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Facebook in talks to buy Waze for $1B
Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Published: 09.05.13, 09:24
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1. A pity. Who wants to be followed by Facebook on Waze.
Hopefully there will be an option for those who do not want this or I will be looking for a different GPS to download, as will others.
2. Startup Windfall Tax
Eli ,   Bet Shemesh   (05.09.13)
Lapid could pay for the whole budget deficit by imposing a windfall tax on companies sold to foreign owners instead of squeezing the middle and poor classes
3. Facebook in Talks to Buy Waze
Df2 ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (05.09.13)
God forbid it should happen
4. #2 Would you set up your startup in Israel
Logic ,   Israel   (05.09.13)
if you knew that after you put in the risk and long hours, the government would come to collect big time? This is one of the reasons that I almost sympathize with the tycoons from Nobel Energy. Each time they strike it big the government wants to revise the prior agreements.
5. there goes another good one
joemoer ,   iSrael   (05.10.13)
as a long term fan and user of waze i knew it could never last . i think the priority of the waze developement team was to supply a good product that made it easy and safe to make a journey , where as with facebook being the owner i think the priority will change and the program will become some toy to let your facebook buddies know that you are on the move and not just sitting on the beach or at some cafe ...and of course you will have to sign in with your facebook account ....and the terms and conditions of using the program will become 45 pages long ..ah time to make the move already and get used to the new good gps program
6. Investment
mark ,   paynesville USA   (05.10.13)
The DOJIA is dependent on the contributions of pensions. Capitalism has ruled pensions obsolete. So wall st reets cash cow is dead. THe dollar should have fallen some time ago. So its funny how its propped up, the drop in value will help 99% of americans, it won't help money changers or the saudis'. but it will be humorous to watch those parties try to prop up the value of the dollar over the next decade. china. china, no blending in beatch
7. waze hell is going on here ?
ky   (05.10.13)
A billion for a company most people have never even heard of ? You can download free maps on your mobile from nokia
8. #7
Joemoer ,   ISrael   (05.10.13)
Hey dude ..what phone are you using and where do you live ..ah Nokia you said ok now I understand ....but seriously if you have never used waze there is a whole part of your life missing
9. why should waze pay a windfall tax
howard ,   tel aviv   (05.10.13)
Why should waze pay any kind of windfall tax. They will be taxed on their gains when they sell. They create jobs and pay employee taxes etc Why don't you go and start your own company - make money and not have to worry about being squeezed
10. #8 Waze you said?
ky   (05.11.13)
well dude if facebook takes over Waze there gonna be a whole part of your life missing. It seems their practice is to shut down and move. People need jobs these days but the top guys at Waze will pocket their billion and the employees will be out on their backsides. Like I said I get free GPS on my phone with voice sat nav I dont know if Waze can offer any better to make my life that more special.
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