Cars torched, 'price tag' graffiti sprayed near Afula
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 15.05.13, 17:34
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1. This will turn out to be another village feud
ScreamingHeadlines ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.15.13)
This will turn out to be yet one more false alarm like in Tuba Zungaria which turned out to be locals against locals , The village of Nein is an isloated small village in the middle of nowhere no goes there without being seen impossible for an outsideer to get in un noticed never the less the media will play it up in its traditional obsessional blind hate for "settlers" and when the truth comes out you can be sure it wont be a screaming headline like this but it will be "buried" This is a village feud
2. to #1 Nein is between Afula (Givat Ha More)
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.16.13)
and the Alon Tabor industrial area. It is across the road from Kibbutz Dobrat and Ahuzat Barak.It is on the road to the Golani Junction. It is not isolated and I have been in there a number of times. So have many others, there are three gas stations at the entrance and a church for tourists to visit. Also some of them serve in the security forces. BTW, I am on the side of the Jews living in our liberated territories in Judea, Shomron and E. Jerusalem. They are not settlers on our land!
3. Nein is located inland @ least 1 mile from main road
InsiderJob ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.16.13)
Nein is indeed an islolaed village you have to travel through huge open fields to reach the village where the streets are narrow and houses peer out at every side and everyone who occaisionally enters the village veyr few tourists ever visit the now deserted and delapadated Catholic Church there No one can enter that isolated village without being seen This is an inside job by locals with an agenda personal or national
4. to #3 Nein is on the road to Golani junction
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.16.13)
You are nuts. I pass it twice a day, 6 or7 times a week for 14 years. You want to enter through the fields, then do so. But there is a stoplight at the entrance to Nein and you can just merge in with the traffic. No one bothers you and you can shop, buy gas or have your auto washed and polished at Mohammad's business after the Paz station on the right hand side of the road. Or go to the restaurant across from the Dor Alon station on the left. You do not know jack about Nein.
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