Arabs, leftists mark Nakba Day at Tel Aviv University
Roi Mandel
Published: 13.05.13, 22:28
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1. cooperation with the Nazis?
elke ,   usa   (05.13.13)
Can anyone elaborate on Peleg's claim? And for the sake of fairness, can we talk about Jewish collaboration with the Nazis? Research (in Jewish sources as well as neutral ones) the history of the Judenrat and learn how the Jewish Councils in Europe included members who helped round up their fellow Jews for transport to the death camps. Google Salamon Morel and learn how Israel protected from extradition a known (Jewish) war criminal. Where's the outrage?
2. Chutzpa! They sided with the Nazis (Haj Husseini the leader)
hipocrates ,   earth   (05.13.13)
they sought to kill all the Jews, pushing them "into the sea"...they lost. they have the most freedom of any country in the mid east. But they have the chutzpa to cry out? National service now!
3. Palestenian aspiration before 1948
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.13.13)
As Falestin should be part of BIG SYRIA, and frankley is not late.
4. Have a merry and blessed nakba day!
Gnomercy9 ,   USA   (05.13.13)
Defeat of an attempted genocide is cause for celebration. Just like most other festivals - they tried to murder us, they failed, let's eat.
5. It's a self-inflicted Nakba
Avi   (05.13.13)
Hard to feel sorry for their repeated failures on top of failures.
6. This is decoracy - Only in Israel
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (05.13.13)
Come on - what happen to the jews expelled from Arab Countries - Have you forgotten that?
7. #1 good question
Haj Amin al-Husseini as his name is spelled in Wiki. They are very sparse on details (don't want the extent of his crimes to be publically know), but how about "helped recruit Muslims for Waffen-SS"?
8. The newspaper "Suriyya al-Janubiyya"
Jake   (05.13.13)
("Southern Syria"), established in 1919, was one of the first 'nationalist' papers of the palestinian Arabs. It was dedicated to Arab nationalism, and to the ideology of incorporating Palestine within Arab Syria, and fighting against the concept of Palestine as a separate entity or territory. One of its main supporters and contributors was Amin al-Husseini, later Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and a major Nazi collaborator.
9. elke ,#1, you are a little confused.
Jake   (05.13.13)
Salomon Morel was not a collaborator with the Nazis. He was an official in the post-war Communist government of Poland, who was accused of revenge killings against Nazis.
10. Nakba Sameach!
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (05.13.13)
They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat!
11. nuclear bomb
JGrosman ,   Houston   (05.14.13)
These are the same people that said they would use a nuclear bomb on Israel if they had one. They do not care about any lives, even their own.
12. It takes special nerve to compare the Holocaust to "nakba"
Carl ,   USA   (05.14.13)
Defeating the genocidal aspirations of one of the worst tyrants on the planet while celebrating newfound freedom for his intended victims on the one hand; Arab collaborators of the evil tyrant trying to continue the extermination of the survivors on the other. I think Arabs should be more realistic about the role they played in the Holocaust and the role of their own leadership in causing their "nakba" by demanding Arab residents of the new state of Israel flee, with the promise of returning to a land free of Jews. "Nakba" should not be part of the vernacular of Israeli Arabs.
13. Recognition is a just cause
Dave ,   Sao Paulo   (05.14.13)
I believe it is just that Israel recognizes injustices Palestinian Arabs suffered during the process of the formation of the State of Israel, especially expulsion and confiscation of land and property belonging to Arabs who were either expelled or who voluntary fled the war. This recognition would be a huge step towards peace and could also serve as motivation for Arab states to recognize the expulsion of Jews from their lands and confiscation of their property.
14. College Days
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.14.13)
Oh to be an idealistic, gullible College Nudnik again . . . Youthful stupidity is a passage of Life; which some grow out of to become responsible, clear-thinking adults. The rest become Liberals.
Wm Zev Bernick ,   TORONTO CANADA   (05.14.13)
16. ynet why are you using "right wing for Israeli supporters
rachel ,   usa   (05.14.13)
I support Israel and I am not "right wing "
17. Hooray, Hooray, Happy Nakba Day !
Uzziel   (05.14.13)
18. Im Tirtzu (אם תרצו) is not a "right wing" organization!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.14.13)
This organization is rather a non-affiliated group that promote Zionism in its most meaningful way: a non-violent (no, not a pacifist) national liberation movement of the Jewish people. The attempt to taint it "right wing" is one done strictly by those who have difficulties with the fact that we, member of the Jewish people, are entitled, as any other people, to exercise the universally accepted right of national self-determination and independent in our people's ancestral homeland.
19. this reminds me of a story
Ilan   (05.14.13)
where some guy in America ,stole an iPhone, and a few hours later, had it stolen from him, yet he still had the chutzpah to go to the police and file a complaint. while at the police station, the woman he had originally stolen the phone from, was there too doing exactly what he was doing, filing a complaint! I don't know about all Israelis, but most of us don't care. the land the Palestinians claim we stole from them, we claim they took from us first! now, not directly I admit. but a stolen iPhone is still a stolen iPhone, just like land is! and NO, we don't care if you agree or not, cuz we didn't ASK you! the Arabs tried to finish what the Germans started and they FAILED, miserably! THAT'S their Nakba! lol, now.....Let's eat!
20. And I will mark baklawa day. Happy ramadan.
NGO   (05.14.13)
21. Nakba
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (05.14.13)
May 15, 1948 was not only a human catastrophe by latter-day intruders who invaded a homeland that was no longer their own, but also a gross offense against the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It must be redressed!
22. in 2006 Nasrallah told the arabs in Israel to evacuate so
rachel ,   usa   (05.14.13)
so they could bomb Israel . The Arabs in Haifa told him " WE WON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS 1948"
23. Shame on you
Zeev ,   TA   (05.14.13)
For Israeli Jews to call the creation of the State of Israel a catastrophe is the same as calling the birth of their mothers a disaster. Were it not for the State of Israel they would not be alive and able to complain about what they take for granted: their lives and freedom to be whatever they want to be, including ungrateful little whiners.
24. Patriotic majority needs to reclaim our universities.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.13)
Israeli universities are funded by taxpayers; the huge majority of whom totally disagree with the suicidal leftist rubbish which is being inflicted on students there. The patriotic majority needs to reclaim our universities.
25. Jewish leftists are sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.13)
Total lunacy! Cretinism? What can explain Jews taking the side of "Palestinians" who'd love nothing more than to mass murder us all? "Palestinian" poseurs don't even try to hide their genocidal intent. They shout it out loud and proud!. The P.A. itself is led by a Holocaust denying terrorist mass murderer behind the Munich Massacre. Jewish leftists are sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK! These creatures must NEVER be allowed to govern Israel again. Their abominable policies must be totally rejected.
26. To Dave # 13
Daniela   (05.14.13)
The only justice Palestinians and Arab nations want is the disappearance of Israel. And to believe that recognizing their suffering is going to help in them recognize what they did with the Jews from Arab countries is a pure baloney. Moslem will never accept their wrong doings. Proof of it that nobody remember that it was the Arabs that told the Palestinians to leave Israel because they were going to trow the Jews to the sea and then the Palestinians would have the whole land for themselves. Injustice is to keep Palestinians in refugee camps. Injustice is to treat a Palestinian as a second grade citizen in every Arab country. And to think they call themselves brothers....
27. Arabs suffer?
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.14.13)
Most arabs living in Israel should thank the country for saving their lifes. Just look to Syria and north Africa where the islamic followers are killed in scores by their own idelogical cult called islam. It is time for the arabs in Israel to make this a day of joy.
28. If arobs "recognized the Jewish tragedy in Europe"
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.14.13)
then they would have welcomed us Jews back to our ancestral homeland of Israel; but they didn't. They stole our crops & murdered many of us Jews. They migrated to Israel because Jews created a vibrant economy to which arobs were attracted to the monetary opportunities. They are a drag on Israel. They don't pay taxes. And they are dangerous. Let them move to syria.
29. Israeli Arabs
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (05.14.13)
We are completely insane to accept this people in israel Deport them IMMEDIATELY to any Arab country What country accept this type of snakes into their borders One day we will realize how stupid were we to accept this On the name of what?? , to please Europeans or Americans None of this nations will raise their little finger to save a Jew Out out out enough already
30. Nakba
Fredda Levy ,   Wayne USA   (05.14.13)
If similar demonstrations were held in Gaza ; Iran; or Lebenon protesting government policies these students would be imprisoned beaten or even killed. Israel is the only country in the region where these kids can carry on without fear yet they look upon its creation as a catastrophe. What chutzpah!!!
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