Islamic cleric in Gaza, rejects Israel's existence
AP and Elior Levy
Published: 09.05.13, 14:32
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1. These are the real valid peace partners of Israel
Mira ,   Vienna   (05.09.13)
Not enough being historically ignorant, he also exposes all the boundless hate and envy of the Muslims of all kinds!
2. Well, at least we now know this ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.13)
.... it doesn't take much to become a "prominent scholar" in the Arab world. Education, for example, is clearly not a requirement.
3. With a face like yours
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (05.09.13)
you can kiss my hairy as....
4. Let the dog bark......
yonathan haokiip ,   sderot   (05.09.13)
Islamic cleric he is, he need to say words to pacify his followers. Let us ask where did they get the name "Palestine" from.
5. no logic, just lies and lies
marcel   (05.09.13)
esteemed scholar seems to have nothing to do with historical reality. Palestine is a roman term for the jewish lands of ancient israel. Israel before that and after that was historically documented. a pallestinain islamic entity never existed. Jews on the other hand are quite different from arabs and if another land could be arranged for them with a 10 trillion dollar payoff, then it should consider moving away from al lthe arabs. Then the arabs can take the land and turn into a garbage dump of pious who run to casinos in beirut and europe and whore about while saying allahu akbar at the mosque. The land has been a cursed land and the arabs will continue infighting after the jews leave.
6. He is right!
Ram ,   London   (05.09.13)
Apparently, from the beginning of the evolutionary process, the first living organism, the amoeba, was declared by nature itself to be Islamic. Hence the whole planet belongs to Islam. Moreover, until the 20th century, there was never a single Jew in the land of Israel. The Israelites were arabs! The "Old Testament" is clearly a knock off from the Quraan. Ibrahim, Yusef and Yacoub were clearly arab, as were the Chinese. Cinderella would have loved al-Qaradawi's fairy tales.
7. Islamic cleric reject Israel existence
This Islamic the so called SCHOLAR and respected by the whole Islamic world, by denying Israel never been Jewish State, while in their so called Holy Quran two things are written i.e. JEWS & ISRAEL. In the Quran Jerusalem not mentioned even ONCE, and Prophet Mohammed never set a foot in Israel or Jerusalem. Can this cleric confirm who were BNEI ISRAIL. Are they Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, or what ? Bnei Israil were 100% JEWS. Shame on you cleric that you as respectable cleric by 1.6 Billion people, and you are denying what is written in your quran
8. blasphemy
According to Muslims, every word in the Koran is holy and the absolute truth, al-Qaradawi is saying that the Koran is a lie I hope his fellow Muslims re-educate him.
9. The Good Cleric
Ron ,   oc us   (05.09.13)
Perhaps instead of sowing hate of the Jews he should save his sermons for the Arab spring. Ain't going to happen, because he is a raging Moslem terrorist who loves to hate.
10. Al-Qaradawi
Expected ,   usa   (05.09.13)
Just what the peace process needed . another muslim cleric proving himself to be completelyignorant of history. But he and his followers dont care, they rewrite history to suit their purpose. So lets be honest ... its tme to get ready for the next war. ps .. where are all those history loving europeans who want israel to make concessions .. their in hiding from their muslim immigrant populations who say the same thing about France, Germany and England.
11. Great
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.13)
Yet another stand-up comedian. They seem to breed rather a lot of them.
12. Hamas
Get Real ,   UK   (05.09.13)
So not much chance of Hamas changing its charter regarding Israel before the next round of peace talks.
13. Palestinian want peace prosperity
C2 ,   Aus   (05.09.13)
Anyone who respect human life speaks of peace Religion should stay away from politics Whatever qaradawi doesn't change the fact on the ground Mr Qaradawi please shut up
14. Send This To Everyone
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (05.09.13)
This article should be sent far and wide. Start withStephen Hawking. I am going to send it to the Church of Scotland email address. Send it to all of the Israel bashers! Get moving! This is the reason why peace is not possible today!
15. Didn't you see a day!
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (05.09.13)
Small wrong action in the center creates wrong major peripheral changes. You lost your way. There is no oxygen in beautiful space. A Jewish soldier was carrying a written flag of "God is together with the patient" before entering the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War. O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, God is with the patient. Surat Al Baqarah 153. You reap what you sow. Two states for two peoples. Peace.
16. Hilarious! Say no more...
NudNik69   (05.09.13)
17. Is this a man who worship God?
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (05.09.13)
What happen to our world today - Those people who walk the earth in the name of God are now turned into Fanaticals ( look at Iran or Hamas or Hisbolla) - Are they tuely people who rever God and in God Name they preach
18. View from a Muslim
Mo ,   UK   (05.09.13)
al-Qaradawi is a snake. I dont know why called "Islamic" scholar. he is scholar alright, but in hatred and intolerance. God does not allow for brute murder, and hate.
19. He wears a hat...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (05.09.13) you can't see that his head is empty.
20. To mr kerry You Should Take Off That Suit
And enjoy Your Vaction On Me And American tax payer's! Call your boss b.H.o. And Tell Him Bibi And The NATION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE have no peace partner! There will NEVER BE Another arab State Craved out of YAHUDI Land! Nice try but you have picked up phone and called me, I would have Saved Everybody Time and Gelt!
21. I disagree With qardawi ! sreal has the right BUT!!
Ahmad UK ,   Uk   (05.09.13)
I always say Israel has the right to exist BUT not on the Palestinian land, Israel can exist anywhere else, a lot of countries which helped Isreal to be in 27 thousands square meters of Palestinian land have 100 times more free lands for Israel to exist. Look at the neighbours of Palestine they all arabs and Muslims, you like it or not, some people of Isreal did born there I agree , but certainly their fathers and grand fathers all born out side ( Africa , Europe , America , even in India and China) Isreal recruits Jews from Ethiopia and from every where. We know the answer, you all will say Jews where in Palestine 3999 years ago and because this you occupied the land.
22. Scholarship
Nitirootman ,   Toronto Canada   (05.09.13)
Shame on all of you for questioning this great mans scholarship. Such fine people like Alice Walker and Noam Chomsky will happily validate his credentials. What more do you need than that. Lol
23. Question For Muslims Here
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (05.09.13)
Can you explain to me why there is no outcry in the Muslim world conerning how many Muslims have been recently slaughtered by Muslims. For example, where is the Muslim concern for the Muslim innocents slaughtered in Darfur and now Syria? Do you think that Allah does not see this?
24. This land has always been Jewish.
sense of perspective   (05.09.13)
In the perspective of Jewish history, Islam was born just yesterday.
25. #21
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.09.13)
To my knowledge the jews have lived in this land since ancient times. Through centuries they have resisted to be destroyed, even after being forcefully sent to other countries in slavery, or slayed in hordes by deadly conqurers, even Vikings. In faith for the true G_d, the jews have kept their obediance, culture, and still building this holy land. And the exiled jews are coming back continously to live in their land, the land of Abraham and Isac.
26. #21 and here I thought I heard it all.
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (05.09.13)
So Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Moses, Daniel, Ruth, Samson, David, Saul, Herod, Jesus, Paul (Shaul), John (Yochanan) and let's not forget G-d who said "I will give the Israelite the land of Milk and Honey" "The Promised Land" "The Land of Israel". Where are your proofs in the land of ISRAEL? Jewish existence in Israel existed way before your cult and we can prove all of that, in the land of Israel, the Jewish Land of Israel. Islam, please keep it up, continue to lie, continue to hate and we will see who will prevail.
27. #21 - Ahmad
Ram ,   London   (05.09.13)
FYI, Jews have lived "continuously" in that land for over 3 millennia. Check out the history for yourself. Besides, just because Israel is placed amongst arab countries it should not be there? With this kind of logic many small countries shouldn't exist at all. You and your people ought to live and let live, then there will be peace.
28. Arabs and land
USA   (05.09.13)
The Arabs collectively are 22 nations sitting on over 99.9% of Middle East land. They also sit on 16% of world oil production. They have so much land and oil, they don't even know what to do with. Israel on the other hand is less than 0.01% of ME land and has no oil. No, it's not about land. It's about Arab/Islamic intolerance, bullying, hatred, lies, religious bigotry and a culture that generates no goodwill towards their teeny tiny neighbor Israel. They just can't stand a non-Islamic nation (no matter how small) right smack in their midst.
29. Israel Isreal
Selim Mizrahi   (05.09.13)
This land was always belonging historically to Jewish people, there are people who like this or not and that's another issue. Jews fought for this land and they have the full right to keep it. End of story.
30. #21 Ahmad
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (05.09.13)
23.000 Israeli soldiers & defense personnel have been killed in fighting since 1860 for the land (for a land) World’s first religious war is the REVOLT of the Maccabees. Ahmad, Jews have never fought directly. Is it a defect for a sincere believer, man of God? Yes. Many Prophets have fought. Pagans were trying to kill the Prophet but Jewish Muhayriq gave his life on Sabbath day for Muhammed ( one of the first Martyr of Islam) Many Jews were better than the Hariji Muslims. Greeks, Persians, East Romans, Arabs, Turks, Brits & Jews... 5000 years of written human history is the history of war. Fear creates alliances, alliances led to wars, seeds of the next war. Sorry but you know nothing about Surat Al-Isra especially verse 104. Life is good. No need to drown in a sea of details :-)
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