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Israeli rabbi speaks out on being gay
Published: 07.06.13, 14:33
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31. Gay and Orthodox
micha ,   Passaic, NJ, USA   (06.10.13)
I would think the only possible definition of a gay Orthodox Jew is one who identifies himself by his struggle against a desire the Torah prohibits him from acting upon. Who seeks a community of those who share that struggle.
32. #14 It's not homophobic, it's the Torah
Andrew ,   Delhi, Canada   (06.10.13)
In Leviticus chapter 18 it is clearly written that homosexuality is an abomination. It is a flagrant violation of the law. The Lord God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they were both lands of "sodomites", wherein the entire population including children were homosexuals. It's not necessary to hate the person because they are practicing homosexuals, although the Torah certainly does teach us to hate the sin itself, but to think that Jews should place themselves under the tutelage of a man who practices an abominable sin in order to study the Torah is a contradiction, and it is confusion. Why would you follow rebels who themselves practice disobedience to the Torah, to God's eternal law?
33. #22 What about Sodom and Gomorrah
Andrew ,   Delhi, Canada   (06.10.13)
If homosexuality is not a choice, how did EVERY man in Sodom and Gomorrah turn out to be a homosexual?
34. Comment to #14
Ezra ,   San Diego   (06.11.13)
Not homophobic, just do not agree that the lifestyle is healthy or contributes to society in any meaningful ways. Afraid? No. Annoyed? Yes.
35. Devorah is right. Every day gay this gay that
yo c ,   Manhattan   (06.14.13)
Devorah is right. Every day its gay this.... gay that.....u want be gay from birth...from collage....from a sad the closet....out of the closet..dna gay....lgb public officials.....Gay suicidal stories....bully stories...crimes of passion gay...Gay inheritance....Gay tax std pro/ everywhere... Yes it's aliitle too much. What happens in your bedroom is ur business. Between you & your partner. If you believe in God than Him too. That closet door is getting really loud & annoying. We are not judging you. So please don't tell us how you should be judged!
36. Torah is clear, and g'd is clear....END.
shlomo ,   itu, Brazil   (06.25.13)
37. Book of Leviticus
CID ,   London   (07.02.13)
was written for the tribe of Levi... Now thats an interpretation that make sense to me.... Now Imagine if the king of the house of David come and say that... I think we speculate on interpretation hopefully he will clear this up.... for now try ur best to do what your rabbi say and keep g°d close to your heart
38. Ron Yosef
sofsof ,   madrid   (07.03.13)
This man doesnot have his heart with God. He is not shy to have his report in the papers. Homosexuality is a desire of the flesh and selfish, the flesh is an enemy of God. Homosexuality is just as sinful as robbing. There is not one legal reason that this man can justify his behavior. It is very wrong that others allow him to preach the Holy Word. All these people must repent and return their heart to the Father.
39. Common sense
Danny ,   London England   (08.07.13)
We accept Jews who are not Shomer Shabbat or Shomer Kashrut, we even accept Jews who make racist jokes about 'kushim' who play bsketball! On the other hand we don't organize 'pride parades' for such groups. If you're gay, that's how it is; there's no need to throw it in people's faces.
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