Minister: France in talks with US, Israel to buy drones
Published: 19.05.13, 14:49
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1. France, country dropped behind
olavi ,   espoo,finland   (05.19.13)
France is dropped from high tec development. It is no wonder it has no ability to construct (UAV) drones. We finns bought a nuclear power plant from France. It should have been ready to produce electricity 4 yaers ago. Propably it will be late more 4 years, if it will ever be operational. So no one can rely on know how of France.
2. Drones for France
Rick S. ,   USA   (05.19.13)
Israel should not sell France drones or any military hardware. France repeatedly staged Israel in the back and is not a friend of Israel. They will reverse engineer theses drones and will sell them to Israel's customers for less with the help of gov't subsidies.
3. why are they buying reapers
zionist foreverr   (05.19.13)
The Heron TP is an Israeli equivalent of the Reaper and is also considered to be technologically more advanced. The French were even planning to buy some of them but then they canceled the plan to invest instead in developing a UAV jointing with the British. There is just no logic to this, they were all ready to buy Israeli, then they cancel the plan so the money could be invested in future requirements but no they want to buy combat UAVS but this time they want the American one which is more expensive at according to wikipedia $11 million each compared to $10 million each for the Heron TP. No wonder the french are known as frogs the way they keep jumping from one plan to another.
4. #2
Paul ,   USA   (05.19.13)
By the time France or any other country reverse engineers the drones Israel will have something even better.
5. Actually, others besides US and Israel make drones.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.19.13)
The problem is, most of them are less capable, less reliable, or more expensive by comparison. Russia tried to make their own drones. Now they're buying Israeli drones, but intending to manufacture them locally. Turkey already has Israeli drones, but tried to engineer their own; they didn't work all that well. Brazil, Canada, Columbia and Germany all use Israeli drones. The US certainly makes advanced and often very expensive drones. Note though that its first drones were based on models first developed by an expatriate Israeli aircraft engineer then living in the US.
6. Rick # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.20.13)
If we were talking perfume I might agree. I don't think French engineering or industry is a very big threat. I think Paul at No. 4 is right. Olavi at No. 1 also gives us some insight. Perhaps when Israel sells something they already have something better of their own.
7. Chinese cyper theft
Stephen in New York   (05.20.13)
And any technology sold to NATO countries will be stolen by the Chinese and sold to Iran. But business is business, I guess. The Watchkeeper program with Britain based on the Israeli Hermes 450 is already being counterfeited somewhere in China (I suspect).
8. #4 & #6
Rick S. ,   USA   (05.20.13)
Don't forget that France has a very advanced aerospace industry. Airbus, for example. The "Mirage" fighters are very advanced as well. France was Israel's #1 arms suppliers and then they stabbed Israel in the back by refusing to deliver Mirage fighters and patrol boats, even though Israel paid for them. I would tell France to go to hell.
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