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Sweden: Stockholm calmer, violence spreads outside capital
Published: 25.05.13, 11:25
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1. I wish the Swedish dummies well..
Al   (05.25.13)
What is happening in Sweden will happen to all the western countries who so readily accept hordes of these Arabs. When it came to the Jews, the Jews were viewed as a thorn in the sides of these societies. However when it came to the Arabs, they were accepted, loved and showered with welfare, special privileges etc etc. Now its coming to bite them in the ass. Enjoy it my fair haired dopes. You don't deserve any better.
2. gratitude for sweedish hospitality
C   (05.25.13)
these muslim refugees left countries of enormous violence and poverty only to repay sweedish hospitality with violence.
3. how enjoyable
dan israel ,   jerusalem ,capital o   (05.25.13)
i was thrilled with joy to read how the multicultural society of sweden is tacking this situation . i wish you many more happy events like this in the future. you are really blessed by god, you are good .
4. The end of the Sweden's paradise?
tiki ,   belgium   (05.25.13)
Well, they have only themselves to blame..........and Israel of course! Don't get it? Well, because of Israel's racists, Apartheids politics & stolen Palestinian land, Muslim in their famous brotherly solidarity didn't have any choice but to come to the most social & financially best country in Europe for Muslims to continue their fight against the rogue Jew-State from there, together with their Socialist & open minded Swedish friends. Problem is, they are still second hand citizens living on handouts, the Pallies still have no state or money & Israel is living, inventing, building, prospering and having found gas to add to it. To counter that there is only one way: the Muslim way = burning the cities down! No do you get it! It's all Israel's fault. Just wait!
5. Maybe the Swedes regret their
Reuven   (05.25.13)
obsessive hatred for Israel now.
6. Europe, Jews, Muslims
Dr. Waverly ,   Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel   (05.25.13)
While the Jews lived among them, the Europeans openly expressed all kinds of theories as to how alleged bad Jewish behavior came from alleged bad things written in Jewish books. Now that the Muslims are rioting, they can't even call them Muslims--"youths." Let alone even ask if this kind of violent behavior might have some roots in Islam. But I have a stern admonition to the Europeans: Make peace with them!
7. To naive Sweden - getting kicked in the head not pleasant ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.25.13)
You let in all these immigrants who have no idea how to behave in a civilized society, added mosques with imams that incite the youth and gave them welfare instead of work. Now you complain of their behavior. LOL
8. the end of swedens paradise
erika bachar-kann ,   israel   (05.25.13)
dear riki, I grew up near Antwerp and many Belgians helped to hide me and my mother. but when I visited last there I saw more mosques than churches,its far from the same Belgium I knew.
9. (8) Erika
tiki ,   belgium   (05.25.13)
You're telling me?
10. Are Swedes dumb or deep in denial?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (05.25.13)
Malmö has gone and the rape of indigenous Swedish women by Muslims is sky-high. Multi-riots and the Swedish government cowards are still afraid to say the M word! Sweden we loved you but you are no more!
11. #8 In Borgerhout, Boom, Mechelen and even
A ,   Belgium   (05.25.13)
the capital Brussels, you hardly hear Flemish of French anymore.
12. I condemn swiden apartheid state
Eli ,   Israel - Russia   (05.25.13)
Which prevent from these poor people their legitimate right to steal, destroy, kill and other ways of expressing their feelings. Sweeden condemned Israel in similar situations and we should learn from this enlightened country.
13. It's time for Sweden to set a 2 states solution
Rotem ,   Israel   (05.25.13)
14. Sweeden will learn nothing
GoodbyeSweeden ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.25.13)
Today on Sky News a young Sweedish politician said we are proud of our liberal policies and proud that now 15% of Sweeden is foreign born " Imagine how many are second and third foreign born native Sweedes must be down to around 60% of the population as this open door policy has been going on for at least 40 years. In the 70's airplanes from here for example used to fly back to Sweeden with hundreds of the Sweedish tourist girls Arab boyfriends ditto North Africa and Turkey The Sweedish media and liberal politicians are already beating their breasts for the "sins" committed against immigrants
15. Just wondering?
Anshel ,   Canada   (05.25.13)
I am just wondering, how long it will take for the misguided Swedes to blame Israel, the settlers, and Jerusalem for the riots and call for more boycotts of Israeli products and academia...
16. Not so simple...
Patrik_k ,   Sweden   (05.25.13)
It's fun how you all jump on "they are arabs, muslims", the article says " home to asylum seekers from Iraq to Somalia, Afghanistan and Latin America." You know people from Lebanon, Iraq and Syria also are Christians?
17. Sweet Sweet Irony
Dror ,   Emeq Yizrael, Israel   (05.25.13)
I love it. The comments are perfect cynical slights to annoy the annoying two faced hypocritical Scandinavians, along with the rest of Europe. I truly hope this means the end of multi culti political correctness for us in Israel. I do not give a damn about Europe, but I truly hope that the Israelis that have envied and tried to emulate Europe for whatever stupid reasons they had will stop doing that now. Israel is the Jewish homeland of the Jewish people, the less goyim the better. NO MORE BEATING AROUND THE BUSH. Jews of the diaspora you are going to be targeted. It is your own damn fault. Do not neglect the land of your fathers. If you do not feel the urgency to return to our ancient homeland then to Hell with you. These are all warnings from Above. Soon there will be worldwide upheaval due to the Death of the Dollar. Jews of America consider yourselves warned. You will lose a great deal of wealth and health due to your stubbornness and ignorance. God will turn his back on you just as you have turned your backs on Him and the Land which he Promised you and our forefathers/mothers. Move now or suffer the consequences....
18. Sweden - you better give them what they want
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.25.13)
By the way what do they want ? If they want jobs they need to find ways of developing commerce for themselves.It starts at the grass roots level. Making a little money. Investing it in a little business. Nurturing the business to grow. Learn from those that came before you. Do not just hate them. The Jewish immigrants that came before you were in the same position. They worked hard to make a place for themselves within the Swedish communies. They did not get social welfare.
19. To 16 - so what?
David   (05.25.13)
Still the vast majority of the immigrants are Muslims, and I'm sure not many of the minority Christians are involved with the violence. Why are you insisting on denying the one and only truth, that Muslims are violent?
20. hey swedes..i hope they burn
JL   (05.25.13)
you down to the ground..this is what u get for siding against israel
21. Sweden, you made your bed. Now lie in it!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.25.13)
Swedish "openness". This is against the beliefs of the Muslims who have stolen their country from under the noses of the Swedish people and are on the way to conquering the rest of Europe and the UK! Anders Behring Breivik committed an atrocity and nothing condones what he did in Norway but he warned you this would happen!
22. "We" didn't let them in
Aaltje ,   Netherlands   (05.25.13)
Our stupid, naive governments let them in. Big difference! It's not like we citizens (the ones who have to live in the same neighborhoods with these Arabs) had anything to say about that. Most of the people are sick of them and their behavior, but it's like we're talking in the air. The politicians don't listen to us. They just keep on being politically correct and blabber about "giving them a fair chance" and "helping them out". The muslim immigrants get waggon loads of money, help, subsidy and whatnot - while the native population only gets higher taxes to pay for this crap. Trust me, we are just as sick of them as you are.
23. Patrik #16
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (05.25.13)
Funny you should mention the Christians in the Middle East. They are under assault, and are decreasing in number. The only country in the Middle East where Christians are flourishing and increasing in population is Israel!
24. #22
Paul   (05.25.13)
And who is electing the politicians? The vote is in YOUR hands!
25. As far as I can see, The Swedish will surrender them.
Roy   (05.25.13)
26. Is It True Blondes have More Fun?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.25.13)
Neutral Sweden has finally caught up with Reality.
27. Sneering Sweds always looking down
Stephen in New York   (05.25.13)
at the US and Israel. But now their hypocrisy catches up with them. Demographics -the difference between the birthrates of Swedes and their "guest workers'- condemns Sweden to become -in effect- a province of Pakistan in another 2 or 3 generations.
28. typical reuters trash!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.26.13)
not surprisingly, reuters has omitted almost all mention of the rioters' ethnicity, as has the swedish government, since this might be seen as "incitement", although one could very well argue that a week's worth of rioting is sufficient reason to be angry, not to be confused with "prejudice". but in a most peculiar twist, they have carefully chosen "faisal" and "maryam" to speak for the "frustrated residents". are there not frustrated residents named "olaf" or "helga"? or is the writer at reuters pushing his own agenda here? this is spin, not reporting.
29. No. 22, why don't you all vote for Geert Wilders
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.26.13)
He is not PC and will kick their butts
30. No. 22, Ayaan Hirsi Ali warned you that this will happen....
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.26.13)
.......and you ran her out of the country
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