Assad's Facebook page attacks Israeli who aids refugees
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.05.13, 08:27
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1. It's moments like this that make me deeply embarrassed as
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.12.13)
A Jew. What kind of education do Mottis of this world get and where?! What an Useful Hebrew Idiot!- (UHI) as opposed to Leftist Useful Idiot (LUI)...
2. Tom, #1
R ,   Israel   (05.12.13)
Often I agree with you but not this time. According to the article, Mr. Kahana is providing humanitarian aid, to refugees. As a Jew, I'm proud of him.
3. #1
haim   (05.12.13)
It is people like Tom who make me deeply embarrassed as a jew.
4. as a jew i really pround of him
Shai ,   Israel   (05.12.13)
5. Why don't Israeli synagogues donate?
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (05.12.13)
Why do Israeli's beg for money from us Americans?
6. Its the Mottis of the world who are kind to the cruel
Al   (05.12.13)
while being cruel to the kind. I simply wonder if his new found generosity was there in Israel among the Jews over the past 45 years of his life? There are tons of petz like a Motti who are very generous to those who wish us harm...there are tons of them. They do not do me proud in the least.
7. Moti Kahana
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.12.13)
While I'm sure that Moti Kahana has only the best of motives, I wonder if he also donates to Israelis in need - holocaust survivors, old people, disabled persons and so on.
8. No one helps then, so he decided he will, whats so strange?
Big levi   (05.12.13)
has anyone here read his biography to conclude he doesnt help israelis too? 70000 people have been killed in syria during the last years how many died in israel?
9. #5 Next time read the article
Benji ,   US   (05.13.13)
Just thank Moti. No one wants money from you. Just relax.
10. What a fool...
andy ,   orlando   (05.25.13)
charity begins at home
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