Equal rights for gentile troops
Hassan Kaabiya
Published: 30.04.13, 20:13
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1. equal rights for " gentile troops
amir burstein ,   United States   (04.30.13)
there is no reference in the article to the halacha rule to which the writer refers. nevertheless, this sounds to me as another one of those typical israeli over- looking/ disregarding an important issue. the hebrew word for it is ; zilzul bazulat. every word in that op-ed article is right. the idf owes an apology to the minority troops and - most importantly, - that halacha rule needs to be removed.
2. Gentiles in the IDF
Arie Stein ,   Milford Connecticut   (04.30.13)
Once again the rabbis are wrong. These Bedouin and Druze who are loyal to the state of Israel should have more rights, not less. No wonder Israel is such a mess.
3. Ignore the bigots in the hats
Joe (IDF combat) ,   Israel   (04.30.13)
I have the privilege of serving alongside your brethren during my duty. These big mouth and insecure rabbis do not represent the average Israel, and most definitely do not represent almost anyone in the IDF. I was in the same firefights with Druze, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Bedouins on my side, the bullets don't differentiate between us. So the insecure and big mouth "Rabbi" can go take his bigotry elsewhere.
4. Gentiles are not equal in rights to Jews in the State of Isr
split ,   US   (04.30.13)
No kiddin' - I'm shocked, really ;) ,...
5. Jewish soldiers sacrifice for Jewish values
dave ,   safet israel   (04.30.13)
like for their rabbis ruling on halaka
6. And less get the terminology correct...
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.30.13)
They are not Gentile Troops They are Israeli Troops - PERIOD Anyway must go!] For a week its Goodbye Brighton and Hullo Israel!
7. Rabbinic Nonsense
A Citizen ,   Jerusalem   (04.30.13)
Lt. Cl. Kaabiya: I wish you had been more specific as to which IDF rabbi actually wrote this piece of "halacha" which says non-Jews are not equal. You blame only the "Military Rabbinate staff". Your bio under your article says you are a diplomat, so know the difference between some lone rabbi working with the IDF expressing a bizarre position, and the official position of the IDF regarding non-Jewish soldiers. So what is the real position of the IDF?
8. Not just Bedouin and Druze
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (04.30.13)
There are also many Christian soldiers in the IDF, such as some from the Hever Amim and also many others from Anglo countries who are married to Israelis.
9. There are no gentiles in the IDF
A ,   Belgium   (04.30.13)
only Israelis. They may be observant Jews or secular Jews, they may be Bedouin or Druze or Christian or even Arab. The uniform is the same color for everyone, and as the writer said, the enemy...the arab...doesn't distinguish between a soldiers beliefs. Unfortunatley, it is a very narrow-minded and selfish segment of the Jewish population who doesn't see themselves as having to uphold their responsibility to the State of Israel, and because of them, you have to suffer their racism. I apologize, I served and worked with Druze and Bedouin Israelis, I know what good people and loyal citizens you are, and indeed, you deserve better.
10. to me....
les ,   canada   (04.30.13)
the above mention solders not only EQUAL, BUT BETTER THAN EQUAL! they not only face the same dangers as other soldiers, but lots of time from their "own people" too. rabbis should mind their sinagogs, and stay out of the idf"s bussines.
11. It boggles the mind that some haredi
Runner1983 ,   USA   (05.01.13)
rabbi, accountable to no one, and who should be ignored by everyone, can issue a "halahic ruling" that people actual pay attention to! Israel will never be a country of laws, passed by an elected body representative of the people, following a Constitution written by citizens committed to equal rights. As a Jew, I find this to be disgraceful.
12. Brothers in Arms
Roman ,   IL   (04.30.13)
Druze and Bedoins are our brothers in arms, are our brothers forever. I feel more affinity and simpathy to them than to some of my haredi brothers in blood... What a shame that they as well as other non-Halachic Russian Jews should feel like second class citizens just like Jews felt before WWII in Europe. Shame!
13. #1: Let's assume that there was a halacha rule
Runner1983 ,   USA   (05.01.13)
that was extreme and offensive. IGNORE IT OR CHANGE IT!! It makes absolutely no sense to follow a rule that is senseless.
14. Israeli Jews: being ashamed is not enoughI
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
It is time to do something about it. Arab soldiers of the IDF (muslims, druz and christians) who sacrifice their lives to protect the state nand it's jewish majority should be treated equal to jews
15. These so called rabbis are not equal to human beings
Haim ,   TA   (05.01.13)
Naturally these so called rabbis have no problem that non jewish soldiers lay their lives on the line so that they and their ilk of lazy parasites can sit comfortable in the yashivot.
16. All Israelis
Steve ,   USA   (05.01.13)
Idiotic decrees. they need to be changed immediately. At one time I had a Druze Lt. He was a real a...hole, but he was an Israeli a...hole! Gdud 202
17. all of Israelis soldiers .....
alsky ,   toronto   (05.01.13)
are special and deserve equal rights.
18. Absolute equality among troops.
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (05.01.13)
The Rabbis who wrote this and circulated it should be court martialed and discharged. That such a concept as inequality of rights could be entertained of and/or justified among those who place themselves between war and civilians is unbelievable. That they "justified" it is inconceivable. This makes me wonder about the need for a military Rabbinate at all. My feeling is that it is yet another sinecure in the Israeli bureaucracy.
19. Clearly too incompetent to be a diplomat
Mordechai   (05.01.13)
Well hopefully Bibi fires this man for incompetence. No one reading this has a clue what he is whining about because he doesn't say what ruling by what Rabbi he is referring to. A diplomat needs to know how to make a more intelligent argument than this. To all the American Jews crying crocodile tears. Move to Israel and your opinion will matter. Stay in America and no one cares.
20. Y don't you stop calling rabbinic contradictions of Torah
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
"Halacha"? They are contradictions of Halacha!!! Learn to distinguish the baby from the bathwater
21. Well said. And we all DO appreciate your service.
Leslie ,   Israel   (05.01.13)
22. Expatriate
Pau Borash ,   LA, USA   (05.01.13)
With no complete separation of state and religion, Israel keeps great company with the Iranians, Saudi and other countries runs by mullahs and Ovadiahs. I served in PALSAR and on YOM KIPUR with a couple of friends heated some food. The base religious capo reported us to the base commander. I told him he can kiss my beautiful non-religious ass. It cost me 3 day in jail and help me decide to exercise my right to find a better place. At the end of my service I left a third world country with grandeur complex for what I consider the best country on the face of this earth. The IDF is a product of the status quo in Israel; do not waste your time waiting for changeā€¦
23. prostituted rabbonim
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (05.01.13)
the rebbinate is a whore-houe of prostitutes. The only way to clean up the Chaplaincy Corps is to have Notzri & Islamic clergymen as chaplaincy officers, in correct proportion to composition of the IDF. The Magav should be the first to appoint one, look at the population within it! Can you imagine what we would be saying if a western country wouldn't allow a Rabbi into its chaplaincy corps?
24. absolutely right!"
avi   (05.01.13)
25. To Rami number 14
Shimon ,   Poleg   (05.01.13)
Where did you serve? Yes, I thought so. You didn't do one day of military service or sherut leumi. Even to do sherut leumi in nazareth in a hospital or Matnas you never did a day of service for your own community let alone the country. So you are not really part of this debate. BTW I served as an officer in a Druze and Bedouin combat unit. These are real Israelis not like you!
26. Dreadful!
Joseph ,   London England   (05.01.13)
Is there any evidence this was an Halachic ruling and not just non-sense that had not been questioned? I can't believe any IDF Rabbi could have been responsible. The whole point of 'Righteous among the Nations', is to recognise the life-saving contribution of Gentiles to Jews. Those who join the IDF by definition are protecting the Holy Land and all its inhabitants.
27. To No. 25
Bertram ,   London, UK   (05.01.13)
You asked a question, then immediately answered it yourself. Good. That saves any argument. Anyhow, according to your position, only those who have experiences in particular contexts can comment on those contexts. Might as well end all public policy debate, then.
DISCHEM ,   ISRAEL/USA   (05.01.13)
29. # 25 Shimon # 27 Bertram
Sagi   (05.01.13)
Shimon. An apology is due from you to Rami. Rami is a Christian Arab from Nazareth who has served his country well, and I assure you with dedicated loyalty, as have other members of his family. I personally have known for almost sixty years many Christian Arab families from the Galilee who are very very loyal, much more so than most of our Brethern in black. Bertram is absolutely correct in pointing out to you that it is wrong to ask a question and to be so presumptious as to immediately give the answer. Be a man and apologize please, here on this forum. Thank you.
30. # 14 Rami
Sagi   (05.01.13)
Hi Rami ! Not everyone is perfect. I can only offer my support and also my apologies for the misconceptions of others. Sorry.
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