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Growing anger over American drones in Yemen
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Published: 12.05.13, 17:47
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1. obama says that Yemeni inflexibility
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (05.12.13)
is hurting his pish process.
2. Yemeni actions have consequences
Barak   (05.12.13)
Yemen has Allowed itself to become a haven for terrorists. Those terrorists in turn attack American civilians and interests. Ergo, America attacks terrorists in Yemen, and some civilians will unfortunately come under the crossfire. Yemen allowed this situation to develop, so they complain until they are blue in the face but it changes nothing. This is the real world.
3. I was irked too!
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.12.13)
Did they forget the USS Cole? Perhaps this will help them remember.
4. Drone strikes-----
biffe ,   cebu ,phillipines   (05.12.13)
Are killing terrorists and their supporters. These " innocent civilians" are perhaps not so innocent if they are hanging out with terrorists.
5. Holy war angst down Yemen way, eh?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.12.13)
Day or night, we'll put the zap on that trash no matter where they lurk. No safety or security from the infidel hand hiding amongst family.
6. making foreign populations resentful
max ,   indianapolis   (05.13.13)
of us will surely be beneficial to our country's long-term security.
7. Yeah...they gained more people that agreed with Al Qaeda?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (05.13.13)
Give us all a break. Most of these clowns have been colluding and helping Al Qaeda for years. Now that they are getting their just deserts...they want to start a PR program and whine through the Liberal American media about fairness and justice. They show no fairness when they cut off some innocent guys head on television and scream and rant ...Allah Akbar every chance they get. But we have to be fair to these individuals that NO ONE will turn in. I'm feeling your pain. When Al Qaeda starts to play in a nice manner...respecting other religions right to exist....we'll consider a change.
8. #2 you are wrong
International Law says that military must take reasonable care not to hurt non-combatants, like the IDF in Gaza (despite the bald face lies of organizations like Hamas, Betzelem, IHH and Shovrim Shtika). Obama's drones (CIA, not US military) take no care. They simply kill anyone they want to demoralize the civilian population. They perform "double tap", the premeditated killing of medical staff. Face it: Obama's drone attacks are a war crime. 2, 4, 5, 7: the US is powerful beyond belief. With little effort or risk, the US could solve your problems without indiscriminate killing of doctors and children. The problem is that Obama, the press' golden boy, simply does not care.
9. bet those predators drones are proud to be americaan
zionist forever   (05.13.13)
They are doing their country a great service getting rid if terrorists.
10. The drones are the best way to fight Terror
Abu Yusuf   (05.13.13)
And the best solution for Yemen.
11. Terror
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (05.18.13)
America creates terrorist! America was good buddies with alqaeda until they stopped taking orders from bush. Israel and America bomb anyone for any reason as soon as they get hit back they use the self defense from terrorist BS excuse. America and Israel simply use a different form of terror , a fancy civil form
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