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Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital
Brit Perets, AP
Published: 03.05.13, 13:32
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1. Kind and caring
Get Real ,   UK   (05.03.13)
Wonderful humanatarian article shows the humanity of Israel Just wish it were reproduced in the world's media
2. terribly sad
Ilana   (05.03.13)
I hope the grandfather stays by the boy's side. SO tragic.
3. Now thats a story!
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (05.03.13)
Hope the muslims see that across the globe! Wonder if Al Jazeera will make a report...
4. One "little" detail is missing in the article.
Donor   (05.03.13)
You forgot to mention that the donors are Jewish people. The Muslim billionaires in Dubai, Paris and Saudi Arabia don't really care about cases like this. Poor boy. Please revise.
5. this made me cry
mensch ,     (05.03.13)
6. Parent hate in return ? Not a fare exchange.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (05.03.13)
7. coexistance
sameer reehani ,   Houston   (05.03.13)
When you hear stories like this one,you ask yourself,why can't we coexist with our neighbors.It is so very sad!
8. Sad story, ..
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.03.13)
I don't think hamass with their billions of dollars, will ever take care of people who cannot be deadly killers in the future. This one will not be such a terrorist...or join hamass, or fatah..
9. Nah, they want to show that Israel is apartheid.
10. no 4
These billionaires from Islamic rich countries, will go and will spend thousands of dollars in high class night club and will pay high price with high class hooker in Europe and other place.
11. Will somebody adopt the boy? What will happen to him?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.03.13)
Please follow up on this story and let us know what happens. That poor kid!
12. TV doco
Volvi ,   Israel   (05.03.13)
I saw the TV doco here whilst here in Israel. It was very touching. But what the grandfather said to the interviewer was very poignant. He said his dream is to be allowed to live in Israel permanently with his grandson as he is now shunned in Gaza and he further added that in Gaza they dont care about life but in Israel every one cares about life.
13. Just wait for UN, HRW and AI
steve from raleigh   (05.03.13)
To claim the Jews mutilated him and are keeping him alive to eat him. You know that's coming.
14. little mohammad
JL   (05.03.13)
will never be able to go back...they will call him a collaborater or an israeli spy or jew lover..they would kill him..better he covert and become an israeli
15. And in Israel polygamy isn't permitted, but isn't unheard of
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.03.13)
"In Gaza, polygamy is permitted but isn't common." But first-cousin marriage is fairly common, as noted, given the still tribal culture. In Israel, though polygamy isn't legal, it's not uncommon among the Bedouin in the south. (I don't know how common it is among northern Bedouin.) But first-cousin marriage and large families are all too common. So too is the resulting poverty, population growth and increase in birth defects. With that growth comes increasing struggles over land.
16. Very sad. Gazans need to learn not to intermarry.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.03.13)
Tribes and cults continue the custom of intermarriages which adds diseased persons to the gene pool. As inhumane as it sounds, death is often the only available purifying process for such groups. There is no solution beyond training, abortion and/or forceful prohibition. Poor Mohammad and yet he is so very lucky to have such a caring grandfather and the wonderful team of doctors at Tel Hashomer. This story is exceptionally well written. Accolades to the author and/or to translating efforts at Ynet.
17. Genetic disorders
John Smith ,   UK   (05.03.13)
There was an article recently here in UK about the high prevelance of genetic disorders and disabilities among the Muslim communities here where a high number of Muslim children were requiring medical care because of the high rate of Muslims marrying cousins.This practise still continues even here in Europe.
18. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (05.03.13)
Prayers for little Mohammed al-Farra. This is a heartwarming story. The world's media often ignores the magnanimous work that many Israelis do to help others. One's boundary of empathy or arc of concern should be as wide as possible.
19. What ? Anti-Israel bashers didn't use this story, yet ?
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (05.03.13)
They could have said that the toddler was loosing his palestinian culture thus adding to the uneding ethnic cleansing...or that that it was a mossad experiment to imregnate the poor Arab woman with genetically modified organism and that it went horribly wrong. May be they'll claim that the child was a victim of radiation from depleted uranium ammunition used in Gaza and that after all it was Israel's responsability to take care of him. Or they'll simply use the good old criticism that it is just blatant Zionist propaganda to make Israel appear benevolent., ant it is proof enough of the cunning, cynical ways of the Jews.
20. make you feel good
swej_kcuf ,   Amman   (05.03.13)
so all of this article just to make you feel good about yourselves .. the story read and I quote "There's no care for this child in Gaza, there's no home in Gaza where he can live," so if we have no occupation there would be a place to care for this child and all of them .. I guess as a refugee you have to let go to get the best care for your loved ones.. didn't the jews do the same back in the days of WWII ?
21. The Torah and the Bible are very clear about this...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (05.03.13)
"let not the left hand see, what the right hand is doing". It is very important to 'humbly' be appreciative that only you can help this otherwise doomed child. Take quiet spiritual love for G-d that allowed you do do this special thing. The world will see, know it's the Jewish nature, and understand you better. I personally would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. May Hashem bless you. Shalom Israel, rob
22. All my respect to the doctors and the grandfather!
me ,   here   (05.03.13)
The Jewish kindness is again proven. It's a blessing for the old man and the child, but a waste on his parents. What barbarians. I do hope the child finds a good and caring foster home here in Israel. Surely there must be some kindhearted people who would like to adopt him!!! Otherwise, what will happen to the child when his grandfather gets too old to take care of him?
23. All my respect to the doctors and the grandfather!
me ,   here   (05.03.13)
The Jewish kindness is again proven. It's a blessing for the old man and the child, but a waste on his parents. What barbarians. I do hope the child finds a good and caring foster home here in Israel. Surely there must be some kindhearted people who would like to adopt him!!! Otherwise, what will happen to the child when his grandfather gets too old to take care of him?
24. Touching, learned a lot
Robert ,   Queens USA   (05.03.13)
Poor kid, I'm glad he's being helped now. I actually learned a lot about the culture over there in PA. Nice article
25. You'll never hear this story in the Western or Arab media
Marwan Khoury مروان ,   Montreal, QC   (05.03.13)
The difference between humanity and indifference - Israel spends thousands to treat this poor child, while the Palestinian society abandons him. I hope he grows up to love and respect Israel.
26. Yes, but will the BBC, CNN and SkyNews report this?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.03.13)
Of course not! In fact, just yesterday, the BBC's "Hardtalk" presenter, Stephen Sackur who is married to an Iraqi, Zina Sabbagh, asked his guest, Lord Pattern, Chairman of the BBC Trust, if he thought that the BBC Trust's pro-Israel policy was desirable? No don't laugh, this is TRUE as ridiculous as it might seem! Another fact that the world press has ignored is that Israel has treated 180 Iraqi children with heart problems and saved the lives of Syrians injured in the Syria Civil War!
27. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.03.13)
Perhaps because Israel's neighbors are pledged to the destruction of the State of Israel and the expulsion and/or extermination of the Jewish people. This is a particularly poignant story, but do you have any idea how many ersatz "Palestinians" are treated in Israeli hospitals? How many Arab lives are saved on a daily basis? And how do they thank Israel? By firing missiles and committing vile acts of terror. On a daily basis. It would appear that the problem rests with the Arabs, not with the Jews.
28. this is the Israel that I love.....
alsky ,   Toronto   (05.03.13)
showing compassion to those in need regardless of religion ! 3 cheers to Israel ! (CNN--where are you?)
29. As expected the haters didn't take long to show up
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (05.03.13)
My comment at 19, the next one #20 , immediately fulfilling my prediction
30. To: No. 29
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.03.13)
Yes, but look at the name chosen by the talkbacker at No. 20. Now read it backwards. That should tell everyone all they need to know.
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