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Sweden: Stockholm calmer, violence spreads outside capital
Published: 25.05.13, 11:25
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31. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.13)
The smug Swedes have been handed a major comeuppance. Hopefully, the smug Norwegians will be next. See if it doesn't take some of the edge off their phenomenal anti-Semitism and hatred of the State of Israel -- and that goes for all of Scandinavia. They have opened their doors, their arms, their checkbook .... and this is what they get in return. I am SO grateful for the reality check -- the Scandinavians are long overdue for just that.
32. Aaltje Netherlands
Jews fight like Lion ,   JEWS FIGHT LIKE LION   (05.26.13)
Sir, you can organize and make peaceful demonstration anti immigrants. The White Christian Dutch can tell the politicians unless you change your policy the Dutch people will not vote you next election. Vote new Dutch leaders who can be strong and to say to Muslims enough is enough respect our law or you will be deported even if you are married to local Dutch Girl/Male with your children even been born in Holland.
33. Swedish LIBERAL
This young Swedish liberal politicians who says that he is proud that now 15% of Swedes are foreign born (most probably 20% to 25%) mostly immigrants from Islamic countries. This young Swedish politicians must understand that Muslims produces at least ten times more children than WHITE SWEDISH families. In few more years Muslims will be majority and Islam will demand Sharia Law, more mosques to be built, no alcohol, no pork, etc,. and this will be the be the start of the problem
34. Eternal gratitude
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.27.13)
During WW II Sweden accepted Danish Jews, saving them from the Holocaust. Jews worldwide are eternally grateful for the genuine decency of the Swedish people. In recent years Sweden has taken in Muslim asylum seekers out of genuine decency -- and what does sweden get in return?
35. again the MOSSAD is behind all this !
Muhamad Ismail ,   France   (05.28.13)
Do you have any doubt that the Mossad is making all this , just to "prove" that the Arabs are bad ..... We just want peace and Jihad !!!!
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