Lebanon: IAF warplanes hover over Beirut
Roi Kais
Published: 03.05.13, 15:19
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1. Violations work two ways..
Get Real ,   UK   (05.03.13)
The Lebanese army should have been doing its job of establishing a weapons free zone in S Lebanon, in accordance with, and not allowed Hezbollah to violate,UNSC Res1701 With Hezbollah based in its country Lebanon should be reminded that in the event of hostlities the whole of Lebanon is at risk. So good to see the IAF carrying out the necessary monitoring and drills.
2. Btw
John ,   Herzliya   (05.03.13)
Resistance? Is anybody occupying Lebanon? No? Why resistance then? Against whom? Lunatics.
3. To number 2
JGad ,   Israel   (05.03.13)
You mean Israel is protecting Libano? Wow ! ... How can be possible?
4. Lebanon just ask.
USA   (05.03.13)
Want to remove the Hezbollah cancer slowly killing your nation? Just ask the world community for help.
5. To get real?
Ahmad uk ,   Uk   (05.03.13)
Israelies and pro Israel are the last to talk about UN resolutions! Yes, I agree you have to get real !!
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.03.13)
Israel owns the skies over Lebanon. If you don't like it, too bad.
7. #5 violations
Get Real ,   UK   (05.03.13)
Actually the reality of Israeli over-flights is that if S.Lebanon were an arms free zone, and if Hezbollah did not impede the Lebanese Army/ UNIFIL carrying out the UNSC Res 1701 operations, there would be no need for such over-flights. No problems of over-flights with Egypt, Jordan and Syria who have all honoured their treaties. Until Lebanon removes the Hezbollah terror entity from its borders with Israel it has no cause for complaints of violations
8. #7 Get Real And Stop the Hasbara BS
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (05.03.13)
UNIFIL is there to MONITOR UNSCR 1701. If they were there to CARRY OUT 1701 as you stated, they would need to bring in anti-aircraft missiles to shoot Israeli planes out of the air every time they violated the agreement.
9. Warplanes
Brod ,   USA   (05.03.13)
Israel should not just sent its warplanes to Beirut. Those planes should do their job in destroying WMDs hidden in Lebanon.
10. Hovering?????
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (05.03.13)
They should be attacking the Hezbollah Scum in Lebanon!
11. #8 1701 -More than just monitoring
Get Real ,   UK   (05.03.13)
1701 Paragraphs include ...Lebanese Army to ensure military and weapons free zone south of the Litani ...UNIFIL to assist the Lebanese Army.
12. 1Get real.the whole of Lebanon is at risk,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.04.13)
Do the ayatollas in Iran care ?.
13. Did you wave to the pilots
Conroy ,   Toronto Canada   (05.04.13)
The article said Israeli sends reconnaissance jets and warplanes over Lebanon on almost a regular basis. As as long as the woosie Lebanese government lets that cancer known as hizbollah operate on the Israeli border those flights will continue. Kapish?
14. 6 Sarah B.Iran owns the land,Israel owns
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.04.13)
the skies,an eagle above, with it's sharp eyes rules the land.
15. Something is in the air.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (05.04.13)
With the latest Iranian Drone shot down and the IAF doing training in Lebanon, maybe this will all finally come to a head? The US will get involved in Syria in a last resort, but something is in the air. Stock up on supplies people.
16. #7 - Get Real
Dara ,   Israel   (05.04.13)
Although I agree with your talk back, Israel does not have a treaty with Syria or Lebanon, only Egypt and Jordan. Hopefully in the future we'll enjoy quiet but until then we'll just have to wait and protect ourselves when required.
17. #16 #12
Get Real ,   UK   (05.04.13)
#16Thank you .My use of word 'treaties' in #7 should have read treaties/cease-fires' to cover Syria and Lebanon. #12 No they do not ,but if the Lebanese and the UN had acted earlier to enforce Res 1701 the current situation could have been avoided. Now Lebanon has become hostage and host to Hezbollah.
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