Israel condemns contentious Church of Scotland report
Published: 10.05.13, 10:30
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31. #1
Ben David Shlomo   (05.10.13)
Because "tiny minuscule" Israel is the 4th biggest military power in the region, thanks to the freebies from the US, because it has carte blanche from the western world to kill innocent civilians, steal land, steal water, practice apartheid and invade other countries sovereign territory with immunity. I think Israel is the most evil nation on earth, and I teach this fact in university daily, with good reason and facts. Sarah B is one of my biggest reference points on this.
32. #23
Ben David Shlomo   (05.10.13)
have you seen how your haredi dress? I would not be making fun of a tartan kilt if I was you.
33. A small, fringe, marginal church
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.10.13)
Only 1/2 million followers? Poor them. This is the only way they can bring attention to themselves. Doesn't say much for their adherence to the teachings of Christ.
34. #4
Ben David Shlomo   (05.10.13)
The term "anti-semite" has been so over-used that it has no meaning these days, and has no affect on those it is said to. Your marketers will have to come up with a new name.
35. Israel
The homeland is where the people, the faith, the language and the culture originated. History and not only the scriptures tells us about the Jews. We must read about the diaspora, the Inquisition, anti-semitism, Zionism and the holocaust.
36. Losing Support
Allison ,   Jerusalem   (05.10.13)
Israel has so many foes, but now we are losing the last of our friends and allies. Thanks to Liberman & Bibi we lost the alliance with the second largest NATO member Turker (and why aren't we allowed to join NATO but Turkey is?) Google has recognised Palestine as a State, as have the majority of countries in the world, the US is the only member of the Secutiry Council still supporting us, one of the most famous scientists, Prof Hawking, has joined the boycott, and even the dull and sencible Chuch of Scotland (not some Basptist lot from Alabama) has concluded that our treatment of the palestinin's is unjust and we use the memory of the Holocause to justift our current actions. Once Great Powers remade the world - Poland carved up, Czechoslovakia given to Germany, Yugoslavia twice created, Kosovo seperated from Sebia, and East Timore from Indonesia. Israel is not a Great Power, and only the support of the US allows us to behave this way. When we lose the support of the US they we will be at the mercy of other interests and the EU, Gulf States and the US will seperate us from Palestine for the sake of peace in the region.
37. # 21, Solomon
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (05.10.13)
Dear Solomon, your talkback is excellent. All true Christians, from any denominations, must respect and endorse the Jewish State. It is written, also and for implicit, in New Testament. Palestinian State can only be created if it does not endanger Israel; through a honoured and secure peace. While it does not happen, Israel has to act as any other dignous country, defending herself with firmness. Salutes.
38. #18, Jehudah
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (05.10.13)
Dear Jehudah, don't confound true Christians, like me and many others, with the refered Scottish clerics. We believe in the same God like you do. Holy Trinity, a mistery that we accept by faith, does not deny it. Abraham is our common father. We repudiate, very much, the words from that bad church's text. You, Jews, are our eldest brothers.
39. #27
Alright, let's say your right about divine rights to land not being true. How'd Islam an the Arabic language/culture get to the Levant? Conquest and invasion. Do you deny this? Yes or no? If you deny this then there is no point discussing anything. If you agree that their religion and culture/language got here by invasion, then why do you care that now our language/culture/religion has returned through "invasion". Why do you obsess over the Jewish "invasion"? There are plenty of other invasions that have occurred in history. Look at the America's, Australia, pre-Islamic ME. Why is the Jewish one treated any differently? If you can give me a cognate response I would be indebted. My position is quite simple, if you want to negate religion from the equation, fine. Now all we have left is history. You can't refute the fact jews lived in this land and had kingdoms. We cannot deny that Arabs as Muslims also controlled this area after succeeding the Byzantine empire. Again Jarda, given that Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, French crusaders, Turks, British have all held the land, why are you so opposed that now Jews have the land? What in your opinion makes the Palestinian claim more correct? If there's no religion then the only correct claim to land is might makes right. Why are you annoyed that in this period of human history jews are the ones with the might. Would you have lived during the roman siege of Jerusalem would you so defend the Jews of that time as you do the Palestinians of today, who by the way choose a Latin name instead of an Arabic one, which is odd since Latin is not Semitic.
40. 22
which makes us jews, a minority, special indeed. we didn't follow a deity that is the son of god. we followed GOD. period.
41. 27
believe me, us jews believe. we believe in our almighty god, not in jesus, the son of god. most israelis are spiritual in judaism although they lead free non fanatic lives unlike the catholics or the christian orthodox because our religion doesn't prostelatize and neither forces anyone to convert by force. inquisition and crusades and islam does at the point of torture and the sword. the jewish god we believe in doesn't teach guilt and hate and doesn't believe in hell like christians believe. the jewish god is peaceful and so is the jewish religion. you have never seen in history any murders, any persecutions, any inquisitions, any oppressions and any executions by the jews and jewish religious laws against others. this is what christians and muslims do, did and will always do. this is why you hate us. we didn't follow you christians and we kept ourselves apart and our beliefs strong for 5,000 years. we prospered, we have a beautiful country in our name, we became successful beyond imagination, advanced and better off than any of you. this is what you hate. this is what you are jealous of and this is what you despise. but despite it all and despite people like yourself, we succeeded and we are therefore a sore and a pin in your side. continue your hate. it will consume you while we jews go from one success to another. the more you christian antisemites stew and hate, the more we love it.
42. These "Christians" context ,   USA   (05.10.13)
These Christians are what Paul in the NT was speaking against... They take verse out of context and deny OT as well. They did not represent what the Jewish Apostles taught. They will have to answer for their replacement theology, preterism- they are blind. Don't take their word as what every Christian believes; they are false.
marian ,   Romania   (05.10.13)
The Scots are separatists like the Croats, so call Bosniacs etc. They have the mentality of the fragment of a nation which needs support to get away from the original nation and deny the right of the nation.
44. #41
USA   (05.10.13)
Please don't confuse the Crusades (state sponsored, under the religion of Roman Catholicism) with the original Christianity. The Roman Empire put thousands of Christians (and Jews) to death until they decided to adopt Christianity as a state relgion. In the process some of the theology got corrupted. Google Catholicism versus Christianity. Genuine Christians support the Jews 100%. In fact, without Christianity, Judaism would not survive and without Judaism, there would be no Christianity. The next largest religion is Islam and without Christianity as a buffer, Islam would consume Judaism. It's obvious God is using these two Abrahamic religions for His own purposes. In fact the renewed state of Israel in 1948 would not have happened without Christians driving the Balfour Declaration in accordance with God's prophecies that He would give the Jews back a nation after their global dispersion.
45. 36
anton ,   istanbul   (05.10.13)
46. Craven Europeans submit to Islam.
Stephen in New York   (05.10.13)
Good luck with that. Maybe when Sharia is imposed Israel will provide refuge to deserving Europeans.
47. Church of Scotland
HED ,   Jerusalem   (05.10.13)
I have had the great honour to live and work in Israel for more than half my life. As a worshipper at the Church of Scotland in Jerusalem please understand we do not all support this report. I support the State of Israel 100% now and always
48. 44 There were NO Christians until followers of Paul
Historian ,   Israel   (05.10.13)
organized into churches. Before that there were only Pharisee followers of a Pharisee Rabbi teaching Tora. The two were always opposite -- Tora versus Hellenist mythology -- and remain so today. Except for a couple of scraps, NT didnt exist until the 4th century and even then was only accepted among the Hellenist Romans, never among the Pharisee Jews. That too remains true today.
49. To: HED at No. 47
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.10.13)
Thank you for speaking up.
50. #31
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.10.13)
There is no apartheid in Israel and you insult those who have actually experienced it. Your teachings are a good example of how our academia and learning institutions are going down the toilet.
51. #36 Allison
Zvi   (05.10.13)
The Scots were not friends of the Jews or Israel before, and you are delusional if you thought that the AKP in Turkey was ever Israel's friend in the first place. And if you think that the Church of Scotland is "sensible" then you know nothing at all about the COS or - as is more likely, reading your screed - you are an anti-Israel propagandist dressing up as an Israeli.
52. No more Scotch at Jewish functions!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.10.13)
Let them keep their rotten barely! Double the tax on Whisky! Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, a world leader in Antisemitism and even has a history of persecuting the Jews! When the Muslim take over in Britanistan, there won't be any booze! Scotland can start manufacturing burkas and hijabs.
53. #28
Roman   (05.10.13)
Take New Testament as word of Jesus Christ that cannot pass away so you may shelve your Old Testament because the Old Testament is not part of eternity and those were parables of Jesus Christ the old will not be part of the new.
54. 53To no 53
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.11.13)
IF Jesus did ever exist then he was a Jew and all he would have known is the TANAKH ,the Jewish Bible.And if Jesus was a well known person some one who lived at the SAME time as Jesus would have written about him.Guess what? Not one word.The best that Jesus Seminar Scholars in Calif-US-200 top scholars-could come up is that Jesus was just a wandering sage.This is a Jewish site-please go and post your your nonsense somewhere else.
55. #41
You are delusional and brainwashed. Open your eyes and don't block out the news. Jews have never invaded or killed or oppressed anyone??? Hello???? What do you think you are doing to the Palestinians 24/7???
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (05.11.13)
57. #53 Why don't YOU shelve YOUR New Testament?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.11.13)
See how you sound? No offence meant to you, Eaglebeak...this goon has lost his bearings
58. Roman...SHOVE your "New Testament" !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.11.13)
You laughingstock !
59. There is no such thing as "Divine right"
Robert ,   Australia   (05.11.13)
The expression was coined when people knew no better and 3,000 years is a mere pinprick in the scheme of things. Those perceiving this as antisemitism need to take a dose of reality.
60. To: No. 53
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.11.13)
The G-d of Israel does not need a son. Christianity -- three-in-one oil -- erodes the pure wind of monotheism. Take your crap and shove it. Christianity is responsible for more death, destruction and evil than any other force in memory. Some "messiah" you worship. In some ways, Christianity is worse than Islam. And that's saying something.
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