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Introducing world's longest Shabbat table
Tali Farkash
Published: 17.05.13, 14:24
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1. Better than . . .
Akiva ,   NYC   (05.17.13)
Better than the Record for the longest Shabbos morning davvening -- or the longest sermon! I think the World Conference of Lubavitch Shelichim in New York may have broken the record for the largest Haredi dinner, with about 5,000 guests sitting down.
2. To make Kiddush on Co-Cola,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.18.13)
very innovative.
3. something wrong with this picture
Raphael Freeman ,   Modiin, Israel   (05.19.13)
enjoy a full Shabbat meal just before Shabbat? This isn't halakhically acceptable since one has to enter Shabbat with an apetite for the meal. I'm sure charedim will know this and therefore will they actually come?
4. Number 3. Other problems
Danny ,   London England   (05.19.13)
If the meals takes place on Shabbos they can't take photos or do a film, or invite people too far away to walk, so they are doing the meal just before Shabbos.
5. J.K. from Brooklyn NYC
Akiva ,   NYC   (05.19.13)
The article only mentions 'a table cloth, challah, goblets, candlesticks and more.' No mention of wine. They had to cut costs somewhere!
6. Please be respectful
Jack ,   Cambridge, MA   (05.25.13)
I found it difficult to read your article after I saw it contained the slur term "ultra-orthodox." There are no Jews who call themselves "ultra-orthodox." "Ultra-orthodox" is a term used by others. It is a term that implies extremism and fosters intolerance. Please be respectful and call people by the names they call themselves. If you do not know what they call themselves, please ask them rather than impose your own label upon them.
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