Official: Israel may not have answer to Syrian missiles
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Published: 20.05.13, 17:41
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1. Actually there is a very simple and effective answer
Jake ,   USA   (05.20.13)
Israel should warn Syria that if they fire missiles at Tel Aviv, the IAF will flatten Damascus.
2. Of course
Israeli 2   (05.20.13)
Iron dome cannot intercept a barrage of 100 missiles at the same time and of course there will be some hits all over -here and there......and therefore....Israel should pre-empt and not allow them to have any missiles of any kind. Aiming a missile in any direction in Israel should be countered with elimination of those sites. The Gazzans learned their lesson well as did the Lebanese.
Moses ,   Israel   (05.20.13)
enough panic monger , report facts or opinions technically based.
stude ham   (05.20.13)
the article phraseology puts into great doubt the certainty of the facts... what is Israel trying to do? start another war in an already war torn area of the world. for heaven's sake... please Israel stay out of Syria.
5. To: Jake at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.20.13)
Why stop there? Simply issue a warning to Syria that if a single missile is fired into Israel from Syria, Syria will simply cease to exist.
6. Not their town.
Kafantaris ,   USA, Ohio   (05.20.13)
“They're defending their fields, their land.” “But those [Hezbollah] aggressors, what goal do they have? It’s not their town." Dr. Zahereddine, whose brother is in Qusayr fighting with the Rebels.
7. "All out" chemical, nuclear war, will kill 1 million of Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.20.13)
...and millions of Syrians, but Syria will still exist, the "Jewish State" may not.
8. #1 Not really a threat though is it
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.20.13)
Assad will be safe wherever, and he has shown he doesn't care about the Syrian people by allowing 80,000 to die would he bothered about another 20,000? The days when Israel could threaten to flatten this or nuke that are over, the sooner the far right realised this the better it will be for the State of Israel
9. #5 'Sarah B' yet again
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.20.13)
shows her complete ignorance and goes for the easy option without considering the consequences let alone the fact Planet Earth would not allow Israel to nuke Syria, and Israel couldn't afford monetarily to do what she proposed conventionally. Just stay in Virginia, you are part of the problem not the solution.
10. “It’s not good guys vs. bad guys.”
observer ,   US   (05.20.13)
... and therein lies the quandary for all would-be intercessors waiting on the sidelines to see how much damage the bad guys on each side can do to each other. There would seem to be a shortage of good guys across the region.
11. Iron Dome not designed for Scuds or
Stephen in New York   (05.20.13)
Frogs. That's a job for Arrow
12. An answer to the threat of a strike on Tel Aviv
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (05.20.13)
Israel does have an answer to the threat of a strike on Tel Aviv. It is the same answer that has enabled Israel to escape major air and missile attacks for years. It is Israel's nuclear capability, and the threat of the retaliatory destruction of Damascas. However, even that response may not be impressive to either Hezbollah or Al Queda, the two most likely successors to Assad. Both celebrate martyrdom, and might welcome both the attack and the response. If Iran succeeds in providing missiles that could hit Tel Aviv to its proxy, Hezbollah, Israel must face the likelihood of a very destructive war for its survival. The world would condemn Israel for its use of nuclear weapons, but the world doesn't care if Israel survives, or not.
13. Jake and Sara
Eli ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (05.20.13)
Just shut up an content yourselves with the issues in your own country.We can do very well without your phony bluster.
14. Suggestion for next article:"What if USA attack Israel"?
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.20.13)
15. what about the Arrow? (חץ)
iron dome was never meant for those type of missiles, but the arrow was.
16. I thought of that long ago
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (05.20.13)
During Israel's latest offensive against Gaza in 2012 I posted a comment on Ynetnews page that the anti-missile system ( Iron Dome or otherwise ) could easily be avoided or fooled ; if Syria launched salvos upon salvos of missiles then the anti-missile defense could shoot down only a small fraction of those incoming missiles . Similarly, if Syria launched a salvo of dummy missiles followed by real ones only to be followed by dummy missiles then the anti-missile system would not distinguish the dummies from the real ones and would blindly intercept the fake ones...
17. #7
Hasak   (05.20.13)
I can not imagine that Syria will exist after 1Million TNT.
18. 2000 air sorties will finish assad forever
israeli paratrooper   (05.20.13)
dear readers , please be advised that Assad has lost nearly 25,000 of his men , more than half his arsenal , and is fighting for his life . A Syrian attack on israel will unleash the IAF . It would take about 2000 strike sorties to finish the syrian armed forces as a fighting force . no need to worry , Assad knows all of this . No missiles will fall .
19. Those who heed the warnings
USA   (05.20.13)
The Old Testament prophets have relayed warnings from God and have never been proven wrong. Those who heed the warning will LEAVE Damascus and stay a great distance away, and don't leave for a destination downwind of the city either.
20. Assad's wars and choices
Get Real ,   UK   (05.20.13)
If Assad is not interested in opening another front against Israel whilst fighting the rebels then he should cease transferring weapons to the terror entity that seeks the destruction of Israel. If he survives and continues to transfer weapons he knows the consequences of his response to any Israeli action. But if his regime is on the verge of collapse he may wish to depart in a blaze of glory with an attack on Israel that leaves the new rebel regime to face the consequences of an Israeli response.
21. Salim, Don't be surprised if one of these dummies
HaifaGuy   (05.20.13)
has your name on it. And when you and your house goes boom don't expect anyone in this country to shed a tear for you.
22. #13, a pre-emptive threat is better than mass-casualties
Jake ,   USA   (05.20.13)
How would you respond to 10,000 missiles raining down on Israel? Even the flaky Netanyahu wouldn't hesitate to respond by destroying most of Damascus, the sickening thing is that it will take mass casualties for Israel to make good on such a threat. Instead, Israel can save many lives on both sides by issuing the threat preemptively.
23. I have the answer...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.20.13)
If and when I become Prime Minister of Israel, I will turn Syria into glowing cinder by nuking the hell out of it... As simple as that...
24. iron dome wasn't designed for these missiles
zionist forever   (05.20.13)
Iron Dome was designed to deal with short range missiles like Ketusha used by Hamas. Arrow and Patriot are designed to deal with ballistic missiles like this so of course Iron Dome is not capable of protecting Tel Aviv from Assad's missiles because it was never designed to. What we must do though is make sure ALL serving and retired solders keep their big mouths shut and if they blabber even if they are retired it could be an offence you can get jail time for. To many retired senior officers love to tell all the the world all the juicy secrets they know about and their 15 minutes of fame can be devastating to national security.
25. i put my trust in the IDF and other services
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.20.13)
netanyahu and the entire idf and services have been planning for all such scenarios and they most certainly have solutions for most contingencies. it is for certain that if assad dares harm israeli civilians,he can kiss goodbye to his cherished alawite enclave and much more. israel does not trumpet her capabilities for the entire world to know. we also know, that under such circumstances, there might be Israeli casualties, but syria as we know it would cease to exist, together with south lebanon and the bekaa valley.
26. How about
Instead of forcing the Jews to live like sitting ducks in the kill zone known as Tel Aviv, how about spreading the population to the safety of the hills of Judea and Samaria?
27. #9 Planet Earth won't allow?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.20.13)
So tell us what "Planet Earth" is going to do? Do you think Planet Earth will join forces with Planet Mars and Planet Jupiter? That should scare Israel.
28. Yep! It is Syria AND Lebanon that will be targets.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.20.13)
Hezbollah is the Lebanese gov't. If Hezbollah attacks Israel then Lebanon will pass in the rush too and get the same treatment as Syria. I hope the Lebanese people are prepared to accept what is coming to them. I think it IS going to happen and no amount of Russian threats will stop Israel.
29. Deterrence
Tom Herbert ,   Mays Landing US   (05.20.13)
Real effective deterrence comes not from anti missile systems. It comes from the enemies knowledge of the 2 words - Israeli Retaliation.
30. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.20.13)
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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