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Merkel accepts European Jewry prize and Ynetnews
Published: 24.05.13, 07:33
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1. Angela Merkel is usually smarter than that.There is already
Rivkah   (05.24.13)
a TWO STATE SOLUTION and it is NOT WORKING: Gaza and Israel. Is she advocating a THREE STATE SOLUTION that not only will not work but will lead to ARMAGEDDON according to the Prophet Joel in Scriptures when God's land is divided???? Hmmm?
2. receiving top honours in Brussels
earbug ,   Germany   (05.24.13)
She was also given special honours in 2011 by the AJC and both recognitions are well deserved. Her values of human freedom and human dignity are hallmarks of A. Merkel's leadership and may she continue on this path!
3. Supporting both is like supporting vegetarianism and pork.
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.24.13)
4. Reply to Rivkah.
Danny ,   London England   (05.26.13)
Can you please give a reference in Sefer Yoel to support your point?
5. Just for the record
Danny ,   London England   (05.27.13)
Just for the record the former chief rabbi's name is spelled 'Jakobovits'
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