State to court: IDF to halt use of phosphorous shells
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 13.05.13, 20:14
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1. Wow
Jared ,   Stillwater, USA   (05.13.13)
Yesh Gvul: IDF's position proves use of phosphorous shells during 2009 Gaza op was 'illegal, immoral' With that said; is there an apology to the victoms?
2. used by the IDF to create smokescreens ,...
split ,   US   (05.13.13)
That's a good one ;) ,...
3. #1 right after the apologies to all terror victoms
Ed ,   Canada   (05.13.13)
Kids blown to pieces on school buses or babies stabbed in their sleep don't bother you as much as smoke screening IDF in Gaza? Wow indeed - how much one sided the US ugly left can be!
4. Human Rights Groups
Get Real ,   UK   (05.13.13)
Only one condemnation by them of the Hamas terrorists firing thousands of unguided missles into Israel's cities over the years. Balanced and unbiased ?
5. #1 actually
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.13.13)
That Yesh Gvul says IDF position proves the use of the shells is illegal and immoral has no meaning and is no different than Hamas or Assad saying that the IDF are bad: Just like Hamas and Assad, Yesh Gvul lie for political purposes. For the record, the use of phosphorous is legal. However, targeting medics like Obama does is a war crime. Why don't you condemn him?
6. If anyone thinks these acts of weakening
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (05.13.13)
combat ability will make the savages appreciate Israel, think again. Every act of weakness, and submission to the enemy just brings more scorn, more pressure and more De-legitimization. In the end all Israel gains is more dead Jews.
7. from now on , every situation is an extceptional situation
israeli paratrooper   (05.14.13)
being a paratropper , i know what double talk means . from now on , white phosphorous will only be used in exceptional cases . one can only guess the increase in the number of exceptional cases . hahaahahahahaahah
8. Do the laws of war
LJ ,   Canada   (05.14.13)
allow firing missiles specifically aimed at civilian targets? How about suicide bombers in crowded cafes? Hiding missiles in homes occupied by women and children?
9. Just keep in mind that these groups....
Yonatan ,   Safed, israel   (05.14.13)
Consider suicide bombings of children's school buses as legal and moral, so they are totally bs organizations made for political reasons, not humanitarian.
10. HAHAHA, victims... good one!!!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.14.13)
they're not our victims, they're Hamas's victims! but Hamas doesn't have victims, now do they? they have martyrs, and whether these martyrs have a choice in the matter is open to debate. now the IDF uses Kevlar and ceramic tiles as body armour, Hamas use women and children with the added bonus of blaming it on the IDF. after all, its an IDF bullet thats left behind, in the human shield, now isn't it?
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