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Report: Russia sends warships to Syrian coast
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 17.05.13, 13:21
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1. Ok, then, May the Mighty & Merciful G-d of Israel....
Israel ,   Israel   (05.17.13)
...grant a goodly blessing upon all of the Israel Defense Forces, on land, air and sea. and may the boys and girls of the IDF be victorious! Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal!
2. well didn't the bibsta talk about it to Vlad?
farka   (05.17.13)
3. Those RABID Russians want war ??????
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.17.13)
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.17.13)
the anti-Assad forces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Russia wake up this is not 1967.....
Ivan ,   South Africa   (05.17.13)
Israel knows how two- faced you are..
6. Caution: IAF aircraft drivers may be in a lot of danger
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (05.17.13)
I will not be surprised if Russia starts "lighting up" any IAF aircraft that strays outside Israeli airspace into Lebanon or Syria. And if any IAF aircraft "appears" to be a danger to the Russians, they will not have any problem blowing the IAF from the sky. Russia is NOT afraid to fight with Israel.
7. meet our world leaders and the bibi clown they manipulate
joe ,   haifa israel   (05.17.13)
Obama decided where he wanted to deliver his speech in Israel , took his public for a ride and showed Netanyahu how much of a midget Bibi is.Putin shaked hands with Netanyahu at the Black sea and told him not only off,but is-by sending his warships limiting Israel's next attack on warfare being transferred to Hezbolah. And still with endless blabla and chit chat (looks more like shit chat) Netanyahu tells his people that world politics is all about him and Sarah his wife
8. Dangerous russians
Habibti ,   Denmark   (05.17.13)
This is a dangerous situation indeed. Russian equipment and pride has always been humiliatd in middle-eastern crisis involving Israel. Lets hope they learned from history and they focus on evacuating military advisors and personnel instead of delivering missiles and advanced equipment to Assads regime.
9. #3 Strange question you got.
BIBI   (05.17.13)
Syria is being attacked and Syria is an interest to Russia, and you say Russians want war? Not the other way around?
10. And b.o. wants to unilateratly cut the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.17.13)
amount of nukes. The U.S. and Israel should increase their defense budgets. Even at the cost to welfare. Israel should also cut all finances to those that never served in the I.D.F. Finally the I.A.F. has nothing to fear from the third rate russkie pilots. They have little or no experience in air combat. Israel should use its neutron bombs on the syrians, so.leb and the iranians. Depopulate those countries and area now.
11. # 3
Jules   (05.17.13)
Qatar wants to build a gas pipeline over the Syrian territory in the North, to the Med. That would mean the full collapse of the Russian gas-export-oriented economy. Which means: for the Russian, the survival of the Syrian regime is an existential issue.
12. @6 we'll wipe the floor with the Russians
just like we've always done. After all let's not 4get that the Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians etc etc have always been armed by the Russians (when they were the USSR).
13. Russia is not the enemy for Israel
Sofia ,   Israel   (05.17.13)
And Israel is not for Russia.The biggest problem is Hizballa and the upgraded weapon they will be able to use against Israel!Russia cares only about her interests,they don't care about nothing else.Not about Syria innocent civilians thar are killed by Asad neither Israel peace of being.Just money!!!
14. #10
Habibti ,   Denmark   (05.17.13)
Jason, grow up... nuking millions of children and civilians ... !? This is a regional conflict becoming worldwide powerpolitics. US aircrafts are patroling from Turkish Incirlic base, IAF has promised to hit arms deliverys to Hizbollah and now russian missiles are pointing at everybody in a typical russian show of force. I think Israel is best of letting the russians sail the sea; they will get tired soon and return to mother russia to load more vodka and cucumbers.
15. "This is my last election ..."
Devorah   (05.17.13)
“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” So said Obama to Dmitri Medvedev in March, 2012 regarding a European-based missile defense system in what both assumed was a closed microphone discussion. I cannot help but wonder if and how his words, his flexibility, might encompass a broader range of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia at this time. I cannot help but wonder if Obama is playing Israel again as the Russian ships move in despite what appears to be evidence to the contrary. We have seen this before.
16. same old soviet
milson   (05.17.13)
just as russian got burned by hitler ie 20 million dead, so they are thick in bed with terror. It is the same russian hurt pride and dumb far east logic that is so difficult to change even with all the education they have, they have a lousy oil gun economy, corruption is huge and number one and they are up to no good with all the filth of the world. Israel does itself no favours being close to russia which doublecrosses it 27/7 with lavrov lying his teeth off. No concessions should be made to soviet as it positions itself as an enemy of israel.
17. #11
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (05.17.13)
Russian Tartus naval base in Syria versus NATO Incirlik Airbase & Ceyhan oil terminal in Turkey. Russia and Syria can't occupy Turkey because of giant, deep & wide concrete irrigation systems. We can send "large volumes of water" from our dams!!!!!!!!! Millions of Turks are living in Iran, Russia and China. Turkish Republic of Tatarstan's capital Kazan is only 797 km away from Moscow. They afraid of us but Turks are living in Crimean, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian and Finn forests too!!!!! Hungarians and Finns are our relatives. Pls Google KURULTAJ (Kurultay in Turkish) Jobbik's Gabor Vona never misses. Turks love Greater Hungary. Native Americans are our relative too. Turks were Shaman.
18. Who trust the bear
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (05.17.13)
Russians have now blood on there hand in Syria - Because of the fear of starting a world war again between the Russians and the West - Syrians are slaughters as a scape goats - when is the end of this killing - No one really know - while Turkey is playing there hand dirty with Hamas they forget the Russians are at there doorsteps
19. Russias worse influence on this planet continues..
EU   (05.17.13)
20. better a predictable dictator
DianaK ,   Germany   (05.17.13)
Most people here have no idea what they are talking about , for 40 years guaranteed the Assad clan tranquility on the Golan Heights and a relative reliability , if Assad fell, Israel will have dozens of uncontrollably terrorist groups in a bigger country as Lebanon on the northern border.And just in this momet is the IDF budget slashed.
21. #6 shyguy
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.17.13)
The Russians don't want a confrontation with Israel because it does not serve their interests. Their presence is to intimidate Obama and Erdogan and let Assad mop-up the Sunni Jihad. The interesting thing is whether they told Assad "we'll protect you if you want to use nerve gas" or we'll protect you, so you don't need to use nerve gas" Face it: on top of all his mistakes, Obama was stupid for lying to Putin.
22. #11 half the story
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.17.13)
You are right, but you forget that Iran wants to build a gas pipeline from the Gulf over Shi'ite Iraq and Syria to the Med. So whoever wins the war makes lots of money.
23. Think 'Battle of Tsushima" 1905
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.17.13)
If the Russian Navy is anything like their Air Force in ''s all bluff When push comes to shove, it appears that the challenge for the IDF will be to hit a massive amount of targets simultaneously
24. # 22
Jules   (05.17.13)
Thank you, Sir. It means that if Syria goes apart, Israel should annex as much of newly available territory as possible, for the sake of security.
25. Russia wants to back Assad
Arnold-Canada ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.17.13)
Then let Assad and the militants go at one another till the end. Everyone else stay away. Let them kill each other off till finally someone cries "uncle"
26. Russian policy against Muslims.
Abu Yousuf el Dugri   (05.17.13)
Chechnia, Afganistan wars and now supporting Iran, Syria and nasrallah, what a mistake they show their real face.
27. And the winner is: Vladimir Putin, Tzar of Russia!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.17.13)
Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Bibi has been made total fools of by Putin and Labrov! Russia is so determined to become a World Power it is prepared to rekindle the Cold War which might no be that cold although Obama's RED LINE is now a faded pink! From Israel's point of all, well, many of us are saying "we told you so!" Russia has always been an enemy of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu's trip to Stalinist?Putinist Russia was an expensive shopping trip at the expense of the Israel taxpayer! Maybe Bibi bought some good Vodka and Caviar for his bosom friend Avigdor (Yvette) Lieberman. Don't know though if the Israel Prison Service will allow it in!
28. Russian Navy
Get Real ,   UK   (05.17.13)
One way for Russia to ensure it has a say in any talks on Syria. Another to show Obama Russia's support for Assad. Now even more unlikely US/West will intervene in Syria. Hope Bibi made it known to Putin that Israel will act if Syria transfers WMD to Hezbollah.
29. Saving shrinking Russian control in ME
Abuya   (05.17.13)
The Sunni ME finally realize that Russia is the main supporter and provider to the butcher from Damascus, Iranians terror state and the Hezbulla terrorist rat. Russia is to learn the hard lesson soon that supporting terrorist states can fire back against them inshallah
30. We remember Russians from Legnica, Poland
Jozef ,   Wroclaw, Poland   (05.17.13)
All what they did was to drinking Wodka and grab everything they got their hand on when they finally left back to Russia.
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