Netanyahu off to China with slight delay due to Syria
Atilla Somfalvi
Published: 05.05.13, 18:04
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1. After listening to Abbas whining and lying and
A ,   Belgium   (05.05.13)
begging for money, the Chinese will probably be happy and relieved to host Bibi, who offers substantial ideas for improving trade between the two countries.
2. Beware...
Ron ,   Holon, IL   (05.05.13)
... the sleeping dragon.
3. Lavi 2028
Alon ,   TA   (05.05.13)
Netanyahu you should discuss with them about the deaigns of our 1980s fighter jt Lavi which the chinese military ste and built as their own A10 fighter. We should develop our Lavi again as a sixth generation fighter planes with the first flight date projected for late 2020s. This is a very realistic date. We have the grassroots technology and knowhow more than we did in 1980s qith the Lavi. As for the money needed, in the next 5 years the Iranian menace will be no more whether by military action or regime collapse which will choks Hizbullah out of existence which will free us to cut the dfense budgt by 40% as per the Calcalist estimates.
4. Having started a war with Syria
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.05.13)
Netanyahu removes himself from the firing line, and for good measure takes his family with him. How does he get away with it?
5. #4: Its only the North that is in danger!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.05.13)
No one south of Haifa really cares about Northern Israel. The Likud are only interested in the right wing fanatics in the settlements that even they say are illegal. All governments since 1967 have usurped money allocated for Galilee development and ploughed it into the West Bank. Some might ask me then why is the Netanyahu Government spending money in the north now? The answer is simple. Bibi is going to sellout the settlers, give back most o the West Bank and move the settlers to the Galilee! They voted for him or Bennett so they shouldn't complain too much!
6. 4 Sarah B: Started a war with Syria?
David ,   The Galilee   (05.05.13)
Syria, with the rest of the Arab World, declared war on Israel in 1949. Syria and Egypt attacked Israel on Yom Kippur, 1973. Iran and Syria support Hezbollah which started a way against Israel in 2006. Even today, when the foul regime in Syria has butchered 70,000 people of its own people, the Arab League bashes Israel but is impotent in stopping Assad's orgy of death! One should also ask the Arab League members, like Bahrain, to explain why they have remained quite or even supported the killings of hundreds of Muslims in their own member countries. So, when did Israel start a war?
7. home truths
Jason ,   anytown stateside   (05.06.13)
china needs isreal like a hole in the head.there a massive unpopular liability,armed with nuks and wmd.they could never get on with any neigbours without hostility,its just the way thay are,its psycotic,and genetic.he even takes his family as a human shield against attack.he must be dreweling by now at the thaught of all that chinese money hes come to steel.
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