Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Netanyahu to meet Putin amid Syria missile worries
Ron Ben-Yishai, AFP
Published: 11.05.13, 16:42
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2. Got to protect the smuggling
Matt   (05.11.13)
Russia destabilize the region they push for peace to pressure Israel then make the environment hostile for peace. They want to protect the transfer to Hizbullah. Ever since they came back to the region since the withdrawal from Lebanon the peace process has been stalled as the environment is hostile. Syria will be ableto hit IAF as they take off inside Israel. Back in 2010 they were going send these weapons to Assad to protect, Iran's nuclead program and Hizbullah. Syria is a mess because of Russia.
3. Our extreme Zionist arrogance will come back to haunt us
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (05.11.13)
Who are we to tell others what to do? Who are we to stop others from protecting themselves? Who are we to invade and attack other countries at will? Who are we to do whatever we want to nations around us? Who are we to deny others the ability to defend themselves? Who are we to occupy and kill citizens of other countries? All of this must stop before it's too late.
4. Netanyahu the leader
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (05.11.13)
Netanyahu is proving himself to be not only an excellent Israeli Leader but also a very effective Regional and International player.He is proving himself to be more effective than any other regional leader including Erdogan and Ahmadenijad.He has also trumpeted Iran's security threats to the worl and managed to engineer a shift in Barak Obama's mideast policy to a more neutral position from Israels point of view.He has survived Sarkosi and his slanderous comments.What is left is to see if he can engineer a peace deal with the palestinians.
5. Isskander
Dwayne HInes ,   Boise USA   (05.11.13)
No one has mentioned the Isskander missile system yet, which may be more nasty yet.
6. Lets hope Russia gives Syria the.......
Chris.B ,   Australia   (05.11.13)
S-300'S. Syria must be able to defend against unprovoked attacks by other countries.The hysteria over these systems being game changers is comical at best.Read- defensive weapons.
7. Whoever puts an end to Putin will be a Global Hero!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.11.13)
8. #3 Apparantley you prefer the shtetl mentality
A ,   Belgium   (05.11.13)
of Jews allowing themselves to be slaughtered. Ever hear of the law nature that says eat or be eaten? Israel is surrounded by jackals, vultures and hyenas all waiting to pounce and kill at the right moment of weakness. And they will reach Tel Aviv too, geveret Rabin, if people like you let them.
9. #3 rachel
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.11.13)
It’s those ‘others’ who want to kill us; Jews and Israelis. You ask who are we to defend ourselves? We are Jews and Israelis. The day that we sit and wait to be killed is gone. You need a very serious reality check.
10. #1 - I Have No Idea What The Hell You're Talking About.
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (05.11.13)
11. Russia technology is in general outdated and crap!
12. #11 - wrong
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.11.13)
Russians are damn smart. For a while they were shuttlng Americans to the space station, remember? Their newer weapons are excellent. Never underestimate the power of your enemy.
13. Netanyuha meets Putin
Harold ,   USA   (05.11.13)
Putin will tell the same words to Netanyahu - MAKE PEACE and stop BUILDING ON PALESTIAN LANDS.
14. #8
Harold ,   USA   (05.11.13)
Jews sellected the wrong and dangerous site for their state. They should have accepted Madagascar Island. They, the Israelis, will continue live with this present dangerous situation until they'ii be wiser and accept pease with its neighbors and the two States Solution. Period.
15. #4
Harold ,   USA   (05.11.13)
Many were described the best leader of the world but were gone in a terrible way. Do you remember who diescribed Netanyahu a lier and cannot be trusted - Sarkosi.
16. Rachel3
I am Israel   (05.11.13)
Rachel you need reality check ... Who we are Jewish and Israelis and we going to defend our self we never be murdered just because we are Jewish or Israelis ... I am Israel .....I proud Jewish Israeli
17. #9 and #3
Harold ,   USA   (05.11.13)
Your idea is bad and rotten. #3 is absolutely right.
18. To Sjoerd @#1
Mike   (05.11.13)
Always enjoy reading those world class comments...keep posting
19. and who will be on the lane with the PM?
sue ,   mevasseret   (05.11.13)
20. Mazel Tov Rachel and Harold!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.11.13)
It is bashert: you are 2 nudniks who'd make a lovely couple, as you cringe and bow before those who wish to slit your Yiddishe throats. Netanyahu displays the BAYTZIM and courage to meet face to face with Putin; while our chutzpadik president offloads John Kerry to Moscow. Am israel Chai!
21. Bibi and Vlad will discuss the relationship
seadog1946 ,   NJ/NYC   (05.11.13)
between the real world testing of Russian air defense systems in Syria and the viability of GAZPROM's speculative efforts in the eastern Mediterranean's gas deposits.
22. Vulpus pilum mutat non mores.
Mlladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (05.11.13)
It seems the Russians never learn from their own mistakes. In 1939 they signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler and today they are buddies with Iran, Hizballah, Hamas and Syria. But I guess you can expect that from the leaders whose roots are in the regime that dealt with the Kronstadt rebellion,the collectivization, the Ukrainian famine, the Kirov murder, the great Purge of the thirties,the Show Trials, the Gulags, the Katyn massacre and the Doctors’ Plot. They have no clue whom they are dealing with just as they did not know then until June 22,1941.
23. #14 A quite ignorant and stupid suggestion
A ,   Belgium   (05.11.13)
Jews have been praying for thousands of years to return to Zion and Jerusalem, not Madagascar, or Canada, or Uganda. It wasn't a selection or a choice.Israel is not the country refusing peace, Israel is not threatening to wipe the arabs off of the face of the earth, as is the opposite, and the only 2 State solution is precisely that, 2 states, Jewish and arab, with the natural border of the Jordan River between them. And really, if you like living in the USA, you should improve your English, and your knowledge of the Middle East. Period.
24. Ther is no such thing as "palestinian land"...
Zyx ,   US   (05.11.13)
because "palestinians" do not exist. The so called "palestinians" are arabs and therefore they belong in Arabia.
25. 3# Rachel Rabin = sweet fantasist
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (05.11.13)
Would the world have slipped into utopia and I had not noticed AS remnants of the tribes of Jacob, back in our homelands, need to protect our people lest we are wiped out. You dear girl are in a tight spot. You seem scared and angry ; I wish you better
26. #13 Czar Putin is no better than the ghetto crack dealer
A ,   Belgium   (05.11.13)
who sells his "drugs" (= weapons) to anyone who will pay, even your mother, and he could care less what the results are. But Bibi is not a whimp like Oblabla, and he is coming to tell Czar Putin that he doesn't want that Russian s*t in his neighborhood. And "palestine" is soon to be forgotten.
27. #17 harold
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.12.13)
Jews created Israel centuries before Jesus was born, let alone Muhammed. The Muslim conquest was in the late 600's AD, when the arabs came and conquered. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Jews were attacked after they bought the land they farmed. The fought back and won, again and again. The arabs of 1948 insisted they were NOT "Palestinians", but that they were Egyptian, Syrian, etc. "Palestinians" in 1948 were the Jews. The arabs took on that title in the 1960's as propaganda and have admitted as much. They took over the Jewish quarter of the old city of Jerusalem when the Jews, who had lived there for centuries, were kicked out. I see that it’s ok with you when the arabs conquer, but not ok when the Jews take back what is theirs. Ever wonder why Judea is called what it is, and not called Arabia, which is far off to the east? Ever think that arabs are called arabs because they are from Arabia? You are absolutely wrong. You also refuse to face the facts. But facts win every time. Sorry.
28. death wish
hp ,   usa   (05.12.13)
Bibi is going to get you all killed. Russia could turn Israel into an ashtray in one hour. And save the Samson nonsense, please. Both the US and Russia know where those subs are at all times and launching the missiles takes easily detected steps to accomplish. They'd be destroyed in no time.
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