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Electricity prices to reach all-time high
Amir Ben-David
Published: 16.05.13, 14:57
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1. Inaccurate reporting
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.16.13)
Went to the IEC page and searched for the place to register for the discount. 45 minutes and didn't find a thing. Finally called them. The program and the possibility of registering for it will only become available at the end of the month - maybe!
2. Thanks #1
Idfmom ,   Jerusalem   (05.16.13)
I wouldn't expect the IEC to let is know of that fact.
3. I don't understand
Sidney ,   USA   (05.16.13)
Why is solar energy neglected in Israel? An Israeli firm built the large solar farm in California about 15 years. Israel has a very good climate for photovoltaics, yet Israel lags Germany in installing them. Israel has both technical and scientific capability in solar energy. What is wrong?
4. this we can blame on the arab winter
zionist forever   (05.16.13)
Until Mubarak Israel used to get all the natural gas used in firing its power stations from Egypt but as soon as he was toppled the pipeline delivering the gas has been bombed and temporarily put out of action about 50 times now so IEC is having to use more more expensive fuels like coal and oil to make up for the shortfall in Egyptian gas. It is only now that our own gas pipelines are starting to come online so the fact we had these gas fields of our own didn't stop the need for prices to go up. This is one price increase you can't blame on government.
5. #3 they invent but they never actiually use the stuff
Sarah   (05.17.13)
so when i hear people describe it as a 'hi tch power' i think nonsense. Israel, where fax and checks are king! and online payments and chip and pin card payment is at least 10 years away.
6. Just like dogs licking themselves: they do it(to us) 'cause
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.17.13)
they CAN!
7. #5 Sarah
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (05.17.13)
You don't know Israel very well, do you? I go months without ever seeing a check, in supermarkets or elsewhere. Check use is dramatically less than 10 or 20 years ago. My banker on central Karmel in Haifa figures that we are at the point where the majority of customers at his branch don't even have checkbooks.
8. The solution is in Clil
Amir ,   Ma'alot   (05.17.13)
One just needs to look at Clil, in the North near Nahariyya, to see the solution: solar. There for 30 years nobody has paid a sheqel to the Hevrat haHashmal. Not only is the sky clear of wires and light pollution, but with the solar power they seem to be getting along very well, still with computers, electronics, etc. An inspiring place!
9. the myth of "free" solar energy
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.18.13)
israel has had one if the most intensive solar energy programmes in the world, long before "solar energy" became fashionable - by using solar collectors for domestic hot water, in almost every home. this requires less complex, cheaper, and more durable equipment than making electricity, while saving large amounts of energy. a solar-powered air conditioner would be the next logical technological step. by comparison, our local electricity utility, in canada, is paying up to $0.90 per kwh for photovoltaic electricity, to make individual installations economical; so much for solar energy being "free", or even competitive with fossil fuels (which cost about $0.05/kwh), let alone dependable. (there is such a thing as "winter" in israel, too.)
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