Hamas rebuffs Arabs for softening Israeli-Palestinian peace-plan
Published: 03.05.13, 18:55
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1. Israel is not for sale!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (05.03.13)
arabs lost war and failed with terror to steal Israel and turn down peace an free offers for their (terror) state. it's time they get a new real estate agent and move to a different location! I hear they can get a good deal in syria right now.
2. haniyeh
alexi   (05.03.13)
ths wallplasterer who is behind lot of hamas terror needs to go to allah fast. Barak of course, the do nothing defense miinister was afraid of international reaction. Yaalon could care less. he will hit hamas and haniyeh right in the mouth. Watch and see. haaretz is in large part responsible for inflating the lousy land general barak as some great saviour. He was not and only slightly better than peretz.
3. ishmail, best you send
arne ,   chicago usa   (05.03.13)
john kerry a note and advise him to go home--He's wasteing time and money. as for you I'd keep a low profile.
4. Israel Borders
LJ ,   Canada   (05.03.13)
The arabs in gaza continue to reject any opportunity for of peace and prosperity for themselves. Their leaders insist that they continue to live in despair - insisting on false hope.
5. Shahat wa msharat
Hawa   (05.03.13)
In Arabic it means a begger doesn't get to chose.
6. Hamas' Pre-conditions?
Get Real ,   UK   (05.03.13)
So much for progressing any peace plan with Palestinians.
7. LMFAO!!!!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.03.13)
No matter how this all ends, there will never be a right of return, NEVER! fantasize all you want, never! East Jerusalem is more do-able, many of us support it , so in exchange for peace i think it is possible. but don't for a second think we are so desperate, we will let you hold us hostage to stupid demands like the right of return. yallah, get real already!
8. Haniyeh
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (05.03.13)
With his fine suit and meticulously manicured beard, you know he isn't going to pick up an AK or strap on a bomb vest, just urge young Gazans to fight and die for his vanity. What a hypocrite. The West bank and Gaza Arabs need someone who can bring them peace and prosperity, not war and misery.
9. 1 Jerome....LOL
alsky ,   toronto   (05.03.13)
10. The World does not get it !
Galut ia ,   Selah   (05.03.13)
--- Hamas views the Whole of Palestine including Israel as belonging to the Palestinians ... it does not matter if a two state solution is put in place Hamas only considers it a Hudna and at some future date go after Israel till they succeed in processing the whole of Palestine...
11. Haniyeh, you're just as bad as Lieberman
Ed ,   USA   (05.03.13)
Fine. If the Arab nations, who fought multiple wars for you and now realize this was foolish don't have the authority to approve land swaps ... then enter the peace process and approve them as part of a unified and useful Palestinian government. What a waste of space. EIther be part of a reasonable solution to make a better future for the Palestinian people, or get off the stage.
12. true, it's not for sale
matityahu ,   slovenia   (05.03.13)
it already has an owner and your people, haniyeh, are not one of them.
13. Ha-ha, looks like Arabs are going to blow it away again.
leo ,   usa   (05.03.13)
14. # 4...Not everyone looks for peace and prosperty to
Edithann ,   USA   (05.03.13)
fulfill themselves...How can anyone have peace and prosperity under occupation? There is no such thing but you can't understand that concept... For a most people it's 'HONOR & INTEGRETY'... honor and self respect..not fighting to take another man's home ... Do thieves have peace and prosperity or are they like you, whining that the victim doesn't want to accept his loss as fulfillment! You're too funny... TATA TATA
15. Hang in there Hamas..Don't let the US and Israel
Edithann ,   USA   (05.03.13)
and Abbas decide your fate... TATA
16. Who the hell on earth...
Groucho ,   France   (05.03.13)
might be willing to buy a cesspool named Gaza? Perhaps, perhaps @ 15?
17. #13 u r right at the point
GG ,   U.S   (05.03.13)
18. Partition Plans 1937
Zivron   (05.03.13)
The Arab Rejection of Partition in the mid to late 1930s and the antipathy to give refuge to Jew from Nazi Occupied Europe from Turkey to Afghanistan has Sold all Arab claim all Islamic claim and the worst is yet to conclude.
19. Palestinians' homes will never be for sale
Palestinian   (05.03.13)
jews who came from Europe, Russia or Ethiopia ... because Balfour from Eng-land gave away Palestinians'homes, these jews will never have real peace. jews of iron dome cannot even stop missiles of home made pasta, cannot stop others ... get out of our homes so you have peace, we do not forget nor our children to go all the way. make peace now before its tooo late
20. This Should Be Crystal Clear Message
To the Nobel prize winner and mr kerry! BTW what did he (b.H.o.) get Nobel peace prize For? Putting the horse before the cart? Now Bibi Has Lived in Israel Served Israel, was and is Leading A Prosperous Nation Of The Jewish People in a sea Of Failure, Violence and Mayham! What other non-oil arab country is prosperous? None!!! Why?????????????????????????? I Do Have A Idea Why, but it's not important.
21. The "Arab" League is actually the Arab Circus. No one...
Persian CAT   (05.03.13)
takes these clowns seriously, even the Arab People.
22. #14 No one occupies gaza, judah and shomronArabs occupy g
23. #14 Only hamas occupies gaza,
A ,   Belgium   (05.03.13)
and its obvious they couldn't bring a pig sty to order. TATA!
24. Hang in Hamas till we have 2 million Jews in Judea/Samaria.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.04.13)
Hang in there Hamas. Don't let anyone tell you you're wrong. Within 5 years, we'll have more than a million Jews in Judea and Samaria. Within 20 years, we'll have over 2 million. And almost no "Palestinian" poseurs squatting on our land.
25. dubai
Alon ,   TA   (05.04.13)
There is no Palestine or Palestinians. Most Arabs here came from surrounding region. There is only Land of Israel and judea. They are not for sale. Go to Dubai or sputhern Iraq after kurdistan gets independence.
26. Palestine was sold a long time ago.....
patrick a. hammel ,   zermatt, switzerland   (05.04.13)
to the devil who then decided to sell his shares to ahmed chouqeri,yasser arafat,hamas,islamic jihad and to all those who could not care less about the Palestinians ! We jews would sincerely hand out our right hand to put an end to your misery in the hope you would reach yours and shake ours ! We do it out of a position of strength, Together we could prosper and share laughsdtogether ! Get rid of the monsters that pretend to know what is best for you and let us build both nations so that our children in the future will live free and happy and be proud of what you and us accomplished with them in our hearts and minds ! Aleykoem Salaam and Shabbat Shalom.
27. No land swap necessary, 2 States 1 Country, Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.04.13)
28. #19. "Palestinian" poseurs will leave.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.04.13)
#19. For decades, brain dead "Palestinian" poseurs have believed their corrupt leaders when they say Israel will be vanquished. Every year, Israel grows stronger, richer and more wonderful. Soon we will have more than 2 million Jews in Judea and Samaria and virtually no "Palestinian" poseurs. They will leave sooner or later. Likely sooner than most can imagine.
29. #21 You Would Know Since Your One Of Them!
Yea yea your persian and your cult is arab Just Like Your ILLEGAL regime in tehran!
30. #1 are you sure?
Mainstream Israeli leaders like Peres, Livni, and Barak disagree with you. The past 20 years have all been about selling Israel.
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