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French soldier stabbed in throat outside Paris
Associated Press
Published: 26.05.13, 01:33
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1. Europe beginng to pay for it's love of "Palestinians".
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.26.13)
It was always obvious to every rational observer that, sooner or later, Europe would pay the price for it's sick perverted values of supporting cruel barbarians over righteous people. Europe is beginning to pay for it's perverse love of "Palestinian" poseurs.
2. its only the begining
mehrdad ,   germany   (05.26.13)
imagine how big the problems muslim cause in europe have got in the last years after 11/9. and now imagine what kind of situation we will have in EU in 10 years from now on. that is civil war. look at sweden, france, germany. everywhere you have law-free sharia zones where national law and police are excluded. this zones will increase and also we will have such beheading like in london at a daily base soon. and UK politicans have nothing better to do then to attack israel. but this time is different. this time jews have israel to flee. and thats the main reason why antisemits in EU are so against israels existence.
3. 100% right Chaim
frenchman   (05.26.13)
you are 100% correct Chaim . there are parts of france where non muslims cannot enter . we are paying for our mistake of bringing arabs to our country .
4. "cautioned against jumping to conclusions"
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (05.26.13)
hollande cautioned against jumping to conclusions, but the french press are reporting that the perpetrator was a man of north african appearance about thirty years old. the investigation has been taken over by the anti-terrorist unit.
5. No sympathy here!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.26.13)
you brought this to yourselves! and i don't mean in the racist way of not letting Arabs or Muslims enter Europe, i meant by not controlling and ensuring they adapt to your way of life, not forcing you to adapt to theirs! you should protect your citizens who want to publish pictures of Mohammed, and not let them be bullied into submission. now that the Muslims have a taste of having the upper hand , the Muslims are never letting go of it! good luck eurostan!
6. This wont go are up against
Peggy ,   Israel/UK   (05.26.13)
fanatics who are willing to die. The two in the UK wanted "death by cop" then claim the 72 virgins as "shehedim". Did go as planned, and when caught in these vicious acts cops should try and take them alive, thus they do not reach the end they wanted. They can suffer in jail...where they will find many a con who is a patriot and cares 2 hoots about political correctness. I await to see if anything like this happens in Australia, after the immigrants there where told exactly where they stand. Good Eurostan, just pray no one else will suffer what that poor UK soldier did.
7. In some ways, Europe today is like
Fidel   (05.26.13)
Jews in Europe before WWII. The only difference is that European evergrowing and ever radicalizing Arabs chose to live in Europe for only one puropse alone: conquer Europe and turn it into a new caliphate. Question is whether the Europeans will continue contemplating these criminals' everyday mental and physical crimes. Most important for them is to spread the word of the profet, pray in the streets of Paris and London, erect bigger and bigger mosques, use up much of the European welfare reserves for no reason whatsoever, stab, kill and behead Europeans who they call infidels. The question is who are the real infidels?
8. #3, frenchman...I was nearly attacked by
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.26.13)
a group of Arabs, while riding the metro in Paris in 1982...!
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