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Iran fields 'massive' number of missile launchers
Associated Press
Published: 26.05.13, 13:41
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1. Never start a war?
Larry ,   Afual, Israel   (05.26.13)
Through their unbridled support of Islamic terrorist proxies, Iran has long ago initiated and declared war on western civilization!
2. It's a....
Raz ,   IDC   (05.26.13)
Nuclear duck!
3. Really!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.13)
The habit never changes. Pushed into a corner, Iran trots out a new miraculous weapon. Hasn't done much for the vaunted Revolutionary Guard in Syria, where they are taking a considerable beating. Along with Hezbollah. So much for the "quality" of Iranian armaments.
4. As foretold!
John Prophet   (05.26.13)
It was NEVER going to come to another end other than this, Israel on it's own. This could have and should have been handled by Israel years ago. Waiting years for your sworn enemy to arm up before you take action is insane. How many fewer Israel casualties would there have been if Israel acted years ago. Who will or should be held responsible for the casualties to come? Things will not end well for Netanyau! It is written
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.26.13)
Every time you choose to undermine geniune Iranian claim of improvement in their missiles and detterance power.Least do you realise that most of the readers who read your talk-back realise your stupidity.Had Iran been weak are you telling me that Israel woukd wait all this time?Of course not.Your trumpetting about what Israel can and will do enters its sixth year.Dont redicule yourself. Who exactly told you that the Revolutionary Guards are having problems?Abondon the day-dreaming Sarah.
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.13)
How's it going for Iran in Syria? The Revolutionary Guard cannot handle a rag-tag bunch of untrained rebels, despite having absolutely no concern about collateral damage, and you think they're a match for Israel. Dream on, Paki boy. Dream on. Oh! You never did comment about those three mysterious explosions near Teheran that managed to almost simultaneously take out (i) an Iranian chemical weapons research and storage facility, (ii) a long-range missile research facility and (iii) a long-range missile storage facility. With the same precision as the destruction of the convoy headed to Lebanon and the destruction of the missile storage depot in Damascus. Oh my goodness! Who do you suppose was responsible? Do you think it was three nearly simultaneous unfortunate workplace accidents? Well, you're not the brightest bulb in the lamp, now, are you? You are the one that needs to abandon the day dreaming in the clear light of day .... not to mention the wreckage left behind. And yes, whether you like it or not, both the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are taking a savage beating in Syria. Of course, all those Revolutionary Guardsmen will soon be leaving Syria. "Elections" coming up in Iran.
7. Sarah suck it
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (05.27.13)
Iran is having trouble in syria for the same reason israel had trouble with hezbollah and hamas.... Guerilla warfare....
8. #5, Dear Sarah B
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (05.28.13)
Quite a fine thesis in response to poor Mahmoud. am sure he has been overwhelmed. Just mail this post to old Ahmedinejad and he will collapse too :)
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