Knesset approves Governance Bill in preliminary reading
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.05.13, 15:30
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1. Hypocritical and ignorant opposition
Ehud   (05.08.13)
Most European countries, e.g. Sweden, have election thresholds of 4%, Germany and others have 5% and Germany, Belgium, and Spain also has the same constructive vote of no confidence, which is now being proposed. How can those ignorant idiots claim 'it's the end of democracy'? Suddenly, Sweden (the social democratic paradise) and Germany (the modern welfare state) are no longer democratic in the eyes of Yechmovich ?
2. Getting rid of Gal-Ons is worth a little EVIL !!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.08.13)
3. hashasmal free ?
natanb ,   israel   (05.08.13)
I am waiting for Yair \Lapid cut the free energy that IEC employees get year after year , goverment after goverment ..... Let's see another government ..... and another FM saying the same thing.
4. Horrible Form of "Democracy" Here
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.08.13)
The whole system needs to be revamped. Get rid of the party system, to begin with. Then, reinstate direct elections for the Prime Minister. We are stuck with a formula from the failed days of early Israeli Socialism.
5. Good
Ben ,   USA-Israel   (05.08.13)
AMEN!!!!! It is about time....
6. autocracy
john ,   toronto   (05.08.13)
The state is not an autocracy. It is a democracy.The whole system needs to be revamped. Accountability and transparency is part of democracy. The government is unconstitutional. i hope every citizen opposes this.
7. 2025-2030 israeli politics
Tom ,   TA   (05.08.13)
With the gradual opening up of the Haredi sector into the army and society in general and ultimaty embracing the State and Zionism, soon there will be four main camps/Gushim in israeli politics. The Haredi parties will coalesce into one though some of the moderate ones from Shas will join Likud under Feiglin which has embraced a Jewish-identity outlook and platform. Likud and Jewish Home will have merged (what would be the real difference between Jewish Home and Likud under Feiglin). The leftist parties will coalesce into Labor with half the Arab parties joining it as well. The remnants if the Arab parties will coalesce into one Arab party. Thus there will be a Jewish Camp versus an Israeli Camp.
8. Governance bill
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (05.08.13)
Let's face it, Meretz especially Gal On are afraid of changing the election threshold because they know they would disappear from the Kenessit , which they way I'm looking would be a great thing since they are never loyal to the ruling party. As for Shelly and Labour boo hoo, but since they lead the opposition they need to scream something even if they know it would be a good thing.
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.08.13)
10. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Please read
Avi   (05.08.13)
This bill is good for the most part. Most Israelis know too well that there are too many parties here, and that the government isn't stable enough, with average elections going every 1.8 years instead of 4. However not given enough attention is a single sub clause hidden, probably purposely, in this bill that states that the prime minister has the authority to disperse the knesset and call for new elections at any time and without any other consent. He only needs to 'notify' the president's office. That's it. Democracy relies on separating power so that no one has too much. This gives too much unchecked power to the prime minister, with no added breaks. Is the opposition suddenly gaining strength and puts on a no-trust bill? Disperse the knesset preemptively without warning. Are new polls saying your party could be getting more seats but it's still 1-2 years away from new elections? Disperse the knesset and go to elections. Not to mention the negotiation pressure and power when parties would be afraid of a prime minister and when he may threaten to use it if they don't go his or her way. The bill is important, but this clause should cause an outrage for every Israeli and must be removed.
11. The next thing:))
Orsi ,   Beer Sheva   (05.08.13)
The next thing should be that who has criminal records and spend some time in jail, can not be Knesset Member:)) Than Shas will be in bg problem.
12. a step in the right direction
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.08.13)
13. Of course Gal - On and Yachomovich and Arab MKs protest
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.08.13)
Anything that a) promotes Israel's safety and security b) promotes Israel's Jewishness c) promotes Israel's democratic system d) promotes the stability of Israel's political system and e) promotes loyalty to Israel, will automatically be met with rejection from Left Wing trash and Arab MKs. Their agenda is Israel's destruction - not Israel's Jewish and democratic character. In most sane democratic countries, Gal-On and Yachimovich would be considered to be TRAITORS and LEFT WING EXTREMISTS. The fact that they can STILL form an integral part of the Knesset only PROVES how insanely democratic and anarchistic Israel's flawed political system really is! As I see it, Meretz, the Arab parties and Labor must be outlawed, since they neither accept Israel's Jewishness nor Israel's democratic character.
14. #7 tom
Avramele   (05.08.13)
If your analysis is correct then as a Zionist I'll support the Israeli camp!
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