Erdogan: Hamas vital to peace talks
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.05.13, 21:04
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1. Israel must permanently end concessions & retreats.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.17.13)
Take a look at the causes of Israel's suffering. Wars, rockets, terror etc. In virtually every case, the root cause is an Israeli concession and/or retreat. For example: Israel's Lebanon Wars and rockets were caused solely by Israel's retreat from South Lebanon. Israel's Gaza Wars and rockets were caused soely by Israel's retreat from Gaza. Israel suffered almost 900 murdered and more than 14,000 maimed civilians soley as a result of Oslo. It never ends. The simple way to end Israeli suffering is to permanently end all Israel concessions and retreats.
2. Retreat?
Nissim ,   NYC   (05.17.13)
Yes - as soon as you admit the Armenian Genocide and you pay reparations. Send some more boats, please. Should have NEVER apologized or expressed regrets to this egomaniac.
3. erDogan says hamAss vital to peace talks
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (05.17.13)
Neville chamberlin said hitle vital to peace talks
4. Scoundrel Olmert again,sucking up to enemies
ab   (05.17.13)
5. Erdogan going to Gaza to promote Turkish Delight.
Ivan ,   South Africa   (05.17.13)
6. 67 lines unacceptable
arne ,   chicago usa   (05.17.13)
and he knows that so what's his point? he's only in it to make trouble and I think that's what he's all about anyway. Israel best ignore the fool, he's of no use to them period!
7. Translation of Mr Erdogan's Ranting
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (05.17.13)
1) I still think the Ottoman Empire is in existance - Sunni Islam as the official religion. 2) Israel and all arab countries are part of my Neo-Ottoman Empire and I will tell them all what to do. 3) Hamas has been successfuly squeezed out of the Shiate Islamic Repulic Of Mullah's Of Iran camp and is now in cohot with Sunni Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and Turkey. 4) I am quoting Mr Olmert (All Mert, All Jews Die) who is a proven corrupt politician. 5) I will let Nato deal with Islamic Republic if it serves my purpose from Tukish Land which is next to Iran. 6) I am implementing the decisions of my master Mr Obama whose views are only too well known. What a circus! Israel and Jews be prepared for the worst. Must defend your rights by all and any means to keep your heritage, culture, prosperity and way of life. Get ready for war. You are warned!
8. real reason 1949 lines unacceptable
Alan Eigenstein ,   Edgewater, NJ   (05.17.13)
The 1949 lines came about from the failed attempt by the neighboring Arabs to commit genocide through invading Israel, which was in the course of a civil war. If the 1949 lines are called legitimate, then it follows that the Arab attempt at genocide which created those lines was legitimate. Isael should never never never recognize the Arab Jew-hating attempts at genocide as legitimate.
9. The fly in the ointment
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.17.13)
It is absurd on its face to suggest that Israel include Hamas in any negotiations. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jews. That's written into their charter. Even more absurd is the prospect of "reconciliation" between Fatah and Hamas. That's not going to happen. Erdogan is a fool.
10. Hey Erdogan
Al Quds ,   Al Quds   (05.17.13)
A hypocrite like you is not needed to tell us Palestinians what we need to do...please admit what you did for my grandfathers first with your bloody genocide then come and talk peace to us Mr.! What a hypocrite you are Erdogan, we know you very well!
11. THis guy is delirious anda big hypocrit
Zyx ,   USA   (05.17.13)
Israel should never trust this loser.
12. Is Turkey planning to help Arabs with genocid against Israel
why Retreat?   (05.17.13)
Turkey is now a good friend of Iran and Hamas, who all want to destroy Israel on the basis of their religious Jihadist ideas. Israeli retreat to genocide borders of 1967 means only a big huge war against Israel as soon as it happens. His words are full of venom.
13. The pathetic Erdogan should
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.17.13)
First ask his mistress Hamas, if they can exept his ides of the borders
14. Funny Turkish Personage
Lou ,   Bucharest   (05.17.13)
It's a pity that such personages get to power when Turkey has an elite.
15. 67 lines are ok
ben ,   toronto   (05.17.13)
as long as israel cand rent the jordan valley like england did with hong kong for 99 years to ensure its safty then i see no problem
robert levine ,   las terrenas,DR   (05.17.13)
He says Israel must retreat to 67 borders and accept Palestinian state.Hamas they don't have to do anything? Such a deal!!!!
17. Maybe we shouldn't knock it: we've shaken hands and engaged
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.17.13)
with some pretty disgusting terrorists in the past while smiling for the cameras. Who knows, there are no boundries left, once you've let go of your dignity & sense of right and wrong.
18. Erdogan and the Middle East
Kemalist   (05.17.13)
Of course there must be stability between both the Israeli's and Palestinians for the benefit of both. This can only be achieved if leaders from both sides have a dialogue to find common ground and move on from there. However, I wish Erdogan diverted as much energy on Turkish issues as he does on this issue. For example, I would like to know why Turkey is still suffering from Terrorism and what exactly the AKP is doing to solve the various contributing factors to this long existing issue? I would also like to know why some journalists are locked up in prison without any solid evidence or justification? I would also like to know why people are being dictated? Why is 19th May banned? Such Turkish questions need to be answered. For how along is AKP planning on hiding behind an array of Middle Eastern issues just so they can sway Turkish-public attention away from what is happening on home soil?
19. @10
sipahi ,   istanbul   (05.17.13)
Hey, do you know why Israel is there? Because of your grandfathers. Your grandfathers who backstabbed us in the war while we were kicking British ass. Maybe you really deseve your Nakba. You have sold your lands, lost wars and escaped. It is the innocent children we care for, thehe suffering of Moslems we care for, not the likes of you.
20. Erdogan has a "I am part Arab" complex.
Israeli 2   (05.17.13)
21. Obama and Erdogan are both delusional!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.17.13)
The New World Order has arrived. Russia has a new Tzar. Turkey has a new Sultan. Europe is being subjugated by the Muslims instead of the Nazis. The British have Cameron who wants to arm the Syrians so they can finish the British dream of destroying Israel to appease the Arabs and the USA has no balls Obama whom the Tzar and the Sultan are making look like an idiot! When are they going to understand that the Palestinians making peace with Israel is like Hitler calling off the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem!
22. Erdogan is like junk food
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.17.13)
..bad for your health and not tasty... As a protector of the terror-organisation IHH, he will of course try to unite IHH with hamasss, to have more influence in the terror pushed onto Israel. And for the record; there has NEVER been some 1967 borders, it is called armistic lines. And Erdogan is twisting the truth. All of the wars in ME, initiated by the islamic cults in neighboring countries, are the proven evidence that the islmaic countries DO NOT RECOGNIZE ISRAEL. And thats why I will say "PISS OFF" to little mr. erdogan.
23. What arrogance
Shlomo ,   USA   (05.17.13)
Since when does a losing side in war get to dictate terms? Egypt started the war in 67 let them give the Palestininians some of their land to make up what the Arabs lost in that miscalculation.
24. Cold turkey
Michel ,   Paris France   (05.17.13)
He, what about occupying a european Country Cyprus Mind your own business
25. @10
Kemalist   (05.18.13)
You know what I have noticed about you Turkophobes in general regardless of your country of origin? You toy with the word 'Genocide' too much. Your forefathers were the ones who hung us Turks out to dry during WW1. Your forefathers together with Tom, Dick, and Harry who were attacking us left, right, and centre were the ones who committed genocide. The genocide was on us that is why God raised one from among us who lead the way to salvation and his name was Ataturk. So why don't you go and make yourself a warm Turkish Coffee and stop taking nonsense ;) Hade yallah......
26. Same-old, same-old
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (05.18.13)
" I don't believe that a solution or result will come out . . ." Clearly Erdogan has nothing to offer.
27. Erdogan=Obama
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.18.13)
erdogan and obama have the exact same ideas. erdogan is obama's errand boy. what obama does not say openly for domestic political reasons, erdogan says without hesitation.
28. #3
Harold ,   USA   (05.18.13)
You are just abusing FREEDOM OF SPEECH like other ediots.
29. Erdogan is overtly dedicated to Israel's destruction
Joe ,   Ft. Lauderdale, USA   (05.18.13)
#1 and #9.....I agree 100%. Spot on.
30. erdogan is a
yosef, phd ,   usa-israel   (05.18.13)
lunatic, existing in a la-la world of wishful thinking - to match his hated "friends" -palis and other arabs
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