Ayalon: Lieberman told me Ben Aryeh must be appointed
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 02.05.13, 11:13
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1. I wouldn't trust Ayalon
Eli ,   Raanana   (05.02.13)
...that story with the Turkish Ambassador: "look how low he sits" was pretty stupid. I do not know the facts but Danny has showed off in the past.
2. Ayalon later president?
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (05.02.13)
Ayalon is like Peres as politician. He supports his party and party leader and then obstruction, stabbing in the back,… Maybe, one day - I hope not - he'll be president!
3. After his Father told Haaretz that his son
will replace Lieberman (it was in October of last year), it was clear that Lieberman read the story in Haaretz and wouldn't put him on the list.
4. 1- Eli, the question is who can we trust in Israel?
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (05.02.13)
5. Ayalon is the only witness ..
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (05.02.13)
Ayalon is the only witness who claims Lieberman actively promoted former ambassador Zeev Ben Aryeh for the Latvia ambassador post. Sour grapes?
6. #1: So you would trust Lieberman?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.02.13)
I would rather trust my pet scorpion! He should ask his friend Putin for political asylum and then become of the Putin Persecution Squad.
7. ayalon understands the political gaame
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.02.13)
True,he understands the game,but he plays"offside".where have u been when it mattered most?gaming?are u gaming nnw?who can tell?better to deal very carefully with your "truth"testimony.
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