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Friends of Syria demands Hezbollah, Iran fighters withdraw
Published: 23.05.13, 09:01
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1. funny
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.23.13)
It's funny that Obama has the gall to publish these kinds of articles that no one believes. Of the 100,000 who died, about 10000 are Sunni Jihad fighters, 20000 are pro-Assad fighters, and the 70000 non-combatant deaths are split evenly between the two sides. The foreign troops supporting Assad came to Syria only after Turkey and Saudi Arabia sent foreign troops to topple him. Although Russia and Iran are arming Assad, this is in response to US, UK and Saudi Arabia arming the JIhadists. The bottom line is that thanks to Obama's arrogance and incompetence, in Syria alone 100,000 have died and 6.6 million have lost their homes.
2. Last nights debate in Parliament on Syria
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.23.13)
One really has to wonder if Jeremy Corbyn in his 'Lawrence of Arabia Camel Colour Suit' is all there anymore Is he perchance President of the Ahmadinejad Appreciation Society , the Khamenei Fan Club, or the does he like Ahmadinejad pray to Khameneis 'Holy Nuclear Fuel Rod'? How come also in the debate in the context of the Syrian Tragedy he paints everyone in the blackest terms except Iran? He then proceeds in a stuttering performance to argue that a recent expulsion of Palestinians from Iraq into Syria is one of the major reasons for the Syrian Uprising? And the rub? Even he sounded unconvinced by his rantings. Im sure there is a name for this medical condition
3. Which Syria Which Friends
BiBi   (05.23.13)
There are many Syrias. Thus there are different types of friends. It is a civil war and taking side will make you pay heavily.
4. NO - FIRST Hezbollah must leave Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.23.13)
5. Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah and all extreme moslem factions
A ,   Belgium   (05.23.13)
must be removed not only from the Middle East, but from the entire planet. Witness the events in London, islam is the religion of terror and brings death where ever it is allowed to spread its poisonous roots.
6. Hezbollah & friends of Iran please stay
zionist forever   (05.23.13)
You lot are off getting yourselves killed fighting Assad so that means fewer of you left and the only good terrorist is a dead one. Your also focussing all your efforts on protecting Assad making much less able to take on Israel. Please stay and may this civil war continue for a long time to come so more terrorists get themselves killed and Assad waste his weapons making war against his own people rather than Israel. The war is also costing Syria a lot of money and the more money spent on the civil war the less that will be available to rebuilding the military after. I just hope the peacenicles in Israel and abroad realise that the only reason the war hasn't been brought to our front door is the Golan which is a strategic buffer and even in an age of missiles and fighter jets old fashioned strategic high ground is still important.
7. The Imported Jihadis are getting what..
Chris.B ,   Australia   (05.23.13)
they deserve temination.This should be a wake up call for all foreign coumtries who try to dictate their will on independant states.Can't wait for people to start protesting in Saudi Arabia.
8. Its funny that those idiots did not call on...
Israel to stop interfering in the problems of Syria...
9. #4 Sammy
Sammy, your little brain have deserted your fat big ugly head long time ago. Hezbollah IS Lebanon idiot...
10. Friends of Assyria
Bibi ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.13)
and the Friends of Assyria issued a coomunique yesterday stating that all Arabs leaves the lands of Assyrians.
11. better way
mehrdad ,   germany   (05.25.13)
its better to let shia and sunni facists killing eachother then letting them behead jewish babys. no loss for humanity when hisbollah and al quaida wipe out eachother.
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