. #7 - actually this is a major blow to your cause
William ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
and shows what's been happening for decades now despite your belief to the contrary. Many nations believe the "Palestinians' to be a parasite on resources and violent, while the Israelis as legitimate ecoomic and security partners. In other words, while the BDS celebrates Ireland's decision to label settlement goods as a major victory...the Arabs themselves have been working with Israel for years. Do indeed give yourselves a pat on the back. I mean, you're from the population who hands out trophies for just showing up, so I guess you deserve one once in a while.
14. #9 - perhaps by Israel doing so....
William ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
their ability to gain leverage with Qatar grows, which potentially means their reduction in support for Hamas and Islamic rebels who act against Israel.
15. #7, Israeli legitimacy never in doubt, but its policies are.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.01.13)
The most doubtful of Israeli policies is its position on making peace with its Arab neighbors. Relations with Qatar may bring a desired improvement, I am hopeful.
16. Qatar
Get Real ,   UK   (05.01.13)
Better to invest with, and in Israeli projects than see their aid donations to the terrorists literally go up in smoke. Qatar and Israel both benefit not just in trade, high-tech but future potential of oil and gas industries. Perhaps other Arab states will also soon realise the folly of their blind support of the Palestinians and anti -Israeli stance when Israel has so much to offer them.
17. 7 , The "palestinians" don't need qatar
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.01.13)
to harm them , they have ALWAYS harmed themselve . They were seen as second category inhabitants in Koweit , Egypt , from 1948 to 67 , didn't allow them to settle in Egypt . They NEVER build something , exept a "roots Gaza club" for the wealthy thieves who govern them
18. Qatar???
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (05.02.13)
The same Qatar that supports Hamas? They seek Israeli know-how in order to employ their own engineers???? Fine. Just i want to hear them say: "we recognize Israel", and "Hamas should change their charter", then we can sit and do business
19. qatar doesnt need israel or west
what a joke   (05.02.13)
the only thing atar needs to do is buy technology from asia like japan or south korea or china. israel is irrelevant
20. Hopefully, It Will Lead To Diplomatic Relations
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (05.02.13)
Israel has had close contact with Qatar. Both Shimon Peres and Tzipi Livni have met with the Qatari royal family. Qatar assisted in getting Jews out of Yemen, into Israel. But I question Qatar providing Gaza with $600 million dollars to purchase rockets from Qatar's archenemy Iran, to fire into Israel. But hopefully this visit, will lead to Qatar establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, because Qatar could use Israeli high technology.
21. 19
unfortunately for you, did you know that china, india and south korea buy most of their technology FROM ISRAEL???? look it up. israel's technology is best in the world next to the usa. china has no technology unless they steal the american one and duplicate it.
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