Report: Israel warns Assad not to retaliate to airstrikes
Published: 15.05.13, 21:04
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1. Strategy 2 its best!
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.15.13)
So much for Poutin's threats to BiBi.
2. Assad is good for Israel
Jared ,   Stillwater USA   (05.15.13)
Israel knows that Assad removal from power could risk Syria of becoming a secon Lebanon; which is the only country which kicked the IDF rear end. Israeli involvement in Syria will prolong Assad's stay
3. Assad should heed the warning
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.15.13)
israel is not in the mood to play games with assad or his sponsors.
4. Is Putin saying IL must allow Hez+friends must aquire danger
Alan ,   SA   (05.15.13)
ous weaponry? If he is ,he is deluded! No way vladimir
5. Checkmate
Mike   (05.15.13)
Headline should say: Israel says checkmate to Assad.
6. Our arrogance has no bounds
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (05.15.13)
We attack and destroy and kill first then threaten the attacked that we will retaliate if they defend themselves! Unbelievable. Just amazing chutzpah. True extreme zionist aggression. I'm ashamed of my government.
7. syria
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (05.15.13)
good move , if Assad falls then that cuts the supply chain it will isolate IRAN to
8. #6
Amir ,   LOD Israel   (05.15.13)
We do what we have to do stay alive. I don't like it pack yours bags and bounce
9. #6 - Rachel Rabin
Devorah   (05.15.13)
I am ashamed of you. Why don't you move to Syria which seems more in keeping with your ignorant thinking.
10. Some real truth in that at the end of the day, #2
Cameron ,   USA   (05.15.13)
Talk about the need for selecting the lesser evil! Stability & predictability with the damn devil you well know.
11. # 6
ernie ,   miami, usa   (05.15.13)
how would you handle the situation of arms flowing to hezbollah?
12. #2 Jared, you're so right, bro
HaifaGuy   (05.15.13)
You know what? We'll sign a deal with Mr.Satan himself if this will ensure that our nutty cousins will leave us be. As to your preposterous claim that Lebanon kicked IDF's ass - let me have a hit from that bhong too, amigo:-)
13. warning
mofti   (05.15.13)
assad- you are not dealing with cowards like olmert and livni. Israel under yaalon will go far beyond barak who was good at hitting empty buildings. Israel will cut your neck off if you heat up the golan. The only way to real peace is when you recognize israeli golan and nothing else. nasrollah will be dealtt with by syrian rebels who want his throat and will hang him up when they get hold of him.
14. Assad is pissing his pants thinking what Israel may do
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.16.13)
So are his Iranian patrons for that matter
15. Obama could learn something
Stephen in New York   (05.16.13)
about being and not being.
16. Hezbollah
max ,   washington dc   (05.16.13)
The US Marines want Nasrallah and his Hezbollah murders and when the time comes it will be the US Marines and not the Syrian rebels that get them!
17. I would have worded it ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.16.13)
.... a bit more strongly. Something along the lines of "If you want the sun to rise over Syria tomorrow, cut the sh*t. If not -- there will be a giant smoking crater where Syria used to be. Your choice." Yeah, you know -- like that. No Syria, no opposition -- and a new northeastern border for Israel. Works for me.
18. between a rock and a hard place
rm ,   Amsterdan, NL   (05.16.13)
I have no sympathy whatsoever for Assad who is terrible for his country and his people. I also have no sympathy for the arrogant Israeli assumption that they can attack at will while nobody else can. In other words Israeli actions can never have consequenses...that's not the way wars are waged! STill coming back to Syria...I hope Assad is a goner soon...though the situation will remain bleak for the forseeable future.
19. Times have changed...
King Bibi's servant   (05.16.13)
Let's put it this way. For many many years Assad used to ignite the whole area by arming HIzbuallah, and this way, he kept the Seriyans busy and occupied with fighting the 'militant' Israel, which was never even planning on conquering Syria, unlike Assad's promises. This time round, Israel King Bibi and a pretty strong IDF. I don't think that Hizbuallah should start anything against Israel, and all these talks about arming Hizbuallah before Assad is going down, will be VERY VERY expensive. Something tells me that Bibi does need a political distraction, and if Assad will provide it at such wrong timing... those who though that the Hizbuallah can hide deep enough underground - will be surprised.
20. I really don't see the problem here
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.16.13)
Israel has issued a quid pro quo to Syria -- do this, and we will do that. They did "this," and we have done "that." We will continue to do "that." Where's the problem?
21. FOOLISH #2
LARRY ,   USA   (05.16.13)
Israel is the middle east superpower. if they desired lebanon could have been leveled along with syria and nothing could stop them .you have been brain washed
22. I don't think so
modulator ,   US   (05.16.13)
Assad is not stupid his iranian puppeteers in charge for hall think that is going on in Syria. They want to play dead card divert whole conflict on Israel but if not going well witch is most likely, they will loose ground.Israel is very tired and very angry. God help Israel to deal with fanatics!
23. Unbelievable
modulator ,   US   (05.16.13)
Oh my I can not believe what I hear Israeli person wanted turn blind eye on fact that most vicious band of terrorists getting advanced weapons that will destroy your house and your street. Such comment very surprising and unusual for person who love it's home.
24. #6 your way, Hezbollah would have missiles to hit TA
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.16.13)
25. #2 want to explain?
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.16.13)
how exactly did Lebanon kick our butt? because we failed to kill them all? they failed to kill us all too, and drive us into the sea. so again, how again did they win? because we didn't have the heart to shot them through their human shields? or maybe because they managed to kill a few soldiers from an invincible army! that victory? oh, well if you don't consider our army invincible, I guess that argument is not valid either...... so what is it?
26. If you are going to attack Syria
Stan Marsh ,   South Park/USA   (05.16.13)
Attack the rebels too
27. #6 Rachel Rabin
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (05.16.13)
Yes, sadly some people here are told that Syria has no right to transfer weapons. Because? Unlike the IDF's continual flights into Lebanon , the exchange of arms between Syria and Lebanon are within the restrictions of the peace accord brokered by the UN between Israel and Lebanon. Arrogance only begins to explain it. Good luck in dealing with these zealots.
28. Putin too?
Orestes ,   Seattle USA   (05.16.13)
You gonna cal checkmate on Putin too?
29. I think the real warning is for Hezbolla!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (05.16.13)
If Israel plans to attack and stop these shipments then it will. If we face any serious reaction from other side, then I think instead of going after Assad, Israel will go after Hezbolla and wipe him off. If Narsalla thinks safe in his hole then he should think again. With this move, rebels are happy that we got Narsalla, Assad can not provide any weapons to Hezbolla as they will be weak and breaking, and Assad still stays in power as Israel did not touch him. Check-mate to all of them with one move.
30. #27 - Sean
Devorah   (05.16.13)
The weapons are not intended for "Lebanon." They are intended for Hizbullah, and you know it. Would you care to explain Hizbullah's violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701?
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