Cabinet passes State budget
Avital Lahav
Published: 14.05.13, 08:49
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1. The scapegoat has committed political suicide
Aviela ,   Migron RC, Israel   (05.14.13)
I suspect that this is the last successful election for Lapid. They seem to be "chad peami", these Lapids.
2. Lapid: We voted you in to save us...
The Israeli Middle C ,   Israel   (05.14.13)
...and now you're feeding us to the lions. We won't forget. The Israeli Middle Class
3. The Budget
henry tobias ,   maale adumim, Israel   (05.14.13)
I'm no economist, but Lapid seems to have made a fool of himself with his off and on budget. He took from those he said he would leave alone, and left alone those from whom he said he would take.
4. Haredim get funding at expense of working class
Naomi   (05.14.13)
again! And for that, Lapid really betrayed his voters.
5. Something not clear here...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.14.13)
"Shas announced Monday that the finance minister would shelve his plan to cut funding to the ultra-Orthodox party's school system, in return for Shas following the guidelines of the Education Ministry, meaning the religious party would have to teach the core curriculum at its schools. " So Shas schools will teach the core curriculum and receive gov't funding. Great. But what about the other (non Shas) Haridi schools? Are they also going to receive funding because of Shas? Are they also going to teach the core curriculum?
6. lapid the spotted leppard
david ,   upper galil   (05.14.13)
mr lapid i voted for you and already i can feel you falling from grace. cant believe your stanza,dont worry it will be better in two years,when have taxes ever gone down?you sold out the hard working middle class who cant even finish the month as it is!!! middle class what a joke that is
7. Hysterical baby
David S   (05.14.13)
Sheesh, everything is over before its even been given a chance. What a crybaby you are.
8. When you find youreself in a hole...
Sheldon ,   Huntington Woods, MI   (05.15.13)
the first thing that you do is stop digging. Lapid knows that the worse the deficit gets, the less chance there will be to implement his social agenda. It's a very astute political move to take the medicine now, at the very beginning of his term in office. If it enables him, as he hopes, to push through reforms that help the middle class later on, then by the time the next election rolls around the pain will have been forgotten.
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