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League of illusions
Guy Bechor
Published: 26.05.13, 10:39
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1. Clear reality assessment & Abass want a freeze
Martin ,   SA   (05.26.13)
Clear reality assessment & Abass want a freeze BB yes to a no freeze stance. Let Abbass dream on. The Arab League group was not selected at united meeting of the League. As things stand now the coming together of the League Sunni's and shi'ite's is a far off dream. So Abbass does not have a mandate. Let him Abbass come to the table and present his map for the meanwhile. Then lets test its substance. He has to appear to be defending the 67 borders. I'm a sceptic and I suspect so is BB and most of Israel. His Abbass signature means nothing till a full League adoption can be verified.
2. We must remember that our government does not accept it.
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (05.26.13)
Our government is the one that does not peace, not the "Arab Street".
3. Some more standard right-wing paranoia
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.26.13)
First the panic, something might change! This obviously means the whole world is against us. What to do? Dredge up some ancient history to show that those proposing the change are our worst enemies and it's all a secret plot to destroy us. Well you can all relax, there is no danger of the Saudi initiative being accepted by anybody, it's just maneauvering for position. And yes the Arab league is incapable of doing anything at all, you don't need to fear them.
4. arab plan was a fraud & can only work on paper
zionist forever   (05.26.13)
Hezbollah have never signed onto it and as they work for Iran who have not signed onto it how can we make peace with Lebanon? Hamas have not signed onto it so even if we do a deal with the PA unless Hamas also agree to it then there is no peace. The PA is on the shelf and have neither accepted or rejected it. Syria is a mess, how exactly are we supposed to do a deal with them and give them the Golan? Don't see any sign Iraq will be up for it with all their own problems, can the new government risk agreeing to any peace treaty with Israel considering how unstable things are? What we are really being offered is the moderate Gulf states who we have never been to war with but are technically enemies with will just say ok we recognise Israel has a right to exist. Nothing to be gained from Egypt or Jordan as we already have treaties with them. I doubt Assad would have taken it seriously because when he was talking with Olmert it was Golan for a kind of long term ceasefire ( something we had for 40 years ) rather than a full peace treaty with exchange of ambassadors and trade. So all we gain from the arab plan is a formal treaty with the moderate Gulf states who are to busy counting their petro dollars than to go to war with Israel especially as we have no borders with them. Our politicians must not fall into the trap of accepting the arab plan just because after 10 years they have announced they will allow minor border exchanges, something both Israel & the PA have gone on the record years ago saying would happen because of settlements and security. Now the Arab League announce they will accept changes everybody things we have a deal in the bag and we just need to sign on the dotted line.
5. Problem is Pals reject Jewish majority Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (05.26.13)
It doesn't matter what plan is presented, the Palestinians will accept only a truce after they get the 1967 borders. Then they want the rest of Israel. A survey in JPost (2011) shows only 33% of Palestinians accept living next to a Jewish majority Israel. Nowhere, do you see Palestinians or their leaders saying they will accept a Jewish majority Israel. It's only Jewish peaceniks and Western dreamers who put words of peace into the mouths of Palestinians because they want it. Palestinians take advantage of that by talking about a 2 state solution to try and sucker Israel into free concessions.
6. #2
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.26.13)
The amazing thing about Leftists is not that they can ignore reality, or even that they believe an imaginary narrative with imaginary friends that they themselves invented, but they think they can convince sane people that what they say is the truth. Hamas is supported by at least 70% of the "Arab Street", and they are religiously oblligated not to make peace with Israel ever. Fatah/PLO, that probably has 20% of the "Arab Street", constitutionally cannot make peace with Israel. Now tell me, where is the "Arab Street" you are talking about that wants peace?
7. #4 zionist - excellent analysis; in addition...
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.26.13)
...Saudi Arabia, which introduced the plan, admitted some months after the original ‘offer’ that the “plan” could only be a suggestion to the arab countries to make peace, as that each country must decide for themselves what to do, but AFTER Israel agrees to and follows through on all the conditions [read “demands”].
8. Arab street accepted minority Jews for centuries
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.26.13)
Creating a false Jewish majority through ethnic cleansing in Palestine they will never accept. Only solution now is 2 States, 1 Country, Palestine Israel.
9. YOU must remember what was accomplished when another Rabin
A ,   Belgium   (05.26.13)
shook a terrorists hand and claimed Israel was on the road to peace after signing the disaster called "the Oslo Agreement": more terror.
10. #8 Who said there has to be solution?
Sam ,   Canada   (05.26.13)
Jews control the territory not anyone else, not the Arabs,not UN,not US,not EU. Jews control the territory and either there is a solution satisfactory to them or there will be no solution. Palestinians will have the status quo with more and more Jewish settlers moving in unless Palestinians agree to a peace satisfactory to Jews. That's the real world and not the fantasies you make up to please yourself.
11. Arab Spring
Steve ,   Ohio USA   (05.26.13)
The Arab regimes have made their beds, so now let them lie in them>
12. #10, Obama: 'This War, Like All Wars, Must End'
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.27.13)
Get used to it.
13. #8 ben@ssi
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.27.13)
For many, many centuries there were NO arabs, let alone "the arab street" in the Palestine area (named for the long-gone Philistines). Funny how you admit to a Jewish majority, and then call it false. The falsehoods are easily found; they are your posts. The only solution is for you to read history, which you obviously don't dare to do.
14. What keeps Arabs living and going forward
Only hate of Jews. Otherwise, they have no meaning to their lives. Ok, reach Arabs thinking also about gambling but others have nothing else in their lives to look forward. Perhaps, ben-Laden gave some meaning to Arab and Muslim life.
15. # 12 obama must end.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.27.13)
And, he will either by impeachment or a lot of fancy footwork to avoid same. Right now, obama couldn't yet an AMEN from a black choir. (and his saudi master's getting nervous) American's are beginning to see what a pro muslim anti American fraud he is CAn't wait for the assorted 'hearings' re: obama's follies IRS, AP, Benghazi -Gate. Etc. etc. The man has more baggage than Kim Kardashian.
16.  # 4 Israel Israeli
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.27.13)
Arab Spring wants peace? LOL HA HA, funny Maybe Syria..... today.....
17. # 7 Solomon
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.27.13)
Yet obama still pushes this shit bucket of slop uphill. Best news is obama's in deep trouble, all due to his own making. Where does he think he is, Chicago?
18. # 10 Love you Sam!!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.27.13)
Telling it like it really is. The solution may very likely be as you state, no solution if it isn't agreeable to Israel. And, obama's recycling of the laughable "Saudi Peace Plan" is becoming more stale than a three week old bagel. ( as is obama, stale and in deep trouble, by his own devious making.)
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