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London: 2 men decapitate soldier in broad daylight
Published: 22.05.13, 21:44
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1. Boker Tov Britain
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.22.13)
It's high time that Downing Street acknowledge that Britain and Israel are facing the same threats and should cooperate to the max against these raving lunatics.... (yes, wishful thinking)
2. RIP to the poor soldier, what a horrible death. SCUM killers
3. London, you're in my thoughts. From Boston.
Carrie ,   Boston   (05.22.13)
4. african with eng accent speak arab
sam ,   tel aviv, israel   (05.22.13) african, with a london accent, murdering a man on the street while shouting 'god is great'' in arabic... Who says iimmigration is a bad thing?
5. so ashton and fairy blair say be nice
ishamel   (05.22.13)
ashton and blair and the various european emissaries should look at t his video. This awaits alll non moslems. Recall that radovan karadic told mike wallace that notjust terrorists but the whole nations are intolerant. So terror is coming home to roost. They don't want the west and israel to be near or on what they consider islamic lands. Yet they want to go to american and british universities and partake. So the west has to have a discussion about this whole subject. This cannot continue. the parents of islamic radicals have to take responsibility and cannot waive it off.They have to be targeted legally and otherwise- keep your kids in line or you will get it.
6. Terrible, even the BBC uses the term "terrorism" here...
Ehud   (05.23.13)
...instead of 'attacked by militant' . let's hope this change of style reflects a chane of mind, and it's not because the victims were British this time ....
7. Isnt that ROGER WATERS' friends?????
Mike ,   NY   (05.22.13)
8. The British Empire, The United Kingdom
Glen Udall ,   Teaneck, N.J.   (05.22.13)
These people got so much to answer for,,, to the world and its funny that a black African brings the chickens home to roost,,,,,, in the U.K. 2012 wasn't supposed to be the end of sh-t,, but the beginning. Just look at Prince Harry, he just wants to be everywhere representing the Crown,,,, D.C., Las Vegas with hookers, the Fiji isles, Papua New Guinea amongst the natives and they supposed to be free from the Royal Crown, Afghanistan going on helicopter raids killing terrorist, ln Africa dancing with little black famine stricken kids and no telling what else. Come to think about it, who gave the Brits. the right to carve up Palestine and upset the tranquility between the real Jews and Muslims.
9. In UK streets you don't see Englishmen anymore
10. At least . . .
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.23.13)
At least the attackers have been shot and captured. If there are other conspirators they are more likely to be captured. If there is a mad imam behind their radicalisation we may be more likely to arrest him as well.
11. Yes..Words do count!
zelig ,   Memphis u.s.a.   (05.23.13)
Every child in America has at one time or another heard that "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me". Oliver Wendell Holmes thought otherwise and we therefore can't shout "fire" in a crowded theater. Along the same vein,we need a "western" world ban not on the burka or chador but on specch which is meant to incite the religious followers of one religion to harm people of other religions or atheists for that matter. Jihad needs to beome illegal.And in America,the Westboro Baptist Church should be closed and shuttered. People who mock gays & lesbians should be reprimanded immediately and appropriately. Islam needs to be reformed whether it wants the reform or not !
12. Dumb Europeans.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (05.23.13)
Wise up, and stop picking on Israel. When was the last time an Israeli or a Jew blew himself up to kill innocent people or tried to behead someone. Drive Moslems out of Europe. As long as they are somewhere, these trash will be part of their society. We know in Boston, and the US gave those animals thousands of dollars of welfare and subsidized education. Are we stupid, or what?
13. Bloodied hands!
Y ,   N   (05.23.13)
Remember the Ramallah-lynching in 2000!!
14. He is right ...
Spengler ,   US   (05.23.13)
He is right our Gov't do not care about us. What he left out is this our price for multi-culturalism. Where are the English going to go when they are a minority in their own country?
15. #9 not relevant.I live there in an Australian part of London
16. Crazy Englishmen talking to Terrorist
yosef eytan ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.23.13)
..."in what Prime Minister David Cameron said appeared to be a politically motivated attack." You think!!! What is so bizarre is that people are standing next to a man ,blooded with knives in his hand, talking to him like they just met a neighbor on the street. And they say "take away their guns and these crimes won't happen".
17. in 1940 My Great Grandfather
Pierre ,   Paris, France   (05.23.13)
said to my mum " the day will come that they will miss the Jews" How dumb can one be to get rid of the Jews of Europe only to replace them by these elements....
18. Listen you nutters !!!
Mike ,   NZ   (05.23.13)
Instead of "I told you so" would it not be better to offer the UK sympathy, then keep you big mouths shut and let the Poms draw their own conclusions. Your comments will not endear the UK public to our (Israel's) cause !!!!!
19. savages .....
rachel ,   usa   (05.23.13)
20. The BBC will acuse jews as usual ...but we never hear about
rachel ,   usa   (05.23.13)
Jimmy savile !!!! Where is the investigation of this pedophile working 60 years on the BBC children's program and friends with high up such as margaret thatcher ?
21. A true religion of peace
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis, Tn - USA   (05.23.13)
So if only 5% of the world's 1.426 BILLION Muslims are crazy fanactics like these guys, are we not suppposed to worry about them?
22. condolence
Rau   (05.23.13)
My deepest condolence to the victims. Hope british police take stern action and if found guilty, let the culprits rot in dungeon.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.23.13)
They just stand there and video tape a terrorist/ murderer??? Nobody tried to take them down??? "heated conversations with passers by" Shame on you.
24. Crazy days indeed.
Arnold ,   Loma Linda, U.S.A.   (05.23.13)
This incident is beyond bazaar.
25. The sadist part in all of this
andy ,   nova scotia   (05.23.13)
The victim died to defend people like this so they can keep their twisted world view sadly.
26. Did anybody try to help him?
Pam ,   Alaska   (05.23.13)
People stood around and took photos? Nobody tried to stop the attack?
27. useless
mehrdad ,   germany   (05.23.13)
you britons can appease islam even more by beeing antisemitic and hopeing that they will let you alone when you are against jews but its useless. churchills line about appeasement is timeless and shows exactly what britons do and think today-
28. police murdered the freedom fighters
They didn't have gun   (05.23.13)
The freedom fighters killed a soldier and not an innocent citizen. And then the British police came and murdered the freedom fighters, even though they didn't have guns and could be caught alive. At least these what the British Israel-haters would say had it happened in Israel.
29. #12. It's too late: Europe future has started
Tom W ,   USA   (05.23.13)
Right now at this writing in Sweden too rioting Muslims are burning cars in the suburbs. The effect of "multikultism", "diversity".. - what's done cannot be undone and with the help of the ruling Obama regime it will conquer the U.S. too. Cultural Marxism is the official E.U. policy, there are strict laws enacted to silence even the modicum of opposition. And the U.K. is the most PC country in Europe but the U.S. is not far behind.
30. My deepeset condolences to the victims family and friends
Haim ,   TA   (05.23.13)
First our thoughts should be with the victims family and friends
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