Bedouins embrace 'price tag'; hurl rocks on Negev community
Ilana Curiel
Published: 20.05.13, 00:58
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1. how bout you just leave the bedouins alone?...
Jeff ,   USA   (05.20.13)
Let them build their shacks, tend to their little goats like they have since time immemorial, and leave them alone. You have enough problems with the Palestinians-- you really have to start picking fights with the bedouins now too?
2. Vocabulary
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim, Israel   (05.20.13)
I certain hope that you inadvertently used the term "condone" when reporting "the police condone all disruptive incidents.." To "condone" means to consider something as being acceptable. Do the police really condone such incidents? If I am mistaken, please explain why.
3. #1 Did you even read the article?
Jake   (05.20.13)
The Bedouin are not just sitting on their eggs and tending their eggs. They are attacking Jewish communities that are standing in their way of total control of the Negev. If you are ignorant of the facts, perhaps you should just mind your own business.
4. let them build; in fact help them build!
American girl ,   USA   (05.20.13)
Alan ,   United States   (05.20.13)
All residents of Israel need to obey the laws including the beduins..... If you hate Israel, that is your problem. I think Israel is a beacon of hope in a world of chaos.
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