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Major military exercises with 18 countries expected soon in Jordan
Published: 25.05.13, 19:00
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1. Jordanain Militsry Exercises
Steve ,   Ohio USA   (05.25.13)
Why isn't Israel participating?
2. #1
Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are Muslims who are supposedly American allies. They have limitless weapons and like to think themselves tough guys. They should go to Syria and do what they want. They should not ask Kaffirs like US and Israel to fight their fight.
3. #1
Doives ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.26.13)
Because as much as Israel and Jordan are at peace, King Hussein would like to remain in power. Allowing Israeli troops to participate in an exercise on Jordan soil would most definitely result in a revolt in Jordan. I'm sure Israeli officials understand this.
4. To #3
Majd Masri ,   Amman jordan   (05.26.13)
How can King Hussein struggle to stay in power if he already passed away 14 years ago ??
5. 4
Dummy, King Hussein. The son,,,,,,,
6. 3,4 & 5 King Abdullah Ibn Hussein is King of Jordan...
all y'all are clueless! If you don't even know who the CURRENT King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan is why even bother commenting?
7. King Abdullah Ibn Hussein, minority Hashemite
A ,   Belgium   (05.26.13)
unelected king of the future Jordan/"palestine" confederation...has a nice ring to it.
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