Sarkozy: If attacked, Israel will not be alone
Shahar Chai
Published: 22.05.13, 20:14
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1. Yeah, as if French promises & backing were reassuring
Cameron ,   USA   (05.22.13)
2. Politics, politics ;) ,...
split ,   US   (05.22.13)
Nothing can beat a daily dose of good laugh - In regard to Bibi, not that long ago Sarkozy said to Obama that he cannot stand Bibi and called him a liar ;) ,...
3. What a bunch of horse manure all these politicians are
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.22.13)
Sarkozy especially when he bad mouthed Netanyahu to Obama. How do these guys look at themselves in the mirror each morning. Makes me want to vomit.
4. chosen people???
milson   (05.22.13)
bibi who is better than the previous group of weakling pms of barak, peres, and olmert(the worst weakling) is a first rate bs artist uncomfortable in his own skin. France in the pinch is no friend of anyone as it is a big version ofolmert, a gutless appeasing nation kissing arab rear ends for years and held hostage in their suburbs. Bibi waxes eloquent inhis bs. His time is almost over as PM with his non stop threats.Yaalon,bennett, lapid and shamir should run to replace him and soon. Jews are not or never were the chosen people. And if god said it which cannot be proven, he made a mistake. All references to chosen people should be stricken from jewish texts.
5. Love Sarkozys statement on Syria
zionist forever   (05.22.13)
The world appears to be completely frozen in the face of the systematic destruction of a great state and a great nation. Intervention in Libya has proven the machine of death can be stopped. I cannot accept the genocide by the ruler. Its sad for me to see our Europe passive. Love it Sarkozy is saying how whats going on in Syria is so sad and how Libya has proven the machine of death can be stopped but he is in no hurry to do anything about it. He moans about Europe being passive but he neglects to mention that it was France who called for and led the Libya war so he has proven that when they want to France can lead by example but unlike Libya he has no desire to lead by example in Syria. In Libya about 1000 were dead before Sarkozy was demanding the UN give a resolution authorizing military intervention. In Syria 80,000 are dead and Sarkozy hasn't had much to say to the UN he just likes to complain about Assad.
6. Israel has always been alone
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.22.13)
israel is the jewish state. no one would ever lift a finger to save jews. america and its allies have entered numerous wars to save muslim lives--only to be thanked by murderous acts of terror.
7. Sarkozy & Hezbollah
get Real ,   UK   (05.22.13)
...Nor will Israel tolerate a threat to its existence. Maybe France will re-consider its views on putting the Hezbollah terrorist entity onto the EU terror list.
8. Ready for Russia then?
Robolips ,   USA   (05.22.13)
Israel will never be left alone? What will the French of the USA do, seriously, in the face of an onslaught by the Russian military? A dozen Russian battle cruisers in or heading for Syria to defend it? I think all know, that Israel will face Russia by itself. It will be comical though, when the S-300's and the S-400's are jammed and destroyed. Will there be crow to eat for Putin and a big piece of humble pie? Hmmmm?
9. Why is he even welcome?
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (05.22.13)
I don't understand why Israel has invited Nicolas "I can't stand Netanyahu, he's a liar" Sarkozy. All the millions he recieved from Gaddafi in order to fund his election campaign, not to mention the close ties with virtually all other Middle East dictators, is proof enough.
10. whats wrong milson, someone have an
jj ,   orlando   (05.22.13)
inferiority complex happy to hear you are the authority on such matters im sure your intellect is as enlightening as that of the scholars and prophets of old who recorded such texts And certainly now that you have said so,all should be stricken Get over yourself
11. #4 Wilson - I see that you haven't
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.22.13)
taken my suggestion about getting some money for your family & heirs, what's the problem, lack of guts? It only takes on press of the trigger, you won't feel anythng
12. Will Israel not - ? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.22.13)
I Quote - Sarkozy: If attacked, Israel will not be alone Comment - What if Israel would preemt and strike first, would Israel still be in company ? If - Why dont you partake in Israels Preemtive Strike ?
13. Sarkozy we shake your hand
USA   (05.22.13)
And ditto to everything you said for Israel and even more.
14. Sarkojoke...
Ibn El Quds ,   El Quds   (05.22.13)
One of the most important leaders in the 21st are in the beginning of the century! What a joke.
15. 13
zionist forever   (05.23.13)
When I lived in the UK I used to do security at my local synagogue well when your standing on the door on a saturday morning and you got everybody shaking your hand says Shabbat shalom as they come in can get really annoying sometimes. I used to make a joke about how nice it would be if we had a machine to shake hands and say shabbat shalom. Sakorzy is that machine, he will shake your hand talk about how he stands firm with Israel but when push comes to shove at the end of the day its all an act just same way the handshaking machine is not a real hand. France hasn't been a friend to Israel since the 50s and I don't see why we should assume that things will be much different n Sarkozys watch
16. Milson #4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.23.13)
When reading your last paragraph one could almost believe God made a mistake and not about the Jews being chosen. The Bible makes it quite clear or do you think thats a mistake too?
17. Not so long ago he wanted us to split Jerusalem.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.23.13)
Once a politician, always a politician.
18. 2.Rofl I like his "If Israel is attacked' bs bc
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.23.13)
The world knows Israel is the one attacking!
19. #4 Milson, eat your hearth out, Jews are and have been
Jorge   (05.23.13)
and will be the chosen people, there is no greater miracle than the rebirth of Israel as a Jewish State, and the survival of the tiny Jewish nation against the formidable onslaught of the myriad of Jew haters in all the ages. AM ISRAEL HAI(The people of Israel Lives)
20. To paraphrase
Neal ,   Minneapolis, USA   (05.23.13)
To paraphrase Stalin: And how many divisions has Sarkozy?
21. French Fries
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.23.13)
French Lies. Come on folks, the only thing France has contributed to society is rather decent cuisine – and when the "merde" hits the fan, the USA will once again pull their croissants out of the fire.
22. #18 Earth to lydia
Benji ,   US   (05.23.13)
80,000 murdered Syrians and not one murdered by an Israeli. All murdered by your Arab/Muslim brothers. The world knows you're a liar.
23. Empty words from a powerless politician.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.23.13)
24. 18, Lydia you must be stoned or else...
25. Ready for Russia then?
Rick ,   NY   (05.23.13)
You're dreaming if you think Israel can match Russia w/o help from the US. Israel would not be anywhere w/o billions of dollars from the US and its military might. I love how Israeli backers always try to portray Israel as an invincible. You're are nothing w/o the US.
26. So far for years israel is the aggressor
Peter ,   M'sia   (05.25.13)
Very funny... hardly anyone talk about attacking Israel while Israel is talking non stop attacking others with flimsy excuse of having rights to defend itself. So very tame excuse. Trouble is others do not have rights only Israelis have.
27. france too busy
hp ,   usa   (05.25.13)
France is too busy trying to defeat Mali. Remember the two month war?
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