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Israeli rabbi speaks out on being gay
Published: 07.06.13, 14:33
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1. Selfdeceiver !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.07.13)
2. nice story
gays4Israel ,   Toronto   (06.07.13)
Hopefully, many wont have to struggle like so many in the past.
3. What a degrading story
Ariel ,   Europe   (06.07.13)
"Rabbi" who cannot control his yetzer and lives with his male partner. This man has no shame.
4. Having a diploma doesn't make him a Rabbi
Jake ,   USA   (06.07.13)
Like #3 aptly put it, the man can't control his desires to sin and is public about it, I think that disqualifies him from being a Rabbi.
5. He is not "the only," not even the first
AY ,   USA   (06.07.13)
The first Orthodox rabbi to come out was Stephen Greenberg. He was even featured in "Trembling Before G-d."
6. #2 - gays4israel
Devorah   (06.07.13)
If you like the story so much, why don't you remove "gays" from your name? Every time you post, you are pushing your agenda. What would you think of a crack user posting under "crackheads4israel?" We all get that you are gay, but I would hope your self definition is broader than that.
7. Do you want to know what 'coming out' really means??
It means that you have had a inner struggle with your innerman who knows right from wrong. However, you reached a point where you said to your conscience "ENOUGH". Don't speak to me anymore, I don't want to listen to you. SHUT UP!! So the day you 'Come Out", is the day you decided you were no longer going to listen to reason in your inner man. It is the sad day that you point your fist to heaven and say "To hell with you" So you came out. Not much to be proud of hey?? Just sayn.
8. Rabbinic qualification?
Eliyahu Konn ,   Rehovot   (06.08.13)
Agreed, sodomy disqualifies him to instruct others to keep Torah. In King Solomon's wisdom, being unjust in business dealings is also toeivah, an abomination i.e. unjust weights and balances. That should weed out a whole lot more.
9. Gay Rabbi responses
Gene Graczyk ,   Santa Rosa, CA USA   (06.08.13)
I have for years now gone to Yediot on a daily basis to better understand Israelis and the challenges they face. However, I will not anymore. The poisonous responses here and in other places in today's issue so saddened me that I will not look for insight among the spiritually blind any longer. Keep your hate to yourselves.
10. Leviticus 18,20
Jake Stone ,   USA   (06.08.13)
Let God's Word settle the matter! This sick perversion is an abomination worthy of death! So don't get mad at the messenger!
11. Sick Perversion!
Taz Man ,   USA   (06.08.13)
These Sodomites' love their sin more than they love God's Word which forbids this sick perversion!!!!!!
12. #9 - Gene Gracyzk
Devorah   (06.08.13)
Don't let the door hit you in the azz on your way out.
13. What has "Orthodox" to do with Torah? Nothing concrete!
Restorer ,   Israel   (06.08.13)
Follow Torah, not Orthodox (or Conservative, or Reform, or...) (Jer. 31.32-33, Num. 11.27-29, Dt. 30.11-20)
14. @9, I totally agree
AY ,   USA   (06.08.13)
Ynet, of all the Israeli press, has some of the most homophobic commenting readers. It is disgusting.
15. # 13 Better yet Follow and Obey G-d.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.08.13)
We know the Torah, following it and obeying G-d is what's required.
16. Devorah 12
Twice Blessed   (06.08.13)
such ignorant posts. shame on you ! Your hatred only will encourage all those who fight for equality to speak louder. No more closets for us !!
17. 14 AY didnt you know ?
Twice Blessed   (06.08.13)
some religious Jews are the biggest racists. They are blinded by Holy Books (while some go to the parks to have sex with men) Some are truly disgusting !!!!
18. 17 You do not need to look far...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.08.13)
to find disgusting people in all societies,even yours.
19.  Ora 18 100% correct
Twice Blessed   (06.08.13)
20. #16 - Twice Blessed
Devorah   (06.09.13)
How easily you and your ilk use the word, "hatred." It has nothing to do with hatred and everything to do with your misconception that you are equal to straights. You are not, and you never will be. That's why you have to fight to make your illusion a reality. Sodomites are not equal in Torah, or don't you understand that? No more closets? Good for you. Would a small room suffice?
21. Plain Stupid
Abe ,   Toronto   (06.09.13)
I support people's right to be whatever they want to be, but you can't be observant and homosexual at the same time. The two are, by definition, mutually exclusive. Observing part of the Torah is not called observance. I support this so-called Orthodox rabbi's decision to come out, but come can't have your cake and eat it too
22. "Gay" is not a choice
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.09.13)
I'm a hetrosexual man married 35 years to the same woman, but I've had a huge change in my perception of homosexuals by knowing many of them (no, not in the "Biblical sense"), and by paying attention to what they say and to studies about them. Being a homosexual is not a choice; it is the way some people are "wired." That is, they're born that way, just as I was born in what most consider the "normal" way of liking women. As one woman once told my congregation after recounting her years of struggle to be "normal" and the pain it caused her: "Do you think I would CHOOSE to be gay?" I know what the Torah says. I also know what one of my rabbis once said that makes sense to me: The Torah is talking about voluntary same-sex relations by "straight" people. I comes down to this: Either you believe we all are children of the Creator or you don't. If the former, do you believe, in the popular phrase, that the Holy One makes junk? For you are condemning homosexuals as so aberrant as to be junk. We all are the creation of our parents and haKadosh borchu. People who are born "wired" with homosexuality should no more be the objects of discrimination than those born short, or tall; fat, or skinny; blond or dark; Ashkenazic or Sephardic, or black or tan. I worked for decades with people who I slowly learned were homosexual. But I already knew them as people, some of whom were among the most thoughtful, generous humans on the planet. It's easy to condemn people you don't know, but it's much harder, if not impossible, when they become your friends at work. The Torah calls lots of things abominations, including eating swine. I don't eat pig products, but I know Jews who do. I feel bad that they don't care, but I don't treat them with the same venomous reaction that many of the people posting here have for gays.
23. 22 Neal, how do you know for sure...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.09.13)
that babies have a preference for their own gender ? The so called gays discover their tendency only later when many psychological factors had already an influence on them. Jews who eat pig don't pretend that they are observant.
24. Gene Gracyzk - the world according to internet comments
Nir ,   Tel Aviv   (06.09.13)
So you want to learn about what Israelis think by reading comments on the English version of Ynet. Haha good luck. Ynet comments are one level of intelligence below Youtube comments.
25. #24, Nir
DavidR ,   USA   (06.09.13)
You said, "Ynet comments are one level of intelligence below Youtube comments." YET, HERE YOU ARE!! What does that say for your intelligence?
26. #22 G-d does NOT make junk--he gave us ALL a FREE WILL--
there are those who have used their free will to take a perfectly created body to be used as and placed on the junk pile.
27. Devorah 20
Twice Blessed   (06.09.13)
you are correct....we are not equal to straights but we will be soon enough ! You can hide your kids from us but they will see the truth. It will be the truth that will set them free.!! Surely, you are defined not just by the Torah. No a small room would not suffice. Equality will !
28. #27 - Twice Blessed
Devorah   (06.09.13)
I want you to understand something. I don't care who is gay or straight. I really don't. What I DO care about is having the gay agenda shoved in my face over, and over and over. I care that I am expected -- no, DEMANDED -- to be tolerant of gays, but gays do not think it is incumbent upon them to reciprocate. It has become a one-way street. The fact that there are gays will not set anyone's child free, so keep that fantasy on ice. All it does is confuse them. Only G-d can set His people free, and you should know that by now, but you are spitting in His face instead. Remember Sodom.
29. To the honorable Devorah @ #28:
Israeli 2   (06.09.13)
This is my first time reading this article and I see you commanding this piece and all talk backers. You are BRILLIANT. I could not have said it better.
30. #29 - Israeli 2
Devorah   (06.09.13)
Israeli 2, what would I do without you? You always put a smile on my face. Thank you.
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