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Fascist 'Jobbik' party wants Jews out of Hungary
Eldad Beck
Published: 05.05.13, 20:04
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1. What should have happened in 1956
Eric R. ,   USA   (05.05.13)
After Russia had invaded Hungary, it should have nuked them. Then we would not have a Jobbik problem today.
2. Jobnik Party dresses like Nazis and Thugs.
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (05.05.13)
I bet they are descendants of anti-semites who assisted the Nazi Units to find Jews to kill them. -- How Europe has gone to a low level. Is this what the Americans were in Europe for. Is this why there was a Marshall Plan? Eastern-Europe seems to have more Nazis than Western Europe. Just my thought.
3. Tell Gabor Vonna that now the Jews are fully armed and ready
naro ,   nyc   (05.05.13)
Unlike 1938-1945 now the Jews are fully armed and ready squash the little nazi worms and cockroaches. The might of the Jews will beat them to a pulp. They are no longer dealing with defenseless men, women and children which their parents killed bythe thousands in WW2. Its a different world rat Vona, and you are a zero.
4. Fascist 'Jobbik' party wants Jews out of Hungary
REG ,   Los Gatos, CA, USA   (05.05.13)
Good idea. Kick out the very people who can help an economy, are inherently faithful to their country, are law abiding citizens and are tolerant of all. If allowed, even tolerated, this is a statement about a good country gone bad. Citizens of Hungary, kick out these racist, ignorant dogs. This is definitely a case where patriots make bad citizens.
6. Who cares.
Avner ,   Tel Aviv   (05.05.13)
Who cares if they have a stupid racist protest in a small country that is falling apart economically. It's their right, and there's no need to give them the oxygen of publicity. They are attention-seekers, that's all. It's also not Western Europe.
8. Tolerance is holy in itself.
Kafantaris ,   USA, Ohio   (05.05.13)
Tolerance has a holiness all to itself that transcends all religions, all cultures and all races. It's the ideal civilized man should strive for; and the single barometer he should be measured with at the end of his life. This is because tolerance demands learning, understanding and life experience; it demands courage to express it; and it demands constant vigilance -- for the herd mentality is always encroaching, and will forever be the easiest route to follow.
9. Jews should Make Aliya before it is to late -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.05.13)
- and let Hungary go to its destruction without You. Arn.
12. anti-Jewish Hungarian rant
Carole Clarke ,   College Park, USA   (05.05.13)
Things have changed even if they haven't. Little nobodies want publicity, they dream this up. Mossad has probably had tabs on them for years. Wouldn't want to be them if there's trouble.
13.  Vona Gane is the exact follower
of Nazi and Nyilass Hungarians from a different time and from another cockroach's rule, namely, Horthy. Hungary is making and taking very serious strides back to Nazism and xenophobia. If this rabid Jobbik is going to win the future elections, Hungary deserves its Nazi fate and they will soon go down the drain of history. I mean, how can a relatively lucrative nation fall into such a dangerous trap? Jobbik should mark my words: Zionism is one of the best things ever to happen to the Jews all over the world. Because of it and owing to it, the Jews have no more reasons to fear the wild rage of raw-meat eaters. Now, they have enough power to deal quickly and thoroughly with such barking anti Semites. By the way, Tivadar of Budapest was perfectly right to dream about a modern Jewish nation to re-establish in Zion. Thank Lord his dream came true and is here to stay forever.
14. Further proof needed that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism?
Simon   (05.05.13)
15. #1
Tomek ,   Poland   (05.05.13)
They are provocative but I think their goal is to mirror the behavior of their adversaries. When you get the taste of your own medicine, it might be an eye-opener. Besides, why is this congress being held in Hungry anyway? Isn't Israel good enough? Nuking Hungary?! This is beyond stupid.
16. Hungary
observer 13 ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.05.13)
Any Jew that lives in this hate infested country deserves anything that will come to him. Any Jew that uses his money to support enterprises in that rat hole, or who buys Hungarian products should be ashamed of himself. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that Vona is of Jewish origins.
17. 40000
Mike ,   TA   (05.05.13)
There is only one approach with a long-term benefit for Jews and Israel. Bring the 40,000-50,000 jews currently living in hungary to Israel. Start with their youth and the parents and grandparents will follow. Offer their rabbis their own synagogues and their whole community intact here in Israel in their own neighborhoods. PS the Hungarian Jews have their own traditional Judaism that is neither too orthodox nor too reform and is very centrist and welcoming. Bring them here. They will help bridge Haredim and Seculars in the long term.
18. Hungary was and remains fascist, xenophobic & antisemitic
JK   (05.05.13)
Hungary should be thrown out of the European union. The Jews of Hungary should leave this cesspool of a country.
19. Hungary is Dying
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (05.05.13)
Hungary is dying and Jobbik is only a reaction. Hungarians do not have children - less than one per woman. Only the gypsies have children there. The number of retirees to the number of workers will become non-sustainable. The country is heading for a economic and demographic collapse and everyone in Hungary knows it. They are dying as a nation right before their own eyes. There are few Jews in Hungary but those antisemites among Hungarians see Israel with a birth rate of three children per Jewish woman, they see Jews earning wealth (look at the Forbes billionaire list) at unprecedented levels and are lashing out. They are desperate. Hopefully the normal Hungarians will wake up, start having children and put these idiots in their place. But if not, say goodbye to Hungary. They will not make it. Gypsies will be living in the ruins.
20. Sweden should be sending "observers" to learn how it's done!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.05.13)
In general, if the dhimmi attitude of Europe prevails, Hungary is only a prelude of things to come. Britain won't be far behind. Each & every European country has it's own brand/tradition of latent antisemitism: the smart operators only have to push the right buttons and VOILA: the Genie reappears.
21. 4
anton ,   istanbul   (05.05.13)
inherently faithful to their country? simpley not true are law abiding citizens? no more or less then avarage citizens so what non jews are too and tolerant of all? exagration and belief of superiority wishfull post reg
22. Vona will Finnish like haider
Dubai ,   Dubai   (05.05.13)
He is on the monitor:)))
23. Not quite.
Alex ,   NY, USA   (05.05.13)
This is just over exposed. There are a few hundred of people like this and they are getting in every newspaper.
24. Jobbik is destroying Hungary
Benji ,   US   (05.05.13)
Their anti-semitic rhetoric is what destroyed Europe. They have no solutions so they find a scapegoat. Just a bunch of impotent fascists and that washed out woman in the photo....someone please call the fashion police!
25. Really?
Alex ,   NY, USA   (05.05.13)
Ok, Than Israel can be cut off from American and German welfare which is 20 bn a year. Right?
26. Not quite.
Alex ,   NY, USA   (05.05.13)
If it would receive 20bn foreign aid from the US and Germany as Israel does probably it wouldn't fall apart economically. But knowing the region well (worked for the CEE market) this is not typical, just a few hundred people in the whole country that are over-mediated. However discrimination toward the Gypsies does exists in Hungary.
27. Jobbik
Alex ,   NY, USA   (05.05.13)
Well the last leader of Jobbik Csanad Szegedi who is also a MP in the European Parliament resigned after it was revealed that his grandparent are Jewish and Holocaust survivors.
28. #27 Gabor Vona
Ron ,   US   (05.05.13)
I've heard rumors Gabor Vona is also Jewish. He even looks Jewish. Twisted individuals trying to outrun their demons.
29. Let Jobniks march to Israel and repeat their rubbish there
Alan ,   SA   (05.05.13)
They are brave against the meagre Hungarian Jewish Community. When they arrive in Israel we will see how brave they are!
30. perspective
yakov ,   nahariya   (05.05.13)
the comments here are pathetic. A few hundred people in a nation of millions - whose prime minister invited the congress to be held in Hungary- and you talk of nuking Hungary and other ridiculous comments - it's not clear who is crazier... get a grip ynet readers
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