Report: Zygier sabotaged mission to retrieve remains of IDF soldiers
Published: 07.05.13, 16:32
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1. Sully the name of someone
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.07.13)
no longer alive to protect himself. Israeli politics is a filthy business
2. This is disgraceful!
Avi ,   NYC, US   (05.07.13)
The intentional campaign by the Israeli government to defame its victim proves two things: 1. How low they can get, and how lowly they are. 2. How extensive is the media network that is controlled by Israel. The true circumstances surrounding Ben Zygier's arrest are well known. They have to do with an operation called "Lituf" (stroking), the grooming of a terror cell. Ben Zygier is the moral hero in this story, not the villain.
3. He has already been judged...
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.07.13)
by the all-mighty, and he is fuming the fire together with OBL and other terrorsts who were brainwashed and sacrifized by their imams/leaders.
4. Another 'news story'. Who knows?
bobk ,   orlando us   (05.07.13)
5. Polluted politcs
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, U.S.A.   (05.07.13)
All politics is a dirty game of deception. Israeli politics are no different than any other nation. Unfortunately, all governments will do and say whatever it takes to survive. People sometimes want and expect more from Israel which would be ideal but this concept is not reality.
6. Amateur spy???
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.07.13)
Why was Mossad dealing with him? He sounds like he was obviously incompetent and he should never have had information that held lives in the balance. If anything, he could have been used as a tool for spreading misinformation if he was such a sieve. That being said, he had responsibilities, broke them for personal glory and killed himself in jail when he realised how bad he fucked up. Stop beating this dead horse.
7. It's very hard to defend yourself when you are dead.
nibor ,   israel   (05.07.13)
Espionage, high standards; we forget that Israel is the homeland of Jews, all Jews, and an effort should have been made to make sure that "Prisoner X" did not fall by the wayside. Excellence is good. But we don't even know if he was excellent or not; we have to take Mossad's word for it. None of us ever knows what really goes on behind the scenes.
8. @ #2
Smith ,   Herzeliya   (05.07.13)
Give a link! This is the first I've heard of the "lituf" aspect
9. To Smith#8
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (05.07.13)
Well, Smith, as you are in Herzeliya this is very easy. There are plenty of people in Mossad HQ in that same city that can give you the info you have requested. They should be comfortable giving it to you,as in the future they would probably have to repeat it in court. Our mask has come off, hasn't it?
10. #2 It's time you got a "lituf" you no idea what you are safe
Mr. Smith ,   Israel   (05.07.13)
11. Why the threatening tone, Smith?
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (05.07.13)
By suggesting that I should get a "lituf", are you recommending that I, too, should be found hanging?
12. mission
john ,   toronto   (05.07.13)
Why does Israel have to imprison a man because he failed to get the bodies of 3 fallen ? After spending 3 years in hezbollah jail. The explanations are getting strange. Proper investigation only can reveal the truth. Mossad must be properly investigated and officials in charge must explain.
13. To no1
Sam ,   Belgium   (05.08.13)
Which politics isn't dirty ?.
14. Pay attention, all to Smith and Avi.
Ned ,   UK   (05.08.13)
See the exchange between Avi and Mr. Smith here. Seems like these two know something that we don't.
15. Wrong move
Brod ,   USA   (05.08.13)
Using the wrong person to do a complicated work would mess up things as this one. The recruiters and handlers should share the blame.
16. Ned, now you think you are a spy?
Rachel ,   Home now   (05.08.13)
LOL!! Smith and Avi from"herzaliya" know something? If our Agency has come so bad then we are all in trouble. Smith and Avi and You need to get real jobs. Maybe you can write bad spy novels together.
17. #1 Londoner, this implausible "report" came out of Australia
Jake   (05.08.13)
The Israeli gov't has made no comment on it or against Zigier. You're simply lying again.
18. total nonsense
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.08.13)
australia should stop spreading falsehoods.
19. Zygier
john ,   toronto   (01.05.16)
Mossad approached Homzi and China was the middle country. But for a prisoner exchange , China would not be interested at all unless there was arms exchanged.
20. immunity
john ,   toronto   (01.05.16)
Mossad should be given immunity from prosecution if they will testify. Valuable state resources have been put in them and they were obeying orders. So they have limited responsibility. But they have to testify against their higher ups .
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