Minister Landau: 1967 borders are 'Auschwitz borders'
Omri Efraim
Published: 26.05.13, 12:21
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1. Peres and Peretz are terrorist collaborators!!!
Nazi Hunter   (05.26.13)
Eventually these people will be taken care of...... Permanently !!!!!!
2. Will we ever get a leader who has guts to state the obvious
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.26.13)
: there will never be another Arab state in the Middle east, not on Israeli Land anyway. This charade has been going on for too long already. Only Galei Tzahal & Meretz are still willing to peddle it!
3. No apoplexic statements in English can restore colonies.
Miron ,   USA   (05.26.13)
Get over Romans. You lost the war. And now you are instructing your best minds to lose what little peace you still have. Your foolishness is worse than your lack of will to accept reality.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (05.26.13)
No matter what they will cave in and move back to the 1967 borders. Auschwitz was not an event that inspired our leaders nor did it teach them from preventing bloodshed in the past 70 years. They are not using the means available to protect us and behave like weaklings giving in to the ones who started every war and were defeated. While they keep on talking about peace partners, these partners would like to repeat Auschwitz on an even larger scale.
5. Good!
6. Once again...
Mark ,   KS, Israel   (05.26.13)
Another "know nothing" talking about something on which he "knows nothing"! WHile he is at it, why doesn't he get Conress to hand California back to Mexico???
7. Obama hits & runs. Israel has to survive
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (05.26.13)
Obama has presided on USA action that destabilised the Middle East Region in Egypt, Libya, Tunis, and inaction in Syria Iraq and Iran, he can go home , walk the dog and shut the world out. Israel has to survive surrounded by bloodthirsty neighbours who want to erase it off the Map. Abbas now introduces prisoners. The Palestinians are mostly 3rd and 4th generation Arab workers who came for jobs created by the Yishuv. The world will not come to rescue us, if our neighbours should get the upper hand. It would be treason by any Israeli government to make hard decisions to please Obama. The hard decision must be to stand rock solid for a secure Israel , and Jewish people and Obama can go brew beer.
8. I do not trust this man...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (05.26.13)
...nor the US administration he represents. I have heard a good many, many things from this Obama White House...except the truth. Send him home please with an empty suitcase.
9. Mr. Landau is 100% rioght!
Reuven   (05.26.13)
10. Just say No!
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (05.26.13)
Israel had a wonderful Prime Minister, Ytzhack Shamir. P.M. Shamir said no to Baker and Bush, time and time again under tremendous pressure. The israeli government has to separate the military relationship with the United States from capitulation on Judea and Samaria.. What responsible government would allow for the establishment of an arab terrorist state aligned with the terrorist state of Iran at the gates of Jerusalem and Gush Dan?
11. How many terrorist states does Israel need?
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (05.26.13)
We see time and again former Likudniks, Olmert, Livni, Benny Begin, Meridor, and even the current Prime Minister, give in to U.S. pressure and either support the creation of an arab terrorist state aligned with an Islamic terrorist state, Iran, or indicate a willingness to negotiate the creation of a terrorist state. Does Israel need a terrorist state on its eastern border, when it already has a terrorist state hezbollah in the north,and Hamas in the south?
12. State of Palestine NOW
Keren Il-BR ,   Tel Aviv   (05.26.13)
It is time for Israel to recognize the State of Palestine. The argument of defensible borders make no sense since the Palestinians themselves have accepted a demilitarized State. In the end, Israel will continue to monitor who enters and leaves Palestine. That said, the occupation must end and Israel must recognize Palestine as its neighbour. We will have a strong economic partnership with the Pals, hostility against Israel in the world will quickly vanish, we'll have many expenses in defense. 51 new Embassies will be set in Israel bringing more money and transforming us in an important regional partner. Palestinians leader in the WB are serious and decent. It is time to get rid of the occupation once and for all.
13. How does Israel expect to protect its 1967 borders
Jacob ,   Tel Aviv   (05.26.13)
if they want to close down Yeshivas and put an end to Torah, the protector of Israel?
14. Kerry don't waste your time, go back home
Yossef   (05.26.13)
and enjoy your family. We'll take care.
15. Eban's statement was made in 1969
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (05.26.13)
Before peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. And the 2002 and 2013 Arab League offers.
16. Nr. 9
martin uncyk ,   malmo, sweden   (05.26.13)
Mr Abba Eban z"l was a wise man.
17. We continue to live the past, the past will repeat itself.
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (05.26.13)
Without peace and a Palestinian state, there will not be an Israeli state for long into the future. A Palestinian state is at the heart of our long term security and survival.
18. Partition imminent
Lynx ,   Palestine   (05.26.13)
#12 who told you we Palestinians would agree to Israel "monitoring" everything that gets into Palestine? We will allow you this privilege when everything that gets into Israel (including Dimona) is monitored by Palestine.
19. Keep the "67 Borders" off the table-NOT Negotable!
Dina ,   USA   (05.26.13)
20. Lord of Hosts Will do Battle
Dror ,   Emeq Yizrael, Israel   (05.26.13)
The Lord of Hosts will continue to cripple Edom (USA) until they learn that they are nothing in the eyes of the Lord. The world will crumble to dust until they all understnd that the Land of Israel BELONGS TO ISRAEL. THE SEED OF JACOB. Until they capitulate their economy will be utterly ruined so too their currency, so too their health, so to their sanity, so to their pride. AMEN. So let it be written so let it be done.
21. This is obvious to any literate school child.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.26.13)
It is obvious to any literate school child that Israel could not survive if we're lunatic enough to cede our ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria. It is absolutely appalling that any sane Israeli leader would support turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Clearly Israeli politicians such as Peres and Peretz are not normal. Israel must no longer tolerate such creatures in political leadership.
22. I, For one would be agreeable
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.13)
to the 1967 lines, PROVIDING that the USA would be agree to return the land it had stolen from the Native American Indians & Mexico My version of Land for Peace
23. he is right but some Likudnicks are just stupid
zionist forever   (05.26.13)
The 1967 borders are certainly not defendable but at the same time the more hardline elements of Likud are saying lets give the palestinians full Israeli citizenship and annex Judea & Samaia. These idiots seem to think can still keep the Jewish state idea and give the arabs full citizenship. If we give them citizenship it means we have to offer it to about 5 million arabs, all will have the vote, probably within 5-10 years of them getting citizenship we will have an arab PM There really is no easy solution here and if Rabin & Peres had been smart back in the 90s instead of going with oslo an international fund would have been created give Jordan $10-20 billion and in exchange they would have given citizenship to all plestinians. No asking if its what they want they would have become Jordanians by default and the Jordanian armed forces could have hunted down the remains of the PLO. We would have given Jordan a token return of some land rest would have officially gone to Israel and the JORDANIANS living within Israel's border would be encouraged to leave but property owners who wanted to stay would be granted residency visas allowing them to stay in their homes as long as they obey the law but without any rights. Would have been ideal but instead we got the idea of a palestinian state in the 1967 border into everybodies head. We must not return to the 1967 border ( certainly we need the Jordan Valley ) but we must not give the arabs Israeli citizenship. If Jordan becomes a victim of the arab winter and the Heshimites are toppled the idea of Jordan being the palestinian state might become possible again but as things stand there is no solution.
24. Beggars can't be choosers.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.26.13)
No vanquished enemy is ever rewarded for losing wars or constantly rewarded for continued threats and violence, much less awarded land that belonged to the owner and winner, Israel in the first place. The pals are vanquished they are defeated, they lost, losers, period not once but again many times in concert with Arab states. If obama has his way, ALL of the ME will be ruled by one of these, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezb'allah, Al Qaeda, The PA, ( formerly parts of Israel ) etc. etc. and he will have the temerity to call it 'democracy', WITHOUT a vote by Israeli citizens, while at the same time reducing Israel to the same fate by his interference, his undemocratic interference, via either Hillary Clinton, ( she is embroiled in Benghazi-Gate up to her bad hair do) now John Kerry ( Formerly family name Cohen ) and folks, all this to satisfy his masters to whom he bows, the Arabians. The plot thickens as many scandals now plague the obama administration, Congress and the Senate are up in arms as are the American people. Gotta hand it to obama, he's managed to 'segregate' Jews, Israel and Israel's leadership from any of her own victories, her own people's democracy, while he 'gives away the farm' that 'farm' being Israel. Almost, that is... Almost..... obama isn't aware of his real enemy, He who protects Israel, He who dwells in Zion. Will we Jews also forget, will the plot thicken more by what's to happen next? Stay tuned. obama's losses are just beginning.
25. #12 what?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.26.13)
When has any legitimate Arab representative accepted a demilitarized state? When has any legitimate Arab representative accepted any limit on Arab immigration into what is left of Israel? When has any legitimate Arab representative accepted the existence of Israel after signing of the peace treaty? If you cannot name the legitimate Arab representative, what's the point of even writing your letter?
26. #15 Giora Meir
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.13)
I have a news flash for you, Egypt hasn't adhered to the Peace Treaty, she wants to abort it & has said so in public Arabs League offers consists of their demands that Israel accept them unconditionally without the ability to modify or change them In plain words it's a "Take or Leave it" situation
27. kerry, you're scarry . . . Go home Now !
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.26.13)
There is no reason you are involved proposing a "piece" agreement with the arobs, except to enhance your selfish self image. You think that Jews are so liberal & stupid that we would accept your idiocy! No !
28. #15 Giora Meir
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.13)
I have a news flash for you, Egypt hasn't adhered to the Peace Treaty, she wants to abort it & has said so in public Arabs League offers consists of their demands that Israel accept them unconditionally without the ability to modify or change them In plain words it's a "Take or Leave it" situation
29. #18 Lummox
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.13)
There was a Partition, Arabs ignored it & attacked Israel, I
30. This tourism guy had better do something about tourism!
Daniel ,   Rishon   (05.26.13)
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