Israel condemns contentious Church of Scotland report
Published: 10.05.13, 10:30
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1. Literally: Israel was a sovereign nation 3000 years ago.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (05.10.13)
So why are those who have great amounts of land, mostly from criminal actions, be obsessed with tiny, minuscule Israel?
Allan Phillips ,   New Zealand   (05.10.13)
I feel very sad and fear for the church of Scotland. There would not be a church of Scotland had it not been for our jewish roots which go right back to jesus and that very land called Israel where once again jews have their own inheritance back this time for ever.
3. Thankfully it's been taken off the net
Mark ,   London, UK   (05.10.13)
The Kirk is confused. As Christians consider themselves the new Children of Israel, for them the association with the land and Jerusalem is metaphorical. They have displayed their ignorance by overlooking that for jews it is real. Ultimately, the issue Christians (and Moslems) consider Judaism as an inferior version of their own version. He ho..... some things never change.
4. Mind your own business
Moses ,   Israel   (05.10.13)
First of all , the Scots are a relatively young people, who came to the land from everywhere in Europe, after kicking out the Picts and appropriating their lands.You should not forget the origin of all the Christian denominations and the current basis of the Judeo-Christian civilisation. I suggest to the church of Scotland to mind for their own problems before meddling with somebody else's. May I remind you that a lot of nations/people have tried to get rid of us, some of them are still around many of them do not exist anymore, save yourself a lot of bother as you will fail, I also suggest you analyse what you publish so as to avoid being categorised as Loonies or worse off ANTISEMITES
5. Nothing
michel ,   Ashkelon   (05.10.13)
This is only the logic of denying the jews to exist as human beings.
6. Ignorant Scots
Mike ,   NZ   (05.10.13)
The followers of Robert Bruce should not assume that they have a divine right to all territory north of the English border . . in other words the pot should not call the kettle black !!!
7. the truth
holy warrior ,   uk   (05.10.13)
8. New Testament the answer
Roman   (05.10.13)
New Testament is the answer and the church cannot ignore that in discussion Israel predicament with the law and death. "Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth". The spirit Judaism is death and Islam spirit of hell and that is the analogy of your two state solutions because death and hell cannot separate. "Revelation 9:7 And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men". Those are your rich super rich Jews that are battling and you don’t know them.
9. Jesus was a Jew,soo too the scots get
Eric.. ,   Israel..   (05.10.13)
10. New Testament
Roman   (05.10.13)
All religion has spiritual support and Christianity has backing of the Holy Spirit so what spirit supports Judaism?
11. #8
Deb ,   Netherlands   (05.10.13)
You realise, the New Testament cannot be the answer for us who don't believe in it!
12. Antisemitism is a Sport just as Soccer
AlbertoGA ,   St George, USA   (05.10.13)
The Problem is that I like Soccer...the rest is just that. We have a lot more problems on our hands...Look at the Dear Assad and the Dear Mullahs in Iran. That is reality. Shalom from the USA
13. Drink Kentucky bourbon and
Ghilmeini ,   Loch tite   (05.10.13)
Understand the paper is not hurtful it is hateful. Scotltish hatred of Israel is palpable infecting all walks of life. The left Islam nazi alliance has succeeding in demonizing Israel to the point that this paper's hatred lies and bigotry is the new normal. The fact Jews have been in the land continuously for 3500 years is irrelevant. Europe is collapsing like the 30's and already turning to Iran funded fascist movements. The worst is yet to come. Jews of Europe might soon see themselves fleeing withe shirts on their backs. Look in their hearts- you see darkness; look in their heads and you see snakes.
14. New Testament quoters.
Ram ,   London   (05.10.13)
Whilst I am for any religion that preaches good may I point out that for there to be a NEW Testament there has to be an OLD Testament that preceded it? We should hold more respect to ORIGINALS.
15. "Occupied Palestinian territory" is a modern fabrication
No such thing   (05.10.13)
Discussion null and void. Next!
16. It's the original Church replacement theology. No news here
Cyberbrain ,   World   (05.10.13)
17. As usual......
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.10.13)
The usual pack of childish xenophobic talkbackers. Instead of addressing the real issues of treatment of, the Palestinians etc, it's always much easier to sling mud isn't it?
18. Another illustration of the UNHOLY TRINITY in action!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.10.13)
The UNHOLY TRINITY is an amalgam of: 1) Classic anti-Semites 2) "Progressive" anti-Jewish racists 3) 7th-century-based Islamists The three have little or nothing in common as social phenomena but for one thing: Deep and obsessive hate for Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people. Irrational drive to demonize Israel, to de-legitimize it, to seek its very demise. And, sadly, the UK has become the epicentre of the UNHOLY TRINITY, of which this case is the latest example of its nature.
19. The church
Michael   (05.10.13)
I guess who knew that the Church of England oversaw a utopian society. It seems lke the church is perfect and that it hasall the answers. . if we look at history Great Britian was one of the longest and largest colonial empires. "The sun never set on the British Empire". I guess there is moral guilt that has to be projected onto others in order to justify their past actions.
20. The Holocaust is so horrendous.
nibor ,   israel   (05.10.13)
Antisemitism comes in so many forms, and should be halted at once. The Church of Scotland has no right to exist, as far as I am concerned. Who are they anyway, but a bunch of conveniently converted heathens.
21. facts in the ground
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.10.13)
The Church and posters totally ignore (so far), facts on the ground: 1. The "Pals" were created in the 1960's. 2. They have shown NO inclination towards peace or compromise. 3. Their situation is a direct result of their actions: wanting to kill the Jews, which started way before Israel was REborn. 4. The Church should blame the perpetrators, not the defenders. Even if you have the wrong assumption that Jew’s have no right to return to their homeland, they have proved they deserve it; by wanting to live in peace with the arabs, by successfully defending themselves against arab attacks, and attacks, and attacks, and by developing a country that shows it wants peace, fights all comers, but also helps all comers, including countries on the other side of the world.
22. #11
Harold ,   USA   (05.10.13)
Those who stayed Jews like you do not believe in Baptism and the New Testiment and that is why the Jewish population in the world is very low compared to Christians. For your information we Christinas were Jews before Baptism.
23. scottish church
motti ben baruch ,   manchester / eilat   (05.10.13)
How can men in dresses insult our right to exist in our own land when they claim independence from the English. They wont survive for 2 minutes under the leadership of Salmond and George Galloway is a fine example of Scottish ignorance
24. New testament revelation you quoted does not
Nehama ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.10.13)
Jews don't read new testament and believe its fabricated. It has nothing to do with our rel
25. Revelation quore from NT does not register with Jews
Nehama ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.10.13)
I saw your NT quote. You may not be aware but Jews don't study new testament and old testament is our law book. Most of NT was written generations after Jesus death and we don't accept them as divine books. So your quotes from NT are meaningless to us but I respect your religion and your right to believe as you please. However, I think it's nonsense and lots of antisemitism in NT and church teachings for generations.
26. The road to paved with ignorance
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (05.10.13)
No offense to most Christians, who accept the Torah's proofs that Israel belongs to G-d's children; namely the Children of Israel...aka Jews. Why pay attention to the few ignoramii who deny G-d's holy word?
27. How many of you believe in existence of any god?
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.10.13)
Those, who didn't believe in such existence have to admit, that Zionist are pure intruders in Palestine.
28. #8 out of context
Sobieski ,   Germany   (05.10.13)
You quote revelation as a proof of your own anti semitic ideology. Revelation is about the end times. In it Israel is most blessed, the 12 tribes return to the new Jersalem. Your statement is an example how scripture was twisted by your likes in the last 2000 years. No longer !
29. who cares what they think, they pray to a dead jew
Davy   (05.10.13)
30. I challenge C of S to apply their "insights" to Islam
Let's see the Church of Scotland's "scholars" try to set aside their hostility to Jews to perform a comparable exercise against the texts and followers of Islam. If they dare. They won't, of course, because they fear them and they've aligned with them. Soon enough, the Church of Scotland will be supplanted by the Islamic Center of Scotland. (One only needs to compare church attendance to mosque attendance in the UK.) The paper in question is just supersession in anti-Zionist guise. And no revised introduction to the Paper, no acknowledgement of the "right" of Israel to exist, can disguise that.
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