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Iranians urged to join Shiite fighters in Syria
Roi Kais
Published: 08.05.13, 22:41
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1. the shia terror entity is learning an important lesson
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.08.13)
those who want to destroy the jewish state of Israel will themselves be destroyed.
2. Nothing like war to divert attention
Mark ,   London, UK   (05.08.13)
from the disastrous mismanagement of the affairs of Iranian state. How much better to throw oil on the flames in Syria. Hopefully the Arabs will wear themselves out in Syria and Iraq and focus on killing each other rather than others.
3. To ayatollah Cockamamie Your Playing
With Fire, So Don't Cry When You Get Burned!
4. The supremeless lead no where Is Fomenting
Region and interfering In sovereign nations internal affairs! Down with persian arabs They Should Be EXPELLED FROM u.n. And ALL INTERNATIONAL BODIES! Bomb All nuclear and military sites!!!!
5. @4
Meir ,   Paris   (05.08.13)
Persians are NOT Arabs.
6. I wish the best of lack to both sides
The observer   (05.08.13)
7. The news just gets better and better...
Get Real ,   UK   (05.09.13)
Go for it guys Thought the Iranians were already in Syria
8. Oh Goody!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.09.13)
What do you bet that even Iranians wont show up for this debacle? The bad news is Muslims are murdering Muslims the good news is Muslims are murdering Muslims.... 'Vengeance is mine saith the l-rd.
9. #6 Their Is No Luck Involved
The Question is: How Long Will It Take TO DESCIMATE tehran and the ILLEGAL regime? So how long does it take to render No Communication, Bomb nuc installations and military apparatus????? Care to guess?
10. Move that Shiite cannon fodder forward!
Cameron ,   USA   (05.09.13)
To kill or be killed for the greater glory of Allah! What more could a damn fool Muslim want?
11. #5 Meir Their CULT Makes Them arabs
I know full well what they are. But thanks Shalom
12. a curse on both their houses, THANK GOD
Davy   (05.09.13)
13. What about his family going to Syria??
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (05.09.13)
Is he going to dispatch his sons, grandsons, nephews to join the fight?? I guess not!!
14. Iran-Iraq war all over again!!!!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (05.09.13)
Just watch how mullahs are going to send 14 year olds to die in Syria in the name of God and Shias. They know that they have to wound the next generation of kids so they can keep ruling the others w/o any opposition and total control. Iranian Military does not want to fight, but the thug Basijis are the ones sending the masses to slaughter house of Syria. These are the same thugs behind the show off of missiles on TV. It is not the real Iranian military. In fact, there is no Iranian military. it was dismantled after thousands of high ranking officers were murdered in their homes while the revolution was happening. The Basiji thugs are all over the place and keep a watch for the head towel of Jamaran (where the towel head resides).
15. Got my pop corn out
C-Low ,   US   (05.09.13)
I finally agree with the O on a foreign policy decision. We should keep the rebels with enough military weapon aid to keep them grinding but at the same time not enough to win it. The only thing better than killing your enemies is getting two enemies to kill eachother.
16. breaking the power balance
darshi ,   arab   (05.10.13)
Israel, are you sure that Hezbollah does have a weapon which breaks the power balance with Israel ?!!!
17. Try if you dare
darshi ,   arab   (05.10.13)
Iran unveils new drone attack. Israeli army tries if you dare :)
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