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Biden: Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes
Associated Press
Published: 23.05.13, 07:29
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1. "85% of changes in Hollywood because of Jews"
Jeff ,   USA   (05.23.13)
Better watch it-- this could wind up being played as a "Jews control Hollywood" conspiracy theory gaffe... this guy's known for his gaffes and this one's actually pretty subtle in comparison to most of his other ones, but I'm sure someone will complain about this... Bill Kristol probably.
2. Yes we are: we basically gave you a culture, really.
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.23.13)
Now you're repaying us with some money so we can purchase your weapons, so we can defend ourselves from the wapons you're selling to our enemies as well. no, but marraige is such an achievement, as compared to few other banalities of life?
3. Jews have always been at the forefront of all social change
jews were at the forefront of the civil rights movement, the union movement, women movements. yet jews are never thanked, but are demonized. not that we expect any thanks.
4. Gay lifestyle Jewish values ?...
Jakobson ,   Bene Berak   (05.23.13)
We have reached far....
5. Where not to look for Jewish Values
Brooks ,   LA, USA   (05.23.13)
Do not look to Hollywood or the Obama administration for Jewish values. For a long time liberal values have been being passed for Jewish values by left leaning Jewish groups and denominations to their own detriment. A generation of young Jews are being raised on non Jewish values that will result in the next generation of non-Jews.
6. Heheh ,...
split ,   US   (05.23.13)
This statement should be heard in Bible belt ,...
7. When he speaks at CAIR fest,he will say they R wonderful too
Alan ,   SA   (05.23.13)
CAIR is Muslim American organisation, if you did not know
8. Don't understand this article
Moshe ,   Elad   (05.23.13)
"US vice president says Jewish values are essential part of who Americans are" Is he talking about religious Jews whos morals and values are praiseworth and adamantly opposed to gays and lesbians? Or is he talking about secular Jews who have no morals and values and the only thing Jewish about them is their mother?
9. to #3
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.23.13)
Joe Biden just thanked the Jews and you would never know it from your talkback. Reread the article and quit complaining.
10. Torah and gay marriage
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.23.13)
From a Torah perspective gay marriage comes in the same grouping as adultery, incest and bestiality. It is one of the acts for which one should accept martyrdom rather than be forced to commit such a penetrative act. We read this Holiness Code in Leviticus at Mincha on Yom Kippur. On the other hand civil union or civil partnership should give the same legal civil rights as marriage. Wrongly associating gay marriage with Jews does only harm to Jews in the long run.
11. To Moshe: Jewish values
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.23.13)
Religious Jews of the ilk you describe live in the dark ages. Whether you religious folk like it or not, gays and lesbians (who come from the same creator as you and can no more be heterosexual than you can be homosexual because it is innate and inborn), deserve to be treated and viewed equally. Mainstream American Jews have contributed more to the good of the world than all the religious Jews who read the Torah all day long. Sabin and Salk would not have invented polio vaccine if they had been at the shul all day. I could make a very long list, but that is just the start.
12. Reality, not fiction.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (05.23.13)
Sorry, Joe, but these are not Jewish values. When Jews move away from Judaism, Jewish values are discarded. These secular Jews then adopt new values. Jewish identity is replaced by a phony humanitarianism. These former secular Jews marry gentiles, their children are gentiles and in many instances these same former Jews oppress their own people. They are super critical of Judaism and the state of israel.
13. VP Joseph "Kinnock" Biden.
Gideon Reader   (05.23.13)
I wonder if the Veep of Memsa sang some Hassidic melodies he learned from his coal mining/postman abba? Tough work delivering socialist postcards in the coal mines of Scranton Delaware. (My sarcasm meter is stuck in full detent mode. Only your very generous contribution can help)
14. A Jew wont support same sex marriage
Sams ,   Lagos   (05.23.13)
If what this man is saying is correct then the people he is referring to are NOT Jews. It is not Jewish to be gay because God is against it and the Bible is very clear on that. So if someone claims to be a Jew and supports same sex marriage, I am sorry there's nothing Jewish about that individual. I am a christian and I know what God's position is about same sex marriage. He called it an abomination. Leviticus 18 v 22 and Lev 20 v 13.
15. A joke ? A new insult !
DianaK ,   Germany   (05.23.13)
virtually calling homosexuality a jewish value is a new offence on the part of the Obama administration. Obama and his adjutants try to humiliate the jews at any given opportunity.
16. Gay marriage values
Gay marriage values are neither Jewish, Christian or Muslim. This verse is for them guys "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"
17. Jews
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.13)
Jews dont need to worry about obama humiliating them, Israel is doing that just fine.
18. G-d bless gay and lesbian Jews everywhere
Twice Blessed ,   Toronto   (05.23.13)
19. I don't want "friends" like these...
Israel ,   Israel   (05.23.13)
I think Vice President Mr. Biden has no idea what "Jewish Values" really are! I also have a general feeling that this is a very weird form of "reverse" anti-antisemitism. In short with full respect Mr. Biden be silent or take responsibility for your own actions and leave the Jews out of it!
20. 17
wrong, again 70% and upwards of usa jews are 100% pro israel; traveling there, spending money there, seeing their families there, sending their kids there and buying properties there. upwards of 76% support israel blindly and are huge contributors to israeli causes and israel in general. take that to the bak, sir!
21. Joe Biden
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.13)
Is Biden running for Presdient of the United States and needs the Jewish votes.
22. Thanks, Joe, but...
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.24.13)
Oh boy, just what we don't need -- something to alienate us from our strongest U.S. supporters, evangelicals.
23. iselin #11, Homosexuality is not a Jewish value
Jake   (05.24.13)
The Homosexual act is, in fact, against the Torah and Jewish law. Godless, atheistic socialism and Communism is also against the Torah and Jewish law. The fact that some Jews support gay marriage and in the past some Jews supported Bolshevism and Marxism, is irrevelant to that FACT...the fact that these "values" are beyond the pale of Torah and Judaism.
24. to Jake #23
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.24.13)
How do you know all this? Were the founders of modern Israel, most of them socialists (my dear uncle in the US didn't believe that Golda Meir was a socialist, but she sure was!) working against Jewish law? If so, why didn't your brethren get rid of them for good? I bet that Golda Meir would have wanted all the freeloaders to serve in the IDF and get a job. Those were her values. I doubt that she would have blinked an eye at gays.
25. Biden re Jews and Gay Rights
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (05.24.13)
As usual, even when there is partial truth in what Biden says, there is also falsehood. Liberal Jews helped "drive" gay rights. They also supported the election of Obama. Traditional, conservative Jews didn't. Traditional, conservative Jews support Israel. Liberal Jews don't. Liberal Jews ignore the Islamic doctrine of death to homosexuals. Traditional, conservative Jews are keenly aware of the Islamic doctrines which call for death to homosexuals, as well as infidels, Christians, and Jews. Obviously, Biden is more familiar with liberal Jews than traditional, conservative Jews.
26. #23. Jake: The unfortunate corollary
Tom W ,   USA   (05.24.13)
The most visible, ostentatious segments of the contemporary Jewry are the radicals: the Bolsheviks, homos, international revolutionaries, "multikulti" propagandist, assorted Marxists, social misfits ...these repugnant figures are the fuel for knee-jerk antisemitism worldwide. It did not end well in the past and it wont end well in the future either.
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