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Disrupting their eternal rest
Akiva Novick
Published: 06.05.13, 00:20
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1. A shame Like No Other Bring Netanyahu to see
OurGreatShame ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.06.13)
The Prime Minister should be ordered to pesonally come and view the desecrations along with the entire Knessett members, this disgrace has been going on since 1967 and Jewish and non Jewish visitors are appalled by what they see there and no one can give them a logical answer why it has not stopped the road leading up the mountain is used by local Arabs as a "speedway" frightening ( on purpose) Jewish and Christian tourists the latter use the road as the tradtional Palm Sunday Walk " where they are terrorized by speeding radio blaring lauging locals not to mention pickpocketed cursed and used by Arab vendors selling from their cars It is Israel's National Scandal there can be NO NO excuses of policitical pressures to justify this outrage.
2. Take Israeli Youth to see it
NextGeneratonOfVoter ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.06.13)
I recommend that of the tens of thosuands of Israeli youth that are brought to Jerusalem yearly that they also be brought to see that cemetary ( which they are not ) perhaps that would shock the next generation of Jewish voters to the point that finally something would be done.Re access to the site a picturesce stone bridge could easily be built accross the valley to that end of the Mount not necesitating passing through the hostile A-Tur neighborhood and the entrance to the mount fenced and gated from that side allowing only visitors to the graves and tourists there it should be made a sort of National Park ending the harrasment of tourisst Jews and non Jews in front of the 7 Arches Hotel also built over the graves & where Yassar Arafat created the PLO.Mount of Olives National Park thats whats needed Apathy of majority of Israeli Jews only encourages the desecration hopefully a shocked younger generaton will change the situation.
3. Desecration on Mt. of Olives
Nili   (05.06.13)
Bibi is more interested in being a dictator. Jewish sites are destroyed, Jews are attacked and killed and he wants to keep it "hushed up". He is the disgrace and the only way to protect our Holy sites, the Jewish people and our Jewish country is to get rid of pandering politicians!
4. I'm disgusted that there's no respect!
Nannette ,   London UK   (05.06.13)
This disgusting state of affairs shows how far down the slippery slope to Islamification Jerusalem has come! If the elected officials have no respect for those buried in the Mount of Olives cemetery, then they must be forced to stand down by respectful, patriotic, Israelis. After all, if public servants aren't doing the job Israelis pay them to do, then just stop paying them! The disrespect, the filth in the cemetery, the fact they don't care about our history - the history of the Jewish people! Are they, with the complicity of the government, giving the country away? Obviously now Jerusalem belongs to the Wakf, the Negev is taken over by Bedouin - after a few more years, how much of Israel will the government allow to remain Jewish? Wake up Israel! There's too many traitors in the highest of places!
5. The Arabs of East Jerusalem ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.11.13)
.... should be made to pay for the repairs. I must say, however, it comes as no surprise that they would disrespect and desecrate Jewish graves. They do it to their own cemeteries, don't they? Then again, they also torch their own mosques and destroy their own olive groves -- I don't know if the intent is to point the finger at the Jewish people or whether they simply have no respect for property or anything else. I suspect it's a bit of both. They are famous for committing arson -- setting their own cars ablaze -- in order to collect insurance proceeds. Criminals and vandals. Such a cancer in our midst must be excised.
6. Disgrace!
Dovid kent ,   Great Neck   (12.05.17)
It is a disgrace that such a tiny area cannot be secured. Too many excuses. It is insane that American Jews have to fly to Israel simply to make sure that the tiny yet all-important area is secure and clean. Disgrace!
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