Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Obama and Netanyahu's new red line
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 05.05.13, 11:21
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1. So it works just like the "battered wife" scenario: police
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.05.13)
won't do anything as long as the husband "only" threatens with slitting her throat/shooting her in the face/smashing her head with a hammer/throwing her off the balcony..... you get the point. The "sanctions" are just a code-word for not doing anything, since attacking would look bad on these gentlemen's resume???
2. Ron B. Yishai assumes that Israel is not
Israeli 2   (05.05.13)
capable of taking on Iran by itself....or would not accomplish the mission fully. Such an assumption is indeed erroneous. Iran is nothing more than a paper tiger with a dangerous mission to destroy Israel. If indeed the red line is crossed (wherever that red line may be), Israel will not hesitate to attack and Ron should know that. No matter who its PM is (Left or Right) and the Mossad would give the green light as well. We are all in it as ONE.
3. "capabilities Israel does not have"
Cameron ,   USA   (05.05.13)
Finally, FINALLY, Israelis are starting to cut the BS posturing, and admit to the unavoidably obvious. Only the Yanks can swing the matter, and pull Israel's rump out of this fire.
4. "Israeli government banking on US promise"
Devorah   (05.05.13)
That should raise a red flag. Obama is not to be trusted along with Hagel and Kerry. We've seen the outgassing of Obama and his promises re "palestine," Egypt, Libya, Turkey and now his support of the Syrian rebels who aim to destroy Israel. Oh yeah, he talks a good game and builds false hope. But he is a switch hitter who ultimately works against Israel. No thanks, Barry Hussein. Keep your promises. Your credibility is in the sewer. Come clean on Benghazi, and maybe we might give you a moment's attention. Until then, you're just another ratchet jaw with no substance.
5. ben yishai is dumb and bibi is yellow to the b one
alexi   (05.05.13)
obama will not strike iran as US is exhausted from wars with jihad. Bibiis yellow to the bone, it must be said. he means will but has been influenced by barak whose camp david diplomacy got israel huge trouble. Yaalon, bennett and shamir will decide for israel. Bibi is like a corpse in the cabinet, paralysed with fear and indecision, though light years better than olmert and peres, he is still weak to the bone. jews, a good culture and religion, are no better than anyone else that is for certain. Chosen people is bunk!
6. Yasha Koach, Dvorah
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.05.13)
Red flags (and pink underwear) worn by Obie, Hagel and Kerry as they "promote peace in the Middle East" via Israel's shrinking back her borders, capitulating to terrorist extortion.
7. and these credible sources are the same
frank ,   rehovot   (05.05.13)
sources that have been saying yes, and then no, and then yes again. The fact is, they don't know and are leaning to the conservative side of the equation because it fits a particular narrative. Threats do not work, action does. To depend on the US is very dangerous as obama does not have the stomach to actually do something. Consider he won't even recognize terroristism but will call terrorist murders "workplace accidents". Consider how they came to the aid of their own people in libya. This is now they will come to our aid....we can depend only on ourselves, and that is scary enough....
8. Sheer Military Idiocy !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.05.13)
One should not wait to the wery last moment with a Military strike, only as a last resort called. This Civilian Doctrine of Obama, will cause the World dearly. A Destroyed World Economy and the US will lose all trust by the Arabs, whom will withdraw all their economical intressts from the US. Do anybody believe any Chamberlain measurie, would have stopped Hitler-Germany. Obama is an Islamic Idiot - only usefull for the Evil Forces because, even Chamberlain given a chanse would have reacted at last, but only as a last resot. Arn.Sweden.
9. Jews beg, threaten, blame, get others to do their dirty work
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.05.13)
10. Ron Ben Ishai chloroform
Philippe ,   Raanana   (05.05.13)
Ben Ishai is doing a nice job on behalf of Obama; to chloroform Israeli public opinion, until it will be too late; one day Israel will get awake with a nice nuclear mushroom looming from the horizon.What is 100% sure : Obama will not raise one little finger to stop Iran - Bibi is a monumental failure in trying to posture he and we have a " friend " in Obama.The israeli public is lured into illusions thanks to the chloroform sprayed by Ben Ishai and all the yefe nefesh camp.When you want to be sure to fail please do follow their advices.
11. Sanctions are a sick joke. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.05.13)
Sanctions are nothing but a symbolic gesture. They will never stop any nation from doing anything. The idea of using sanctions to stop an outlaw nation from building nuclear bombs is a sick joke. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
12. red lines nonsense
jerri i ,   NYC   (05.06.13)
There is no way that Israel or the US can make use of "red lines". Iran and North Korea(remember destruction of Syria reactor)are working together against the US and Israel and almost surely Iran has overstepped any possible red line at least 10 times by producing most of its concentrated Uranium in North Korea . .
13. Did you hear that?
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (05.08.13)
Those were the sounds of an exploding facility near Tehran today. The question is, WHO DUNNIT?
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