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Syria's Assad in rare visit as rockets hit capital
Associated Press
Published: 01.05.13, 18:19
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1. A long battle
Get Real ,   UK   (05.01.13)
Sounds like this should keep the terrorists fighting each other for some time yet. Hezbollah protectors of Lebanon, now protectors of Syria, and just the people to give Assad advice about underground living.
2. best scenario
Real vision ,   usa   (05.02.13)
no one wins and no one loses and they just keep eliminating themselves. Unfortunately civilians are in the middle And neither side particularly seems to care if the country is destroyed. Going to take the syrians a long time to rebuild this destruction and the US should not help rebuild
3. The Syrian rebels and Erdogan
Canadian citizen   (05.02.13)
"The coalition said it hoped Hezbollah would stay out of the Syrian war" We all remember Erdogan shaking hands and kissing Nasrallah and Ahmadinajad, now he plans to go to Gaza and kiss Hamas leaders, these are the best friends of ASSAD.
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